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Added CSML Population Schedule

CSML Population Schedule

Alpha (July 2006)

BADC: COAPEC complete. Sample Era40. Sample ASCOE.
BODC: 1 ctd, 1 sea level dataset complete.
NOCS: none
PML: Sample CSML for level 3 composite data (some of AVHRR, SeaWiFS, MODIS and MERIS)

Beta (Jan 2007)

BADC: ERA40 Complete (1x1 degree). ASCOE Complete. Mst-Radar sample. Possible QUEST. Possible SOLAS.
BODC: 2-300 datasets of 4-5 different types (a type being cruise of CTD data, underway data set, sea level time series, collection of moored instrument records and so on).
NOCS: OCCAM ocean model data (HDF)
PML: More level3. Sample for level 2 mapped daily images. Sample for ungridded data, dependent on Swath.

Final (Sep 2007)

BADC: Mst-Radar complete. Plus any RAPID* data that becomes available.
BODC: As for beta. Plus any RAPID data that becomes available.
NOCS: Possibly NetCDF versions of some EO data, dependent on access/authorisation.
PML: Complete for level 2 mapped and level 3 (composite) data.

*NDG2 will provide the framework for the RAPID distributed data centre, shared across BADC and BODC; observational data at BODC, model data at BADC.