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Discovery Components (DRAFT)


This guide aims to describe in simple terms the components of the discovery service.

Last updated 2010/04/08 by Matt Pritchard


  • Discovery ingest
  • Discovery index database
  • Discovery web service (API)
  • Discovery front end (portal)
  • Vocab server
  • Data providers OAI info editor

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Data Providers create documents describing data resources. These documents are metadata records, and are "published" by each data provider to make them available for others to access. An automatic process gathers these documents from each data provider and puts them into a database where they are stored alongside those from other data providers. A web service carries out searches of this database in response to search requests received from a search interface, and returns results back to the search interface, for presentation to the user. Search tools included in the search interface help the user construct search requests based on time periods, geographic areas and text terms from standard vocabularies.