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Structuring Scientific Metadata

  • Convener: Bryan Lawrence
  • 1 day workshop, March 2009 - 6 Places at CEH Lancaster.
  • By invitation. (Attendees yet to be contacted and date by mutual consent).

Covering the OGC observations and measurements framework and plans for complementary NERC metadata to extend traditional discovery metadata frameworks. See MOLES.

Provisional Attendees

No NameemailConfirmed
1 Nic Bertrandnsb@
2 Bryan Lawrencebryan.lawrence@
3 Tim Duffytrd@
4 Roy Lowryrkl@
5 Spiros Ventourasspiros.ventouras@
6 BAS Person@
7 Simon Coxsimon.cox@VC

NDG3: Capability, Discovery, Vocab, Software, MOLES, Security, Community, Roadmap, Management.