NDG Browse

How the Browse System Code works


To support browse, a number of utilities were created:

  • ElementTree XML Handlers
    • nsdumb, allows the same xpath expressions to act on an xml document by

hiding the namespaces ...

  • loadET ... cleans up and deals with encoding on loading an ET object
  • et2text (and xml2text)
  • et2html (and xml2html)
  • GeoUtilities?
    • Bounding (currently just a box but aimed at supporting the ndg polygon)
  • htmlUtilities
    • selector (used for marking things for a shopping cart)
    • span
    • hyperlink
    • image
    • abbreviate
    • htmlTime
  • People
  • Utilities
    • EnumerateString? (adds a number to a string and increments it on repeated calls)
    • getURLDict cgi handling
    • wrapGetText
    • RingBuffer?
    • Request
    • Response
    • myConfig