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    11= Metadata Objects for Linking Environmental Sciences = 
     3== What are MOLES? == 
     5The Metadata Objects for LInking Environmental Sciences are documents which either provide descriptions of some key features of environmental data and their context or provide links to those descriptions. The key features which MOLES documents are designed to address are 
     6 * Providing the context required to choose between two otherwise similar data objects (i.e. between two datasets measuring and/or simulating the same properties at the same time/location/resolution).  This is to be achieved by encapsulating the descriptions themselves within the MOLES documents OR by providing links to documents constructed using other semantics (e.g. SensorML or Metafor documents) OR by including documents in those other semantics as "payload documents" within MOLES. In the latter two modes we think of MOLES as a "coathanger" to browse metadata. The importance of browse metadata is described in ''Lawrence, Phil.Trans.Roy.Soc.A., to appear''. 
     7 * Providing a method of ''semantically'' linking datasets, activities etc between institutions, so that not only are the links visible, but their meanings are visible. A concrete example of this application would be to provide a methodology for cross-institution projects to have metadata (and data) held locally in the institutions, but all institutions offering MOLES documents which essentially make the "project" website visible at all institutions. 
     8 * Elucidating the relationships between activities, data, instruments, algorithms etc in a semantically consistent and standards compliant manner. 
     10By construction, MOLES is intended to be a superset of so-called "discovery" metadata, and so MOLES documents can be parsed to extract discovery metadata documents (currently in DIF format, but soon to be ISO19115/19139 compliant). 
     12MOLES is not intended to be the primary metadata storage mechanism at any institution, but it can be (and it is being used in this mode at [ CEDA]). 
     14== Current Objectives == 
    316The main objectives within NDG3 are to