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Discovery and Data Provider development environment

The development environment is Java (version 6), J2EE, Maven2, JBoss (version 5.1), Axis2 based.

The code is under SVN at the address  here.

The SVN is composed by several folders which separates the each sub-projects. The higher level folder are

  •  common - routines that could be shared among other code
  •  schemas - Elements representing a data model. Contains several subfolder each of which has one (but possibly more than one) XSD file, from which is possible to generate a Java library representing the XSD elements.
  •  ws - contains the web services projects

From here on to specify/identify a Maven object we will use the notation mvn(groupId, artifactId, packaging)


The Java library in the schema folder are generated using the  xjc compiler (through a Maven plugin).


The schema project  rootSchema act as a root element for the rest of the schemas. Is done mostly as Maven group reference for the other schema projects. Has signature mvn(, rootSchema, pom)


The schema project  dataProvider represents the structure for the DataProcessing? model. Has signature mvn(, revitalization, jar)