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Scientific Data Services Workshop

  • Facilitators: Paul Cooper (Day 1), Stephen Pascoe (Day 2)
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Dates: Wednesday 18th March - Thursday 19th March 2009
  • Location: British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge.
  • Available Places: 10

Covering standard data delivery and visualisation services (e.g OPeNDAP, OGC webservices and KML).

Day 1 (Paul Cooper)
Introduction to setting up OGC web services using Open-Source software using the Postgres/PostGIS database, Geoserver and OpenLayers.

The course practicals start with data in formats that might be available and take the participants up to the point where they can provide a web-based visualization.

The course is aimed at getting data managers up to the point where they can continue to develop skills independently.

For examples of work done at BAS, see,, and (follow the “Gazetteers” links).

Day 2 (Stephen Pascoe)
Focusing on building services for gridded data and on GML application schema.

  1. Preparation of data in CF-compliant NetCDF
  2. Serving and accessing data via OPeNDAP (Java and Python)
  3. Theory of GML application schema and Climate Science Markup Language
  4. Serving CSML over OGC services
  5. Visualisation with OpenLayers and GoogleEarth

Provisional Attendees

Nic Bertrandnsb@…CEH Y?
Maureen Pagnani OtherY
Dave PoulterD.J.S.Poulter@…OtherY

NDG3: Capability, Discovery, Vocab, Software, MOLES, Security, Community, Roadmap, Management.