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National Capability

One of the more important parts of this project is to facilitate and deliver a number of workshops across the data management community aimed at increasing the awareness and importance of adopting common approaches to implementing and managing scientific information infrastructures.

1. Data and Information Modelling (2 day workshop, February 19th/20th 2009 – 12 Places at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxfordshire)

A new pilot course, covering how ISO and OGC methodologies are used for describing data and information features, including computer based exercises that demonstrate how this is done in practice.

2. Structuring Scientific Metadata (1 day workshop, March 2009 - 6 Places at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxfordshire)

Covering the OGC observations and measurements framework and plans for complementary NERC metadata to extend traditional discovery metadata frameworks.

3. Scientific Data Services (1 day workshop, March 2009)

Covering standard data delivery and visualisation services (e.g OPENDAP, KML and the OGC webservices).

4. Vocabulary Services (1 day workshop, week commencing 23rd February 2009 - 10 places at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxfordshire)

Covering how to construct, serve, manage and communicate controlled vocabularies, thesauri and ontologies.

5. The future of data and information integration in NERC (1 day workshop March 2009)
A facilitated workshop to help shape future data integration within and beyond NERC, exploiting, but not limited to, tools and concepts introduced in the previous workshops.

NDG3: Capability, Discovery, Vocab, Software, MOLES, Security, Community, Roadmap, Management