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    1 = CDAT-lite = 
     4cdat_lite-5.0 will be available soon.  Below are some notes on what the new version will bring or go straight to 
     5the [#CDAT-lite 4.3 documentation] 
     7= cdat_lite-5.0 = 
     9Version 5.0 of cdat_lite introduces many changes. 
     11 1. It is built directly from the CDAT-5.0 codebase and version numbers are completely synchronised.  CDAT-5.0  
     12    requires Python-2.5 and uses {{{numpy}}} rather than {{{Numeric}}}.  See [#Upgrading Upgrading] for what you need  
     13    to do to your code. 
     14 1. It is now only distributed as a tarball.  Binary distributions tended to run into library version conflicts 
     15    on different versions of linux.  However {{{easy_install}}} should still be able to compile the package 
     16    automatically.  See [#Installing Installing].  Also you can make your own binary eggs for given OSes. 
     17 1. You now need to have the netcdf library pre-installed.  Automatically building netcdf wasn't portable enough. 
     19== Installing == 
     21First satisfy a couple of dependencies.   
     23Make sure you have the [ netcdf libraries] installed.  If they are in a non-standard location make a note of it (you will be prompted) or set {{{NETCDF_DIR}}} to it's installation prefix. 
     25Install {{{numpy}}}.  If you aren't bothered about linear algebra optimisation this usually works with {{{easy_install}}}.  E.g. 
     28$ easy_install numpy 
     31Now you are ready to install {{{cdat_lite}}}.  On many linux systems the C compiler is incorrectly detected therefore 
     32it is safest to do: 
     35$ CC=gcc easy_install cdat_lite 
     38== Advanced Installation == 
     40You might want more control over the installation process but you can still get easy_install to download the tarball 
     41for you: 
     44$ easy_install -eb <dir> cdat_lite 
     47This will download and unpack the tarball into {{{<dir>}}} then  you can run the {{{}}} script directly or build a binary egg for installation elsewhere. 
     52= CDAT-lite 4.3 = 
    354cdat-lite is a simple repackaging of the I/O layer of the [ Climate Data Analysis Tools (CDAT)] as a [wiki:PythonEggs: Python Egg].  A short article on the reasons behind cdat-lite and some of the design decisions made can be found [ here] on [ Stephen Pascoe's blog].