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Team reports before April 2006 are on the BSCW.

Team Meeting Notes

03 October 2006

Ag, Stephen, Andrew, Dominic, Sue.


  • Review trac tickets, specifically System Intergration Milestone
  • Stephen talked us through python eggs
  • Andrew introduced revised CSML feature types
  • Geosplat with or without CSML?

Also, Stephen later gave a demonstration of Sun Grid Engine queuing software.


  • Decision that Geosplat should work against NetCDF only with DX integrating with CSML layer.
  • ProFTP versus BBftp discussion needs to be had (on the agenda for the all hands now)
  • CSML v2 is unlikely to work with Shapechange so we need to be prepared to hand-build XML schema.


  • Dom and Ag - look at Midas data in light of new feature types.
  • Andrew, All - Names of feature types need to be decided upon.
  • Sue - NDG discussion on URIs needs to be had.

06 July 2006

Ag, Stephen, Andrew, Dominic, Sue.

This meeting was held to review the CSML API and the ALPHA release.

Dominic showed an overview of the current CSML api structure. Andrew presented ideas concerning processing affordance and how we might implement some of these ideas in CSML v2.

Then we reviewed ALPHA release and the list of CSML api questions. The 'answers' to these questions are inline on that page. Also any relevant action points are linked from that page as tickets.

There was one additional action point not contained on the CSML api questions page and that is that CDML should be one of the available ArrayDescriptors (eg NetCDFExtract). This would solve a lot of problems and allow us to continue to use CDML where it is appropriate. See ticket: 413

01 June 2006

Ag, Stephen, Andrew, Dominic, Sue (from halfway).

We reviewed overall aims for ALPHA release and we expect to deliver:

  • Python bindings for BBFTP.
  • Sample CSML dataset(s) for ERA40-OPs and/or COAPEC
  • DX and Geosplat installed on Glue
  • DX read CSML document
  • DX perform subset Grid Series operation.
  • Write subsetted CSML file and single NetCDF file
  • Visualise subsetted NetCDF file in GeoSplat?

We hope this will all be running under NDG Security (but it may not be).

Documentation will be limited for ALPHA.

We also discussed CSML V2 revisions and the development of the API beyond alpha.


  • Dom - close finished pre-alpha tickets in CSML
  • Dom - new ticket: Scan ECMWF-OP & MOLES production
  • Ag - Move all non-Alpha tickets (DX and Geosplat) to Beta.
  • Dom,Andrew - Come up with list of changes for CSML v1.1 including security (new ticket needed)
  • Andrew - write discussion note on CSML v2 (due post-alpha) (new ticket needed)

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