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21:12 Capability/Workshops/SDS1 edited by jdoughty
16:21 Changeset [4871] by pjkersha
Porting BADC site look and feel into a version of the Single Sign On …
14:31 Changeset [4870] by lawrence
Cox xmml rev 1968, last change 2009-01-22 08:49:42 +0000 (Thu, 22 Jan …
14:19 Changeset [4869] by lawrence
notes etc from initial moles meeting with Simon in December
14:12 Changeset [4868] by lawrence
Starting to check in MOLES3 activities
12:03 Changeset [4867] by domlowe
changing wcs response filename from default. Also tagging svn revisions …
11:19 Changeset [4866] by sdonegan
Problem with extracting daterange data - now fixed.
08:45 Changeset [4865] by pjkersha


17:25 Capability/Workshops/SDS1 edited by jdoughty
16:58 Changeset [4864] by sdonegan
Noticed typo in xq..changed it…
16:12 Capability/Workshops/Vocab edited by jdoughty
15:32 Capability/Workshops/DIM1 edited by jdoughty
12:38 Software/Testing edited by spascoe
Whoops, forgot the data probably shouldn't be public. URL is deactivated. (diff)
12:35 Software/Testing created by spascoe
12:26 Software edited by spascoe
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09:46 Capability/Workshops/SDS1 edited by jdoughty


10:37 Capability/Workshops/DIM1 edited by jdoughty


21:53 Changeset [4863] by pjkersha
* added initialisation decorator for use with derived classes if …


18:01 Changeset [4862] by sdonegan
missed a typo…
17:26 Changeset [4861] by sdonegan
Put in some protection against moles with 2 sets of dgOrganisation when …


16:12 Capability/Workshops/Vocab edited by jdoughty
16:11 Capability/Workshops/Vocab edited by jdoughty
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15:08 Changeset [4860] by sdonegan
Update line 37 as bug with string/date
14:00 Changeset [4859] by domlowe
use numpy instead of Numeric in pywms
12:54 Changeset [4858] by domlowe
wms doctest working
11:44 Capability/Workshops/SDS1 edited by jdoughty
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10:18 Changeset [4857] by domlowe
WMS doctest for main operations - some metadata still missing
09:45 Security/2WeeklyReports/20090121 edited by pjkersha
09:44 Security/2WeeklyReports/20090121 created by pjkersha
09:21 Security edited by pjkersha
09:21 Security edited by pjkersha
09:05 Capability/Workshops/Vocab edited by jdoughty
08:57 Changeset [4856] by pjkersha
Fix relyingparty package name typo
08:55 Capability/Workshops/Vocab edited by jdoughty
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08:52 Capability/Workshops/DIM1 edited by jdoughty
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08:40 Capability/Workshops/DIM1 edited by jdoughty


16:39 Changeset [4855] by pjkersha
* Got rid of additional refs to Q Public licence in headers * Added …
16:33 Changeset [4854] by cbyrom
Add new ingest script - to allow ingest of DIF docs from eXist hosted atom …
16:22 Changeset [4853] by cbyrom
Add default config file to postgresclient - to check for and use when …
15:59 Changeset [4852] by domlowe
adding OWSLib doctest for WCS
15:06 Changeset [4851] by sdonegan
Fixed bug in abstract section ("string" should have been "data") - was …
14:56 Software/WeeklyReports/20092001 edited by spascoe
14:55 Software edited by spascoe
14:53 Software/WeeklyReports/20092001 edited by spascoe
14:37 Changeset [4850] by cbyrom
Fix issue with atoms being deleted upon failed content validation + adjust …
14:36 Changeset [4849] by cbyrom
Add postgres config file to test constants - and rename exist config file …
14:33 Changeset [4848] by cbyrom
Create new client to access postgres DBs and run SQL statements + add test …
14:32 Changeset [4847] by cbyrom
Fix custom indexes - adding the full text search in + re-enable setting up …
14:12 Software/WeeklyReports/20092001 created by domlowe
Added Dom's report
13:58 Software edited by domlowe
link to effort report (diff)
13:56 Software/WeeklyReports created by domlowe
added blank weekly reports page
13:53 Ticket #991 (Verify support for time/levels in WCS) closed by domlowe
fixed: Fixed, vertical levels can be passed in as additional parameters (as per …
13:50 Capability/Workshops/SDS1 edited by jdoughty
13:43 Capability/Workshops/SDS1 edited by jdoughty
13:40 Capability/Workshops/Vocab edited by jdoughty


17:07 Changeset [4846] by cbyrom
Add load screen when accessing docs from the list screen.
16:54 Changeset [4845] by cbyrom
Add improved error handling when doing document ingests + add additional …
16:52 Changeset [4844] by cbyrom
Improve url check, by creating new method which sets the default proxies …
16:51 Changeset [4843] by cbyrom
Include better management of stored reference collections.
16:50 Changeset [4842] by cbyrom
Add method to parse information from atomID.
16:42 Changeset [4841] by pjkersha
More work on security filter pipeline.
13:59 Changeset [4840] by pjkersha
Fix problem with search and replace licence not adding a new line.
13:54 Changeset [4839] by pjkersha
Changed licence from Q Public to BSD
12:00 Changeset [4838] by pjkersha
* Added LICENSE file to all egg top-level directories - contains the STFC …
10:32 Changeset [4837] by cbyrom
Display more detail on deployments summary - providing clickable link to …
10:27 Changeset [4836] by cbyrom
Add xml schema to eXist and adjust the atom schemata to allow use of this …
10:20 Changeset [4835] by cbyrom
Update existinitialiser tests.
10:17 Changeset [4834] by cbyrom
Add support for retrieving DIF documents produced in provider eXist DB - …
10:16 Changeset [4833] by cbyrom
Remove compiled python files from codebase; these are currently causing …
10:14 Changeset [4832] by cbyrom
Fix vocabtermdata to allow retrieval of data via http proxies.
10:12 Changeset [4831] by cbyrom
Add xml schema to eXist and adjust the atom schemata to allow use of this …
09:53 Changeset [4830] by cbyrom
Temporarily disable validation of vocab term data - whilst the editor …
09:52 Changeset [4829] by cbyrom
Disable setting up of custom indexes for the time being - these seem to …
09:50 Changeset [4828] by cbyrom
Improve exist client checking of results + extend logging + add support …
09:47 Changeset [4827] by cbyrom
Remove compiled python files from codebase; these are currently causing …
09:47 Changeset [4826] by cbyrom
Remove compiled python files from codebase; these are currently causing …
09:29 Changeset [4825] by cbyrom
Adjust atom transform xqueries to use latest namespaces.
09:27 Changeset [4824] by cbyrom
Add required package resources to ndgcommon setup.


14:42 Ticket #1017 ((DI-1-4) Implement a Discovery service usage logger) closed by sdonegan
fixed: Have designed and integrated a logging system into the existing updated …
13:49 Changeset [4823] by pjkersha
Renamed sslclientauthn module ssl.
13:46 Changeset [4822] by pjkersha
* added ndg.security.server.wsgi.NDGSecurityMiddlewareBase generic base …
11:45 Changeset [4821] by pjkersha
* esg-ipcc-ar5.eap: Added activity diagrams to describe security WSGI …


21:34 Changeset [4820] by pjkersha
Update README and user certificate. SVN tag current set to true in …
16:53 Changeset [4819] by sdonegan
Updated properties records search logging db parameters too
16:51 Changeset [4818] by sdonegan
Updated to record search parameters and number of results into search log …
16:50 Changeset [4817] by sdonegan
Updated to record search parameters and number of results into search log …
16:34 Changeset [4816] by sdonegan
Created folder remotely
16:33 Changeset [4815] by sdonegan
Created folder remotely
16:11 Changeset [4814] by pjkersha
Added credits
15:20 Changeset [4813] by sdonegan
Update query to create table and columns for search parameter logging …
15:19 Changeset [4812] by sdonegan
linux script for creating logging table in postgres
10:29 Changeset [4811] by cbyrom
update project file.
10:24 Changeset [4810] by cbyrom
Create new class (and test suite) to do all the eXist DB setting up - and …
09:42 Capability/Workshops/SDS1 edited by jdoughty
09:40 Capability/Workshops/DIM1 edited by jdoughty
09:37 Capability/Workshops/Vocab edited by jdoughty
09:20 Capability/Workshops/Vocab edited by jdoughty
09:19 Capability/Workshops/Vocab edited by jdoughty
09:18 Capability/Workshops/SDS1 edited by jdoughty
09:17 Capability/Workshops/DIM1 edited by jdoughty


15:53 Changeset [4809] by domlowe
reverting renderer name
15:52 Changeset [4808] by domlowe
adding contents of pywms
15:51 Changeset [4807] by domlowe
adding ukcip pywms version
15:49 Changeset [4806] by domlowe
removing incorrect version of pywms
14:48 Capability/Workshops/Vocab edited by jdoughty
14:45 Capability/Workshops/SDS1 edited by jdoughty
14:43 Capability/Workshops/DIM1 edited by jdoughty
14:42 Capability/Workshops/DIM1 edited by jdoughty
14:41 Capability/Workshops/DIM1 edited by jdoughty
12:29 Changeset [4805] by domlowe
allow wcs to take time range or single time


15:27 Changeset [4804] by sdonegan
Updated logging and layout so contiguous with existing codebase
15:26 Changeset [4803] by cbyrom
A few small fixes to support usage of ndgCommon.
15:22 Changeset [4802] by sdonegan
Removed file/folder
15:22 Changeset [4801] by sdonegan
Basic classes developed for updating search info via JDBC
15:19 Changeset [4800] by sdonegan
Test classes for implementing Discovery backend logging into a postgres …
10:19 Changeset [4799] by sdonegan
Updated from basic test with all columns required in simple single table.
09:54 Changeset [4798] by cbyrom
Change MILK stack to use ndgCommon instead of ndgUtils.
09:53 Changeset [4797] by cbyrom
Fix eXistdbclient tests - to use latest test data and to properly clean up …
09:50 Changeset [4796] by sdonegan
Place log4j.jar and log4j.xml in webapps\axis2\WEB-INF\classes under …
09:47 Changeset [4795] by sdonegan
Updated so provides log4j configurable logging. Note need log4j jar, and …
09:45 Changeset [4794] by sdonegan
Updated so provides log4j configurable logging.


17:14 Changeset [4793] by cbyrom
Checking in initial codebase for ndgUtils restructure.
17:09 Changeset [4792] by cbyrom
17:09 Changeset [4791] by cbyrom
17:09 Changeset [4790] by cbyrom
17:08 Changeset [4789] by cbyrom
ndgCommon project - representing an upgrade of the ndgUtils project - with …
11:38 Changeset [4788] by cbyrom
Improve testing of existdbclient - adjust how new atoms are stored and …
11:36 Changeset [4787] by cbyrom
Add help section for the 'publication state' input + add this to the help …
11:26 Changeset [4786] by spascoe
Fixed a pywms class name error. cows.test.util creates a test CSML …
11:25 Changeset [4785] by spascoe
Various comments on code structure. Grep for !TODO and !FIXME or see the …
11:14 Changeset [4784] by spascoe
pywms package imported directly from IPCC-DDC svn. This is needed for …
10:12 Changeset [4783] by cbyrom
Extend test suites to test new feed and DIF creation functionality.
10:10 Changeset [4782] by cbyrom
Add code to allow publishing of data to multiple feeds - to offer …
10:00 Changeset [4781] by cbyrom
Move htmlUtilities from MILK code to ndgUtils - so that it can be easily …
09:59 Changeset [4780] by cbyrom
Create AtomState? object to represent the different atom publication states …
09:55 Changeset [4779] by cbyrom
Add new input to editor - to allow choice of publication state of the atom …
09:46 Changeset [4778] by cbyrom
Move code to augment atom data when doing the atom to DIF xquery …


16:30 Changeset [4777] by pjkersha
Refactored Attribute Authority user roles interface to fix setting of …
14:12 Changeset [4776] by pjkersha
Changed default location from login to wayf. This is safer as it avoids a …
13:25 Changeset [4775] by pjkersha
* Moved StaticURLParser app for serving OpenID Provider static content …
10:11 Changeset [4774] by domlowe
WCS axis descriptions for vertical axes now derived from CSML and …
10:09 Ticket #985 (Move WCS to COWS stack) closed by domlowe
fixed: The WCS has been moved to the COWS stack now. Any further modifications to …
09:27 Changeset [4773] by pjkersha
* Added Paster template ndgsecurity_services_with_sso - the saem as …


16:03 Changeset [4772] by domlowe
adding support for z dimension in WCS requests - axisdescriptions …
14:50 Changeset [4771] by pjkersha
Use string.Template for username/password substitutions - enables $ style …
14:38 Changeset [4770] by pjkersha
Updated copyright
10:09 Security/2WeeklyReports/20090108 edited by pjkersha
09:49 Security/2WeeklyReports/20090108 edited by pjkersha
09:30 Security/2WeeklyReports/20090108 created by pjkersha
09:06 Security edited by pjkersha
09:05 Security edited by pjkersha


15:02 Changeset [4769] by domlowe
adding gml:timepositions to describe coverage response
14:30 Changeset [4768] by domlowe
changing times to time to match wcs spec
13:54 Changeset [4767] by pjkersha
Revised Pylons dependency version restriction.
11:31 Changeset [4766] by pjkersha
Fix for md5 backwards compatibility from hashlib
10:35 Changeset [4765] by pjkersha
Added e.g. files to ensure inclusion of attributeCertificateLog dir in …
10:08 Changeset [4764] by pjkersha
Remove unneeded Attribute Cert file test output from SVN.
10:06 Changeset [4763] by pjkersha
Python 2.4 backwards compatibility: added workaround for datetime.strptime …
09:25 Capability edited by jdoughty
09:24 Changeset [4762] by pjkersha
Replace rpartition with rsplit to enable continued Python 2.4 backwards …
08:20 Changeset [4761] by pjkersha
Tidied imports in ndg.security.common.wssecurity.BaseSignatureHandler? and …


16:44 Changeset [4760] by pjkersha
Omit package_data keyword - using MANIFEST.in instead.
16:42 Changeset [4759] by pjkersha
Added MANIFEST.in to manage inclusion of data and config files
16:30 Changeset [4758] by cbyrom
Create new class, eXistDBFeedClient, to allow use of the eXist atom feed …
16:05 TI12_Security/OMII-UK edited by pjkersha
16:04 T12_Security/OMII-UK/20090106 edited by pjkersha
16:04 T12_Security/OMII-UK/20090106 created by pjkersha
16:02 TI12_Security/OMII-UK edited by pjkersha
15:28 Changeset [4757] by cbyrom
Expose encoded authentication details for eXist - so can re-use for atom …
15:26 Changeset [4756] by cbyrom
Adjust atom delete so that the correct eXist instance is used - according …
14:41 Changeset [4755] by pjkersha
14:26 Changeset [4754] by pjkersha
Added Pylons dependency - may be dropped in future release.
14:09 Changeset [4753] by pjkersha
Tidied up MANIFEST.in
13:52 Changeset [4752] by pjkersha
* Fixed inclusion of NDG Security paster template files in …
13:00 Changeset [4751] by domlowe
more template changes
11:23 2009-01-06 NDG MSI Wiki Plan.pdf attached to Management by jdoughty
09:58 Changeset [4750] by pjkersha
Cleanued up dependencies and marked as release candidate 1
09:20 Capability/Workshops/DIM1 edited by jdoughty
09:08 CdatLite edited by spascoe
08:48 Changeset [4749] by pjkersha
Makefile should be in top level dir
08:29 Changeset [4748] by pjkersha
Removed old bin and log directories
08:27 Changeset [4747] by pjkersha
Moved old MyProxyAdmin?.py module to Tests/MyProxyClient?
08:25 Changeset [4746] by pjkersha
Moved ndg.security package setup files into a separate ndg.security …
08:09 TI12_Security/OMII-UK edited by pjkersha
07:52 Changeset [4745] by pjkersha
New root to ndg.security package


16:40 NDG December 2008 Update.pdf attached to Management by jdoughty
16:21 Changeset [4744] by pjkersha
Updated setup.py long description for client, common and server packages.
15:44 Changeset [4743] by astephen
Committed changes in config file.
15:22 Changeset [4742] by pjkersha
Preparing new release
15:17 Changeset [4741] by pjkersha
Updated setup.py config data settings for ndg.security.test.
14:46 Changeset [4740] by domlowe
More conversion to genshi templates for wcs.
14:43 Changeset [4739] by pjkersha
Refactored x509, xmlsec, XMLSecDoc and combinedservices unit tests …
13:23 Changeset [4738] by pjkersha
Refactored WSGI SSL Client AuthN unit tests separating out test files into …
11:25 Changeset [4737] by pjkersha
Refactored Session Manager Client unit tests separating out test files …
10:30 Changeset [4736] by pjkersha
Moved test Session Manager WSGI app into ndg.security.test.config test dir
10:28 Changeset [4735] by cbyrom
Add link and anchor to curating data help section.
10:25 Changeset [4734] by pjkersha
Refactored Session Manager unit tests separating out test files into the …
10:14 Changeset [4733] by pjkersha
10:08 Changeset [4732] by pjkersha
* Refactored Credential Wallet unit tests separating out test files into …
10:01 Changeset [4731] by cbyrom
Add new help config data.
10:00 Changeset [4730] by cbyrom
Move code to create atom home link to layout template + add lots of new …
09:58 Changeset [4729] by cbyrom
Create new template function, outputAtomLinks, to standardise display of …
09:56 Changeset [4728] by cbyrom
Fix TextArea? template to properly display multi-lined data in 'view' mode.
09:55 Changeset [4727] by cbyrom
Update editor styles - for neat displaying of help info.
09:54 Changeset [4726] by cbyrom
Remove file - functionality moved to Controllers superclass.
09:53 Changeset [4725] by cbyrom
Use webhelpers to set up drop down lists - rather than custom code.
09:51 Changeset [4724] by cbyrom
Restructure atom editor controllers - pulling out parent superclass to …
09:48 Changeset [4723] by cbyrom
Update routing to use simplified reference names for routes.
09:43 Changeset [4722] by cbyrom
Adjust timeout period for sockets - to allow lengthier validations to …
09:37 Changeset [4721] by cbyrom
Further tidy up of Atom model, tightening up XPath expressions to include …
09:35 Changeset [4720] by cbyrom
Improve handling of errors when doing validation + granulite ingests.
09:20 Changeset [4719] by cbyrom
Avoid looking up invalid links more than once during validation + …
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