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    127127The next step is to specify information necessary to acquire the data source (e.g. database) used. This information is recorded under the DataStore element, which is a child element of sourceDataStores element.  The DataStore element requires a unique identifier which is recorded under its child element id. Information, such as database drivers and SQL used to retrieve the desired dataset is recorded as a series of name-value pairs under ''parameters/Parameter'' elements.  It is permissible to add as many ''Parameter/name'' and ''Parameter/value'' elements as needed to configure the source datastore used, and as many DataStore elements as needed. The table below outlines a list of different parameters required to define a DataStore element. 
    130 '''Parameter''' '''Description'''[[BR]] 
    132     dbtype          Type of database. Example: “locationxy” for spatial database. (this has been used for both ECN and MIDAS datasets)[[BR]] 
    134     host            Database host name/ip address [[BR]] 
    135     port            Database port number [[BR]] 
    136     instance        Name of the database schema used. [[BR]] 
    137     user            Username required to access the database [[BR]] 
    138     password        Password associated with the username [[BR]] 
    139     driver          JDBC driver required to establish connection to the database used. Example:  
    140                     (postGreSQL), oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleConnectionPoolDataSource (oracle)[[BR]] 
    141     urlprefix       JDBC URL required to establish connection to the database. Example: jdbc:oracle:thin:@//host:1521/schema (oracle)[[BR]]  
    142     xcolumn         "Logitude" field of a spatial database [[BR]] 
    143     ycolumn         "Latitude" field of a spatial database [[BR]] 
    144     geom_name       This parameter records the spatial location associated with the dataset used.  The value of this parameter is calculated [[BR]] 
    145                     automatically using the values of xcolumn and ycolumn.  This parameter must be specified for dbtype "locationxy" [[BR]] 
    146     sqlView.1.typeName  An identifier for the SQL used to retrieve the dataset required from the database [[BR]] 
    147     sqlView.1.sqlQuery  The SQL statement used to retrieve the dataset required from the database. Geoserver supports the following SQL keywords: [[BR]] 
    148                         SELECT, FROM, WHERE, UNION, UNION ALL, ORDER BY, GROUP BY, JOIN.  It is recommended that tables in a SELECT statement be  
    149                         uniquely identified using "schema." prefix. [[BR]] 
    151132'''Table 1: A List of Parameters required to configure a DataStore'''