14:05 ServerMtg081020 edited by lawrence
14:04 ServerMtg081020 edited by lawrence
14:02 milk.JPG attached to ServerMtg081020 by lawrence
meeting whiteboard
14:02 ServerMtg081020 created by lawrence
14:00 ServerMtg081001 created by lawrence
13:57 Software edited by lawrence
09:17 Changeset [4349] by cbyrom
Abstract template function to display general atom info + add new 'content …
09:13 Changeset [4348] by cbyrom
Move vocabdata object into global variable to allow efficient re-use + …
09:07 Changeset [4347] by cbyrom
Add validate() method to atom model to allow basic checks on atom data …


21:20 Changeset [4346] by pjkersha
Enterprise Architect project for ESG/IPCC AR5 Security Interoperability.
15:08 Changeset [4345] by domlowe
removing invalid comment
15:07 Changeset [4344] by domlowe
Refactored filterencoding to make it more flexible, including adding …
14:00 Changeset [4343] by pjkersha
Working example AuthKit? based OpenID Relying Party demonstrating the use …
09:49 TracUnicode edited by trac
09:49 TracUpgrade edited by trac
09:49 TracWorkflow created by trac
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16:40 Changeset [4342] by pjkersha
First revisions following input from GO-ESSP security meeting.
15:54 Changeset [4341] by pjkersha
Initial version for discussion at GO-ESSP security meeting 16/09/08
15:53 Changeset [4340] by pjkersha
15:28 Changeset [4339] by pjkersha
Initial version for discussion at GO-ESSP security meeting 16/09/08
14:39 T12_Security/OMII-UK/20081016 edited by pjkersha
14:37 T12_Security/OMII-UK/20081016 edited by pjkersha
14:36 T12_Security/OMII-UK/20081016 edited by pjkersha
14:36 T12_Security/OMII-UK/20081016 edited by pjkersha
14:36 T12_Security/OMII-UK/20081016 created by pjkersha
13:48 TI12_Security/OMII-UK edited by pjkersha
13:38 Security edited by pjkersha
13:33 Security edited by pjkersha
13:32 Security edited by pjkersha
12:03 Security edited by pjkersha
11:58 Security edited by pjkersha
11:42 Security edited by pjkersha
11:40 Security edited by pjkersha
11:39 Ticket #1008 ([S] Python OWS Client Security) created by pjkersha
Write a package to enable a Python based application client to access a …
11:33 Security edited by pjkersha
11:32 Security edited by pjkersha
11:27 Security edited by pjkersha
10:37 Ticket #1007 ([S] PyDAP (OPeNDAP) Security Filter) created by pjkersha
* Deploy an OPeNDAP service using the Python implementation pyDAP. * …
10:34 Ticket #999 (Introduction to Simon Cox) closed by lawrence
fixed: Huh? See email of Tue 23/09/2008 14:41 which introduces James to Simon …
10:33 Ticket #1006 ([S] Resource Identifier to Resource Constraint Mapping) created by pjkersha
A component that can for any given resource URI or resource URI matching …
08:42 Vocab edited by jdoughty


16:37 Ticket #1005 ([S] OWS Server Policy Decision Point) created by pjkersha
This is linked with #1004. The OWS Server Policy Enforcement Point calls …
16:13 2008-10-08 VS Planning Meeting.pdf attached to Vocab by jdoughty
16:07 Vocab edited by jdoughty
16:07 Vocab edited by jdoughty
15:51 Ticket #1004 ([S] OWS Server Security Filter) created by pjkersha
This component filters requests to a COWS server that it's protect and …
15:46 Vocab edited by jdoughty
15:42 Vocab edited by jdoughty
15:36 Vocab edited by jdoughty
14:41 Ticket #873 ([WG] Status of the Visualisation) closed by spascoe
wontfix: I see no merit in keeping this ticket around. I don't understand what …
14:22 Ticket #1003 (owslib as cows wms test client) closed by spascoe
duplicate: This duplicates #989
13:49 Ticket #986 (Fix variable names in WMS/WCS) closed by spascoe
duplicate: This is the same problem as #389 where there is a long discussion on it.
12:27 Changeset [4338] by sdonegan
Updated these dif2moles2dif conversions to not use encoded URIS as not …


17:01 Changeset [4337] by sdonegan
Updated ingest pipeline xqueries that allow proper translation of urls and …
16:21 Changeset [4336] by pjkersha
Fixes for BADC Data Browser integration tests: * …
13:44 Changeset [4335] by pjkersha
renamed x509 unit test module.
13:43 Changeset [4334] by pjkersha
renamed x509 untitest module.


14:49 Changeset [4333] by sdonegan
Corrected a bug from earlier update.
14:49 Changeset [4332] by sdonegan
Corrected a bug from earlier update.
11:35 Changeset [4331] by pjkersha
Remove sessionCookie from init.py
11:33 Changeset [4330] by pjkersha
Remove SessionCookie? unit test. This module is no longer needed.
08:27 Changeset [4329] by pjkersha
Tidying up: * removed old gatekeeper module from server package * …


16:55 Changeset [4328] by pjkersha
Updates to noseTests and AuthNService unittests.
16:24 Changeset [4327] by pjkersha
Removed SimpleCA service. It's not needed now that NDG sites are …
16:24 Changeset [4326] by sdonegan
Updated handling of URLs in conversion from MOLES. SJD
16:24 Changeset [4325] by pjkersha
Removed SimpleCA service. It's not needed now that NDG sites are …
16:22 Changeset [4324] by pjkersha
Removed SimpleCA service. It's not needed now that NDG sites are …
16:21 Changeset [4323] by pjkersha
15:52 Changeset [4322] by pjkersha
rename test_authen_service -> test_authnservice
15:52 Changeset [4321] by pjkersha
rename authenservice -> authnservice
15:46 Changeset [4320] by pjkersha
* Fixed ConfigFileParsers? and re-tested CredWallet? unit tests. * Added …
15:14 Ticket #1003 (owslib as cows wms test client) created by spascoe
Use owslib as a test target for cows WMS support. At the moment owslib …
15:12 Ticket #1002 (COWS test suite) created by spascoe
Setup at least a few simple tests for COWS using unittest and …
15:08 Ticket #1001 (Merge or synchronise owslib capabilities model with cows.model) created by spascoe
owslib contains a set of classes very similar to those in cows.model to …
15:05 Ticket #1000 (Make WMS interface pluggable through egg entrypoints) created by spascoe
Wiring together a WMS at the moment involves connecting a …
14:16 Ticket #999 (Introduction to Simon Cox) created by jdoughty
Introduce James to Simon Cox via email so that James can start planning …
10:24 Changeset [4319] by pjkersha
Major surgery on ConfigFileParsers? to enable support for nesting of …


16:39 Changeset [4318] by pjkersha
Added ConfigFileParsers? unittests. ConfigFileParsers? validation currently …
15:29 Changeset [4317] by domlowe
Adding filter capabilities to template
15:18 Changeset [4316] by domlowe
Changes to make capabilities document valid wrt the schema.
15:04 Ticket #998 (WCS support for rotated grids) created by lawrence
I understand that the DCIP codebase has support in the WMS for rotated …
12:47 Ticket #924 (ingest needs to cope with MDIP format) closed by lawrence
fixed: We think this is fixed. If not, we can reopen it.
12:46 Ticket #908 (Discovery ingest robustness given problem incoming metadata) closed by lawrence
wontfix: history given the new Calum code.
12:44 Ticket #957 (Tune performance of eXist on Production (and Dev?)) closed by lawrence
wontfix: mini moles no longer used for querying!
12:42 Ticket #907 (Discovery ingest possible improvement) closed by lawrence
wontfix: I think this has been handled …
11:37 Changeset [4315] by cbyrom
Add new template and controller code for adding and editing parameters + …
10:58 UsingTheParserToCreateCSMLV2 edited by domlowe
10:55 UsingTheParserToCreateCSMLV2 edited by domlowe
redirected link to source code (diff)
09:36 Changeset [4314] by cbyrom
Add new utility methods for adding/removing/retrieving online reference …
09:32 Changeset [4313] by cbyrom
Improve error handling - using user defined exception + include better …


16:19 Changeset [4312] by domlowe
getFeaturesByBBox implemented using shapely polygons for intersection.
15:13 Changeset [4311] by domlowe
Supporting code for bbox and temporal filtering. Methods not yet …
14:25 Changeset [4310] by pjkersha
Renamed MyProxy? SessionManager? AuthNService module.
14:24 Changeset [4309] by pjkersha
Fleshed out MyProxyClient? AuthNService interface implementation.
14:10 Changeset [4308] by pjkersha
Fixed imports to allow for myproxy module move to ndg.security.common
14:08 Changeset [4307] by pjkersha
Moved myproxy module to ndg.security.common
14:07 Changeset [4306] by pjkersha
Renamed MyProxy?.py -> myproxy.py
14:06 Changeset [4305] by pjkersha
Renamed Session Manager Authentication interface package to authnservice
14:05 Changeset [4304] by pjkersha
Updated Session Manager parsing. ConfigFileParsers? can now take '.' …
11:53 Changeset [4303] by domlowe
Added interfaces for getFeaturesByBBox and getFeaturesByTemporalRange type …


17:40 Changeset [4302] by cbyrom
Add code to allow the association of granules + deployments with data …
17:38 Changeset [4301] by cbyrom
Add convenience methods to determine whether a data item is a granule + …
16:06 Changeset [4300] by domlowe
wfs_featurecollection template working except for bounding box
15:44 Changeset [4299] by domlowe
Minor change in filterencoding to use OGC function
15:43 Changeset [4298] by domlowe
Added machinery for parsing filter encoding queries
15:31 Changeset [4297] by cbyrom
Fully implement the 'atom association' functionality in the server …
15:28 Changeset [4296] by cbyrom
Add Content property, with getter+setter, to Atom model + add method to …
15:26 Changeset [4295] by cbyrom
Extend vocabtermdata module to provide utility methods to check if a vocab …
14:39 Changeset [4294] by pjkersha
Updating Session Manager tests for refactored CredWallet?
13:37 Ticket #192 ([S] SimpleCA Web Services - functionality for certificate revocation + ...) closed by pjkersha
fixed: The way MyProxy is deployed has changed. It's now configured at NDG …
13:27 Ticket #713 ([WG] [S] BADC installation of security) closed by pjkersha
fixed: Closing this. Security integration into the Data Browser is a separate …
13:24 Changeset [4293] by pjkersha
Refactoring of CredWallet? * added tests for getting mapped AC * unit …
11:12 Changeset [4292] by domlowe
Creating FeatureSet? class to provide query methods on collection of …
10:04 Changeset [4291] by domlowe
Get feature by featureid working.
09:58 Ticket #781 (Check names spaces in BADC MOLES are consistent wiht those inm vocab ...) closed by lawrence
wontfix: obsolete
09:56 Ticket #779 ([M] latest (e-mailed)MOLES-to-DIF bulkdestubb.jar not picking up ...) closed by lawrence
wontfix: obsolete
09:40 Ticket #840 ([WG] UKHO records harvesting problem) closed by lawrence
08:27 Ticket #964 ([S] NOCS Production Security) closed by pjkersha
fixed: NOCS production machine has been cleaned up and resurrected - no need to …
08:26 Ticket #968 ([S] Deploy security WSs on production host) closed by pjkersha
fixed: All services are now deployed on zonda apart from MyProxy. This can be …
08:22 Ticket #886 ([M] BODC Browse now not available) closed by pjkersha
06:50 Ticket #974 (ExceptionReport requires extra elements) closed by lawrence
06:35 Ticket #404 ([C] List of OAI harvesters visible) closed by lawrence
duplicate: See ticket:921.
06:30 Ticket #714 ([WG][M] BADC installation of pylons browse) closed by lawrence


17:27 Changeset [4290] by pjkersha
Refactoring of CredWallet? - added unit tests for AA getAttCert call with a …
16:37 Changeset [4289] by domlowe
unfinished implementation of getFeature
15:13 Changeset [4288] by domlowe
Content-type for DescribeFeatureType? fixed to 'text/xml'
15:11 Changeset [4287] by domlowe
DescribeFeatureType? returns schema from correct namespace. Added config …
15:03 Changeset [4286] by cbyrom
Add new db structure for deployment atoms + add subtype term ID to atom.
14:40 Ticket #716 ([WG][DS] BADC installation of WMS, WCS) closed by spascoe
wontfix: Clearly this encompasses a mid-term goal of NDG work but this ticket is …
14:39 Ticket #997 (Scope NDG COWS service deliverables) created by spascoe
What extra services do we aim to have available by the end of NDG3? We …
13:34 Changeset [4285] by pjkersha
Refactoring of CredWallet? - first working unit tests for new version + …
11:54 Changeset [4284] by domlowe
adding keywords, outputformats to WFS
10:03 Changeset [4283] by cbyrom
Fix 'cancel' button + replace 'summary' edit with separate function to …
09:52 Changeset [4282] by cbyrom
Couple of small fixes.
09:51 Changeset [4281] by cbyrom
Add activity deployment term to vocab data + add new error handling + add …
09:48 Changeset [4280] by cbyrom
Wrap xquery as string, to avoid issues with windows characters + adjust …


22:20 Ticket #556 ([DS] Should DX UI show most recent date as default?) closed by astephen
22:20 Ticket #260 ([DS] Purging policy for sessions and output dirs) closed by astephen
22:19 Ticket #247 ([DS] Need a common solution for virtual variables in DX) closed by astephen
22:19 Ticket #91 ([DS] GeoSPlAT-WS Supporting multiple visualisation packages [V1.2]) closed by astephen
22:19 Ticket #520 ([DS] Level value shown on VCS animations over levels) closed by astephen
22:19 Ticket #512 ([DS] DateTimeManager and 360-day calendar) closed by astephen
22:18 Ticket #378 ([DS] Create a draft of URL args for calling the DX-WI) closed by astephen
22:18 Ticket #259 ([DS] Stop install from removing logs and session history) closed by astephen
22:14 Ticket #395 ([D][WG][C] GCMD namespace guidelines) closed by lawrence
invalid: homily. no specific action.
22:12 Ticket #864 ([M] Regular re-indexing of Discovery exist) closed by lawrence
wontfix: And no longer necessary with the discovery rewrite.
22:10 Ticket #785 ([WG] Can COAPEC data granule summaries have a short name as well as a long ...) closed by lawrence
worksforme: I think this is resolved in moles now.
22:04 Ticket #510 ([M] Deploy NERC Data Discovery Service) closed by lawrence
22:02 Ticket #231 ([All] NDG website - Update content and technology) closed by lawrence
21:53 Ticket #728 (bug when requesting final page of results) closed by lawrence
21:50 Ticket #896 (Project closure checklist) closed by lawrence
21:50 Ticket #282 ([M] Automate Z39.50 bespoke harvesting & ingest) closed by lawrence
invalid: reckon this is obsolete
21:49 Ticket #185 ([M] Support zserver querying directly on OAI database.) closed by lawrence
wontfix: decided not to support z-server at this time
21:48 Ticket #491 (Move trac off glue) closed by lawrence
21:23 Ticket #796 ([WG] Fix the handling of people and organisations in StubB and DIF to be ...) closed by lawrence
wontfix: stubb is history
19:59 Ticket #898 (Discovery review - Spatial map display on search page) closed by lawrence
wontfix: personally this doesn't worry me …
19:54 Ticket #955 ([S] Need to fix csml access control) closed by lawrence
wontfix: this is a truism, rather than a ticket. Close for lack of an action. …
17:09 Ticket #794 ([WG] Build a tool for creating NumSim instances) closed by lawrence
17:08 Community edited by lawrence
16:43 Changeset [4279] by pjkersha
Major refactoring of CredWallet? and SessionMgr? to allow for non-user based …
16:08 Ticket #65 (RAPID CSML and Moles metadata) closed by domlowe
16:03 Ticket #464 ([DS] Need support for cell_methods in CSML V2.0) closed by domlowe
16:02 Ticket #765 ([DS] Extract Trajectory from a Gridseries) closed by domlowe
16:01 Ticket #970 (Csmlscanner to handle multiple time dimensions) closed by domlowe
duplicate: Moved to CSML Trac  ticket:9
15:58 Ticket #847 (csmlscan interface wishlist) closed by domlowe
duplicate: Moved to CSML Trac  ticket:8
15:57 Ticket #660 ([DS] disambiguate feature from phenomenon when subsetting) closed by domlowe
duplicate: Moved to CSML Trac  ticket:7
15:56 Ticket #980 (Add option to csmlscan to set title) closed by domlowe
duplicate: Moved to CSML Trac  ticket:6
15:55 Ticket #979 (Preserve CF attributes when subsetting) closed by domlowe
fixed: Fixed a while ago, forgot to close ticket.
15:55 Ticket #880 (CSML Read method registry) closed by domlowe
duplicate: Moved to CSML Trac  ticket:5
15:51 Ticket #704 ([D] GML in CSML best practice documentation) closed by domlowe
duplicate: Moved to CSML Trac  ticket:3
15:50 Ticket #849 ([M] CSML3 API requests (1)) closed by domlowe
duplicate: Moved to CSML Trac  ticket:2
15:48 Ticket #410 ([DS] Examples of sequence Rule) closed by domlowe
duplicate: Moved to CSML trac  ticket:1
15:44 Ticket #409 ([DS] Define what is minimally compliant CF-NetCDF) closed by domlowe
wontfix: Important issue from this. e.g. cell methods are subject of other tickets.
15:41 Ticket #407 ([DS] Define support for coordinate reference systems in NDG2 CSML.) closed by domlowe
wontfix: We used a python based 'catalogue' in NDG2. The coordinate reference …
15:23 Discovery edited by lawrence
15:22 Ticket #996 (Client (and visualisation) stack needs to be standalone) created by domlowe
Current state is that we have the work that Calum did running on a server …
15:21 Ticket #995 (Build standalone python WCS client) created by domlowe
Build a standalone pylons WCS client (which could be deployable via …
15:20 Ticket #994 (Automatic Generation of KML from CSML WMS) created by domlowe
The WMS to CSML process developed for the EDP required some manual …
15:18 Ticket #993 (Download button for maps on WMS page) created by domlowe
Send precanned call to WCS based on selections from WMS client. i.e. …
15:15 Ticket #992 (Review and scope out MIDAS WFS work) created by domlowe
We have the existing geoserver work which is designed for providing access …
15:12 Ticket #991 (Verify support for time/levels in WCS) created by domlowe
Verify that time/level support is working correctly in WCS and if not, fix …
15:11 Ticket #990 (Verify support for time/levels in WMS) created by domlowe
Verify that time/level support is working correctly in WMS and if not, fix …
15:10 Ticket #989 (Create CEDA tests for OWSLib) created by domlowe
Create tests for OWSLib against CEDA WCS and WMS services. OWSLib used …
15:08 Ticket #988 (Improve configuration of COWS) created by domlowe
Configuration of COWS must be improved so WMS & WCS can be more easily …
15:06 Ticket #987 (Support for reprojections in COWS stack (WMS)) created by domlowe
Provide support for polar stereographic as well as standard map …
15:03 Ticket #986 (Fix variable names in WMS/WCS) created by domlowe
The parameter names/titles exposed by some model datasets for WMS/WCS are …
14:57 Ticket #985 (Move WCS to COWS stack) created by domlowe
The WCS code needs to move from the old NDG pylons stack to the COWS …
14:45 Ticket #815 ([WG] Agree upon procedure for updating pylons code on glue) closed by lawrence
invalid: at least as posed …
14:21 Community edited by lawrence
14:14 Vocab edited by lawrence
14:11 WikiStart edited by lawrence
13:43 Software edited by lawrence
13:43 Software edited by lawrence
13:42 Software edited by lawrence
13:41 Changeset [4278] by domlowe
More integration of WFS into cows. Layers now represent feature types, not …
13:04 Discovery edited by lawrence
13:01 Discovery edited by lawrence
12:53 Ticket #920 ([WG] Refactor ows_server to use new eXist egg) closed by lawrence
12:52 Ticket #912 (Reading essc DIF production) reopened by lawrence
12:52 Ticket #912 (Reading essc DIF production) closed by lawrence
12:30 Ticket #895 (Paper ('Phil Trans') for Royal Society meeting) closed by lawrence
fixed: papers done
12:29 Ticket #894 (NERC End of project report) closed by lawrence
fixed: done
10:26 MOLES edited by lawrence
10:24 Community edited by lawrence
10:09 Software edited by domlowe
added note about csml names (diff)
09:29 Software edited by lawrence
06:55 Community edited by lawrence
06:30 Ticket #823 ([M] Browse should show deployment details on new page/pop-up) closed by lawrence
wontfix: New browse. New thinking.
06:29 Ticket #910 (MOLES schema bug) closed by lawrence
wontfix: no longer in MOLES2
06:26 Ticket #914 ([WG] format=raw and format=xml broken for some nasty xml content) closed by lawrence
wontfix: Not enough detail.
06:22 Ticket #287 ([M] Need a schema for Stub-B) closed by lawrence
wontfix: Stub-B is effectively history at version 2. It might not have been if this …


16:58 Software edited by lawrence
16:58 Software edited by lawrence
16:50 Milestone Updated NERC Data Discovey Service completed
Milestone to hoover up things that wont be deployed for the Christmas …
16:48 Milestone portal1 completed
16:48 Milestone PROD Final completed
This milestone now represents the final version of NDG that results from …
16:43 Milestone DX and Geosplat completed
Formally, the DX and Geosplat are no longer in the NDG software stack, so …
16:42 Milestone Replace Metadata Gateway completed
NDG covers functionality and content of the NERC metadata gateway. Also …
16:40 Roadmap edited by lawrence
16:40 Community edited by lawrence
16:40 Security edited by lawrence
16:40 MOLES edited by lawrence
16:40 Software edited by lawrence
16:39 Vocab edited by lawrence
16:39 Discovery edited by lawrence
16:39 Discovery edited by lawrence
16:38 Capability edited by lawrence
16:37 WikiStart edited by lawrence
16:35 Roadmap created by lawrence
16:34 Community created by lawrence
16:31 Software edited by lawrence
16:30 Security created by lawrence
16:29 Changeset [4277] by pjkersha
Rename for easire download
16:28 Software created by lawrence
16:27 Vocab created by lawrence
16:26 Capability created by lawrence
16:25 Discovery edited by lawrence
16:22 Changeset [4276] by pjkersha
Notes and Actions from GO-ESSP Security Meeting
16:21 OldDiscovery created by lawrence
16:11 WikiStart edited by lawrence
NDG3 Activities (diff)
15:57 MOLES created by lawrence
blank start page for new moles
15:54 OldStartPage created by lawrence
copy of old front page
15:54 WikiStart edited by lawrence
New NDG3 aka NDG-MSI front page (diff)
14:51 Changeset [4275] by domlowe
changing layers to featuretypes
14:11 Changeset [4274] by domlowe
Adding initial WFS code. Plus further separation of CSML code and service …
14:05 Changeset [4273] by cbyrom
Tidy up formatting and layout of atom results list.
12:48 Changeset [4272] by domlowe
Splitting CSML backend into common and service specific elements.
12:09 Changeset [4271] by domlowe
deleting old wms_csmllayer code
12:08 Changeset [4270] by domlowe
moving wms_csmllayer code
12:06 Changeset [4269] by domlowe
Restructuring CSML backend to share common code between WXSs. (currently …
11:55 Changeset [4268] by cbyrom
Add new template, atom_list, to allow searching and selection of atoms + …
11:49 Changeset [4267] by cbyrom
Extend eXistInterface search method to allow more granulated searches of …
10:19 Changeset [4266] by domlowe
Splitting wms_iface into wxs_iface and wms_iface interfaces. Modifying …


16:49 Changeset [4265] by pjkersha
Integrating Session Manager into WSGI framework.
15:37 Changeset [4264] by pjkersha
15:35 Changeset [4263] by pjkersha
rename ndg.security.common.zsi_utils -> " " ".zsi
15:33 Changeset [4262] by pjkersha
change references ndg.security.common.zsi_utils -> " " ".zsi
15:29 Changeset [4261] by pjkersha
Revising package structure for ndg.security.common ZSI code stubs.
14:59 Changeset [4260] by pjkersha
Added Paste test harness for WSGI based Session Manager for Session …
14:00 Changeset [4259] by cbyrom
Add ability to set the discovery service URL from the ndgDiscovery.config …
13:35 Changeset [4258] by cbyrom
Extend idget function to cope with MDIP records and implement usage of …


16:58 Changeset [4257] by cbyrom
Fix handling of ndg hosted data - properly reading config settings from …
16:38 Changeset [4256] by pjkersha
Separate package for ZSI bindings to Session Manager WSGI
16:28 Changeset [4255] by pjkersha
Separate package for ZSI bindings to Attribute Authority WSGI
16:17 Changeset [4254] by pjkersha
Fix to WSGI based WS-Security - make ApplySignatureFilter? WSGI reference …
16:11 Changeset [4253] by pjkersha
Updated Attribute Authority JUnit tests running against WSGI based …
14:33 Changeset [4252] by domlowe
Tagging before splitting out wXs interface
14:31 Changeset [4251] by domlowe
adding tags and branches directories
12:23 Changeset [4250] by cbyrom
Add function to allow adding/editing online references + fix handling of …
12:19 Changeset [4249] by cbyrom
Tighten up atom data model to better handle online references + simplify …
12:17 Changeset [4248] by cbyrom
Add online reference terms data to the vocabtermdata class + extend the …
10:10 Changeset [4247] by pjkersha
Reinstated signing of Binary Security Token - WSS4J's signature …
09:46 Changeset [4246] by pjkersha
Refactored AttAuthority? client unit tests to use standard WS-Security …


16:05 Changeset [4245] by pjkersha
Working unit tests for WSGI based Attribute Authority. * Altered so that …
12:41 Changeset [4244] by cbyrom
Add code to allow input/edit of online references + fix author/contributor …
11:21 Changeset [4243] by cbyrom
Fix some style issues + displaying of default empty values.
10:03 Changeset [4242] by cbyrom
Fix typo: 'maybe' -> 'may be'
09:53 Changeset [4241] by cbyrom
Make People and Coverage template sections editable + add code to …
09:49 Changeset [4240] by cbyrom
Extend Person object to include comparison method for object equality …
09:46 Changeset [4239] by cbyrom
Tighten up xpath expressions used for searching for atoms.


10:51 Changeset [4238] by pjkersha
Working unit tests for WSGI based Attribute Authority. TODO: * test with …


15:31 Changeset [4237] by cbyrom
Add 'create atom' page - to create the 'header' info for the input data + …
15:26 Changeset [4236] by cbyrom
Improve the creation of new atom entries in eXist - generating unique IDs, …
13:54 Changeset [4235] by domlowe
deleting rest of CSML code from old repository - now moved to …
13:52 Changeset [4234] by domlowe
deleting old repository


16:25 Changeset [4233] by pjkersha
More work on WSGI version of Attribute Authority unit tests. TODO: …
15:31 Changeset [4232] by cbyrom
Add beginnings of the atom editor code - including templates + controllers …
15:29 Changeset [4231] by cbyrom
Add support for doing lists and summaries of atom docs via ndgDirectory …
15:28 Changeset [4230] by cbyrom
Tidy up + improve formatting of atom view template.
15:26 Changeset [4229] by cbyrom
Add support for doing lists and summaries of atom docs via ndgDirectory …
15:19 Changeset [4228] by spascoe
Changed print statements to loggging calls where appropriate.
14:42 Changeset [4227] by sdonegan
updated for new postgres database
14:41 Changeset [4226] by sdonegan
09:59 Changeset [4225] by pjkersha
Test for WSGI interface to wget client using http basic authentication …


17:00 Changeset [4224] by sdonegan
Added extra try-catch to deal with missing temporal coverage in original …
16:59 Changeset [4223] by sdonegan
Updated comments regarding fix for missing temporalCoverage in DIF
16:57 Changeset [4222] by sdonegan
Removed file/folder
16:57 Changeset [4221] by sdonegan
Updated bgs DPPP record
14:56 Changeset [4220] by cbyrom
Move the atom specific eXist db client code to ndgutils for re-use + move …
14:22 Changeset [4219] by cbyrom
Simplify vocab data by only returning termIDs for the subtypes + fix a …
09:42 Changeset [4218] by cbyrom
Finish adding details of all the subtype vocab terms.


17:31 Changeset [4217] by cbyrom
Adjust atom to include atom type term ID as well as the vocab url - and …
14:31 Changeset [4216] by cbyrom
Fix style of summary deployments + default values.
11:34 Changeset [4215] by cbyrom
Fix templates to display deployment url if title not available.
11:29 Changeset [4214] by cbyrom
Add cmp method to DeploymentLink? to allow for object equality tests + add …
10:10 Changeset [4213] by cbyrom
Overcome difficulties with CSS and js treatment due to inconsistencies in …
10:06 Changeset [4212] by cbyrom
Add new plus/minus icons + set up global references to them to allow use …
09:52 Changeset [4211] by cbyrom
Add new plus/minus icons + set up global references to them to allow use …
09:51 Changeset [4210] by cbyrom
Move the Atom and MolesEntity? models, and their associated Utilities class …
09:49 Changeset [4209] by cbyrom
Move the Atom and MolesEntity? models, and their associated Utilities class …
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