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Community Activities

Being community building activities under the auspices of the NDG-MSI.

Working Grid

There are at least four levels of NDG participation:

  • Contributing discovery metadata for harvest (ideally including one or more data visualisation or download links)
  • Contributing discovery metadata with WMS links suitable for use in the EDP and the NDG visualisation portal.
  • Contributing discovery metadata with WMS and or WCS links secured by NDG security.
  • Contributing browse metadata and all the above.

In NDG, issues and tasks associated with these "working grid" objectives were marked against component T10_Working_Grid. We'll probably change the name (if only to remove the T10), but meanwhile, these are the outstanding tickets in this category:

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October 1, 2008


  • Update the main ndg website to be an umbrella.
  • Update this trac site.
  • Establish new mailing lists (ndg-community, ndg-technical)
  • Provide information to the EDP community about ongoing support
  • Provide information to the NDG2 community about ongoing support

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