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HowTo Documents

The initial set of HowTo documents are more for the team's benefit than general users, but we will use this as the basis of external documentation. Internal in this sense means "for our purposes" as opposed to "stuff we want to keep quiet about" ...

So far this is a list of docs we need, not a list of docs that exist:

  • How to setup as an NDG data provider: at a range of levels.
  • How to set up Browse: How to install an NDG browse service.
  • How the Browse GUI works: Documentation for the browse code.
  • How the Discovery Web Service Works: What goes on in the back end.
  • How to call the Discovery Web Service from Python : ...
  • How to provide NDG access control in a python web service : Using the browse GUI as an example.
  • How to provide NDG access control in a java webs service : Using Thredds as an example.
  • How to scan files to create CSML: Documentation for the scanner.
  • How to read CSML with the CSML parser/api : Documentation for the parser.
  • How to use the CSML parser to create CSML : Documentation for the parser (may be combined with above).