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    1818 1. The [ setuptools] package, providing the {{{easy_install}}} tool 
    1919 1. The [ NetCDF libraries] installed in a standard place or indicated with the {{{NETCDF_HOME}}} environment variable 
    20  1. The following packages that cannot be reliably auto-installed with {{{easy_install}}} 
     20 1. The following python packages that cannot be reliably auto-installed with {{{easy_install}}} 
    2121    - [ numpy] (this will install with {{{easy_install}}} but it needs to be installed first) 
    2222    - Python Imaging Library 
    2525== Installation == 
     27Once you have the prerequisites in place ;-), you can install COWS by invoking {{{easy_install}}} giving the NDG egg repository as an argument: 
     29$ easy_install -f cows 
     32This will download a host of dependencies including [ cdat_lite], [ CSML] and [ Pylons].  We recommend doing this inside a [ virtualenv]. 
    2734== Creating a server == 
     36COWS employs {{{paster}}} templates to create a skeleton application for you.  The default application assumes a CSML backend and serves WMS and WCS.  It includes a trivial demo web application for test purposes.  To create your server do: 
     38$ paster create -t cows_server MyCowsServer csmlstore=<csml-dir> 
     41The server will be created in the {{{CowsServer}}} directory.  If you don't give a csmlstore argument you will be prompted for one and this can be left blank if you don't want to use CSML.  Your development configuration file is in {{{MyCowsServer/development.ini}}}.  Customise this with a suitable port then start the server with: 
     43# From within MyCowsServer 
     44$ paster serve development.ini 
     47More details on how to run and configure Pylons servers are on the [ Pylons] website. 
    2949== Resources == 
    31  - The COWS API documentation is available online [ here] 
     51 - The COWS API documentation is available online [ here].