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CEDA Web Processing Service

This page has been set up to record the status and working of the CEDA WPS. Which builds upon the  WPS. This page includes:

About The CEDA WPS

The CEDA WPS runs at:

It has a WPS and WPS User Interface running on as user cwps.

Jobs are scheduled on using SGE.

Both of these Virtual Machines currently run on

There is an administrator interface at:

You can be logged in as the administrator as well as a CEDA user, they use different systems to authenticate.

The jobs page lists current and old jobs. It can be modified to list what ever the user (or administrator) wants, see:

TO DO List

WPS (back-end) TO DOs:

  1. Add "CANCELLED" status to WPS instead of it defaulting to "FAILED".
  2. Remove DCIP-relevant tests and work out how to add tests for local processes (in proc_tests dir).

WPS UI (front-end) TO DOs:

  1. Jobviewer controller doesn't work for FAILED jobs. It should.
  2. When a job has been CANCELLED the UI should stop polling (on the jobviewer page).
  3. Should there be polling (or at least re-load) on the jobs page?

Process-specifice TO DOs:

  1. When Dry Run is run then it estimates number of src_ids. If this allows then actual number is not allowed then an error is produced by non-dry run. Need to catch this in the UI.
  2. Need a generic catcher for responses from WPS so that errors are easily understood by interface.

Suggestions List

Please add your own suggestions below.

  • If you go through to submitting a job it takes you to the OpenID sign on.. that’s good... however, I enter my details and as I don't have the required roll it gave me the unauthorised page with a link to the CEDA site, but no way of navigating back to the WPS home page.

AS: Needs looking into.

  • Looking at the jobs list it might be better to note that "access denied" rather than "failed" for jobs where I couldn't have access to a process - otherwise we'll end up mis-reporting these instances. Also, incorrect access would be best sending the user to a page giving link to apply for appropriate permissions.

AS: At present the status also shows as FAILED if the job was CANCELLED, see item on TODO list.