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Discovery Architecture


Architecture Viewpoints

  • Enterprise
    • Purpose : provide search engine for geospatial metadata records
    • Scope : CEDA & other NERC-related data providers.
    • Policies : Data providers provide metadata for harvesting, central function harvests metadata, ingests into central database and provides API to support searching. 3rd parties host portals acting as front ends to the search service.
  • Information
    • Collection of metadata records at provider: documents describing geospatial data resources
    • Collection of metadata records once harvested
    • Discovery database
    • Details of data providers (-> OAI provider instances)
    • Messages exchanged during service operations
  • Computational
    • OAI providers (servers)
    • OAI Harvester (client to OAI Providers)
    • OAI Info editor (create / edit configuration to control harvester)
    • Ingestor
    • Discovery db (datasource for API)
    • API (Service operations):
      • doSearch
      • doPresent
      • getListNames
      • getLists
  • Engineering
    • Netowrk connectivity
      • OAI Providers outside firewall at data provider sites
      • API externally visible
    • Disk storage
      • Local disk storage for OAI providers (local storage of exposed XML files)
      • Local disk storage for Harvester (local storaged of harvester XML files prior to ingest)
    • ...
  • Technology
    • OAI
      • jOAI application installed within Java web container (Tomcat / JBoss) at data provider sites
      • jOAI application installed within Java web container (Tomcat / JBoss) at harvester site
    • Database
      • Postgres server with availble postgis-enabled database (Discovery Database)
    • Web service engine
      • Apache Axis vX.X within Java web container (Tomcat / JBoss) at host site

Reminder : RMODP Viewpoints

  • Enterprise
    • Purpose, scope & policies governing activities of system within its host organisation.
  • Information
    • Kinds of information handled by the system and constraints on the use and interpretation of that information.
  • Computational
    • Functional decomposition of system into set of objects that interact at interfaces, enabling system distribtion
  • Engineering
    • Infrastructure required to support system distribution
  • Technology
    • choice of technology to support system distribution