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Metadata Objects for Linking Environmental Sciences

The main objectives within NDG3 are to

  1. Improve the code and support for MOLES V1.3 for those sites with MOLES 1.3 data
    • MOLES V1 was developed during NDG and NDG2, and deployed in NDG2. A number of major issues were identified with the structure and format of the XML schema which defined it. MOLES V1 is still deployed and supported to an extent.
      • Better support for BODC MOLES documents is anticipated under the NDG-MSI in the MILK stack.
  2. Complete the development of the MOLES V2 information model (and supporting code), and deploy at BADC and NEODC.
    • MOLES V2 has been developed in response to the many things we obviously did wrong in the construction of MOLES 1, and as a prototype for MOLES V3 which we hope to be more standards compliant. It is being deployed at  CEDA (BADC and NEODC) using their own internal funding.
      • It will be integrated into MILK in the NDG-MSI.
  3. The development of the MOLES V3 information model.
    • Community workshops and information modelling will take MOLES1 and MOLES2 and develop a new information model which is more complementary with other key existing standards (including ISO19115 and Observations and Measurements).
      • UML and documentation will be developed in the NDG-MSI.

Useful MOLES pages


  • Load a collection of MOLES documents into eXist - sample code.

Current tickets (some of which may be historical) are:

MOLES - Video and Audio

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