Review actions from last meeting


  • Sue - arrange next meeting date
  • Kev - MOLES documentation
  • All - think about which scope/group keyword they might use(or not)
  • Bryan - install Browse at another DP
  • #499 CF cell-methods needs a decision.

Status updates

Status of Discovery

  • WS Backend- Matt
  • Harvesting Automation - Sue
  • MDIP ( one issue - availability of records)
  • Issues
  • All Tickets

Status of MOLES Browse

  • general update - Bryan
  • Issues
  • Tickets

Status of MOLES other work

Status of Vocabulary/Ontology? work

  • general update - Roy
  • Issues
  • Tickets


*Other Issues/possible problems on horizon

  • Bryan's availability for Browse work
  • New discovery, ingest, browse needs to be installed and working to a production level(superglue) by mid Jan at latest. Before end-of December really.

Date for next meeting!