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CEDA WPS - Overview

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This page provides an overview of what the CEDA Web Processing Service is, its various components and how it can be used.

What is the WPS Spec?

Why should we bother with WPS?

Is our WPS standards-compliant?

When we say "WPS" we mean more than a "WPS"

"Our" WPS architecture

The concept of "processes"

Adding a new process

cwps@ceda-wps1:/usr/local/cwps/cows_wps> ./ just_a_demo JustADemo
Wrote new process module: process_modules/
Wrote new process config: process_configs/JustADemo.ini

# Re-start the WSGI app (to pick up the changes)
cwps@ceda-wps1:/usr/local/cwps/cows_wps> touch /usr/local/apache2/wsgi_scripts/cows_wps.wsgi

See the Just A Demo walk-through page for how the UI would present this.

Integrating with NDG security


The test environment