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The MOLES Portal

... is really just the browse interface to MOLES records.

Overall Use Case

source:/TI07-MOLES/trunk/StubB/XSLT/browse/Use Case Model.jpg

Layered Architecture

  1. The exist databases at all sites need to be secured so that only locally running processes can access them.
  2. That locally running process could exploit Kev's new code which accesses the database.
    1. and expose two interfaces - the direct GUI interface, and
    2. a web service interface that a remote GUI interface can access.
  3. Note that Kev's current code doesn't respect any access control at all!
  4. It is possible that a local gui instance could use the remote web service interface).
  5. Note that the xslt code that Fabio has been working on will need to be run by the gui to produce html for the browsers, as only IE and mozilla based browsers support xslt as an in browser stylesheet!

Current Tickets

Resources for MOLES browse GUI work
Simple webservice for retrieving a single Stub-b
XSLT to shape stub-b for portal
MOLES browse architecture
browse to a non-existent uri hangs
browse get data icon should only appear for data entites
browse history needs to work off a cookie
need to make browse icons etc configurable
[m] massive numbers of related entities in moles
[M] Moles browse needs to tell user when data is secure
[S] Need a simple attribute authority client