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DPPP Upgrade

The new DPPP website is currently undergoing testing and can be viewed at:

New Features

New visualisation functionality has been added to the pages to ease the display of maps data from KML and WMC documents referenced in the DPPP DIFF records.

In more detail, the changes include:

Results tab

A new column has been added to the results table to allow result records to be individually selected and unselected. Selected records are available for further use in the new 'Selections' tab.

Details tab

Clicking on the icon for a WMC document opens the selected WMC in the new 'View' tab.

Selections tab

A new tab offering 'shopping cart' functionality to the website. Records selected from the Results tab are displayed here. The following functionality is available:

  • View a single record in GoogleEarth - if it has a valid KML document available.
  • View a single record in Con Terra - if it has valid WMC documents available. NB, if a DIFF record has multiple WMC documents, they will be displayed on separate rows to allow selection of a specific WMC document.
  • View a single record locally, via the 'View' tab - if it has valid WMC documents available. Again, if multiple WMC documents are available for a single record, each will be available to select individually.
  • View multiple records together - in GoogleEarth, Con Terra or locally in the 'View' tab; NB, a 'select all' checkbox in the column header simplifies selecting multiple records.
  • Remove a single record
  • Remove all records