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Atom Editor Overview

The Atom Syndication Format v1.0 ( is used as the new documentation format to store Moles data. This is a simple, extensible format - outlined here Moles Atom Format.

To aid the uptake of this new format, a web based editor is now available to allow the creation and editing of moles records in Atom format; this sits inside the MILK server codebase whose installation is described here: MILK Install guide.

Codebase overview

The editor is created as part of a standard pylons web app - which makes up the heart of the MILK codebase. To simplify maintenance, the editor specific code is situated in subpackages of the main pylons packages - i.e. controllers/atom_editor. The presentation layer of the web app is provided using Genshi templates - and these, too, are located in their own specific subpackage - templates/atom_editor. The data models used by the pages (effectively the Atom? class augmented with 'non-Atom' specific data in the MolesEntity? class) are available from the ndgUtils egg (subject to change?).