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beginning to flesh out CSML services

This page outlines the key aspects of the data service suite (following a decision to cease development based on DX). Code will eventually appear in the repository.

Enterprise Viewpoint

Need to be able to extract a cruise-section-equivalent from a model dataset (e.g. ERA40) at BADC and difference against a BODC actual cruise.

Information View Point

  • CSML Schema description of a GridSeriesFeature
    • GridSeriesInterface exposes an extractProfile, but does it expose extractProfileSeries?
  • CSML Schema description of a ProfileSeries
  • CSML Instances at both locations
  • CSML Storage Descriptors
  • Binary Files at both locations

Computational Viewpoint

Some key components (Note relevant specs are reproduced here with the OGC license attached!


Note these three arguments are mandatory:

DescribeFeatureType typename, outputFormat
GetFeature outputFormat,
resultType, propertyName,
featureVersion, maxFeatures, expiry,
srsName, typeName, featureID, filter, bbox, sortBy

Starting assumption. We need to build a wsgi based WFS, which we can gatekeep, and which will serve up a combination of GML and netcdf local to the WFS. That is, we expect the storage descriptors to point to files on the local file system. This system should be standalone python and not depend on any external packages (i.e. not dependence on databases).

The consequence of the no dependencies on external databases is that we can either dynamically parse the CSML in a directory (or directories) which is configured, or we can index the CSML content to some extent, and only parse full CSML documents in response to GetFeature? requests.

NDG DataService

extractGridSeries featureId:URI, bbox:GM_Envelope
extractProfile featureId:URI, location:GM_Point
extractSection featureId:URI, path:GM_LineString, depths:MeasureListType


DescribeProcess identifier
ExecuteProcess identifier, store, dataInputs

NDG DiffService

subtract featureId1:URI, featureId2:URI

Engineering Viewpoint

Starts with this simple picture:

Engineering Viewpoint (Prelim)


  1. WFS: require a minimum implementation which supports a "store" option (?)
  2. DataService:
    • implements affordance interfaces
    • could operate on a local or remote WFS feature instance
    • thin wrapper over CSML API
    • could exploit WFS DAQM
  3. DiffService
    • Could be based on WPS
    • Could be tightly coupled to DataService?


  • DifferenceFeatureService ...
    • extractEquivalentAndDifference(Feature1,Feature2)