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     1= CEDA CSW (OGC Catalogue Service) = 
     5== Introduction == 
     6This page provides information about the current status of [ OGC CS-W service] development at CEDA. 
     8=== Status as of 7/6/2010 === 
     10 * CEDA is currently developing an implementation of CSW, initially as a standards-compliant replacement for the (proprietary, i.e. not based on an open standards) [wiki:DiscoveryComponents#DiscoveryWebService Discovery Web Service] component. 
     11   * The scope of this implementation is '''initially''' limited to functional replacement of the Discovery Web Service component, and is proposed, at least initially, to exist in parallel to it: providing an alternative interface but making use of existing OAI Provider / Harvester instances and the centrally-maintained discovery database. However it is recognised that other, non-mandatory operations defined in the OGC CSW specification, may be of interest to potential stakeholders (e.g. harvest, transaction), which may make possible other modes of operation. A jointly-defined roadmap should enable CEDA to develop a CSW implementation that meets the needs of its stakeholders. The process of defining this roadmap can now begin, now that initial feasibility work at CEDA has proved positive, and has already resulted in a service framework prototype with some simple functionality. 
     12 * CEDA intends to seek OGC compliance certification for its implementation, which it intends to make available as an open-source project. 
     13 * CEDA intends to deploy and run at least one instance of its CSW server as a prototype replacement for the current Discovery Service. 
     15 ==== Scope of version 0.0.1 ==== 
     16 The scope of the initial development is as follows: 
     17 ||'''Operation'''||'''Required?'''||'''Scope'''||'''Purpose'''|| 
     18 ||OGC_Service.!GetCapabilities||Mandatory||In scope||Enable clients to retrieve service metadata from a server || 
     19 ||CSW-Discovery.!GetRecords||Mandatory||In scope|| || 
     20 ||CSW-Discovery.!GetRecordById||Optional||In scope|| || 
     21 ||CSW-Discovery.!DescribeRecord||Mandatory||In scope|| || 
     22 ||CSW-Discovery.!GetDomain||Optional||Out of scope|| || 
     23 ||CSW-Publication.Transaction||Optional||Out of scope|| || 
     24 ||CSW-Publication.Harvest||Optional||Out of scope|| ||