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CEDA-WPS: "Just A Demo" walk-through

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Introduction to "JustADemo"

Imagine we have just added the JustADemo process to the WPS with the following code:

cwps@ceda-wps1:/usr/local/cwps/cows_wps> ./ just_a_demo JustADemo
Wrote new process module: process_modules/
Wrote new process config: process_configs/JustADemo.ini

# Re-start the WSGI app (to pick up the changes)
cwps@ceda-wps1:/usr/local/cwps/cows_wps> touch /usr/local/apache2/wsgi_scripts/cows_wps.wsgi

It is created from a template and has the following functionality:

  1. Take the user input "Step" which is an integer
  2. Create a list of integers between 1 and 10,000 with interval of "Step"
  3. Write that list to an output file (called "output.txt")
  4. Also return that list in the XML response

Obviously this is not very useful but it allows the developer to work from code that works.

The UI will allow the following interactions with the !JustADemo process...

Viewing the process details

Once the process is registered with the WPS, the UI will create an automated method of showing the process details, submitting the process and presenting the responses. First, you can view the process: