21:02 Changeset [3413] by ckilburn
delimiter changes for 1001
18:05 Changeset [3412] by ckilburn
Adding delimiter option for writes
16:48 Changeset [3411] by pjkersha
Java Apache Axis test C14N test harness
16:06 Changeset [3410] by ckilburn
csv unit test
15:57 T12_Security/Documentation edited by pjkersha
15:45 TI12_Security/OMII-UK edited by pjkersha
15:44 TI12_Security/OMII-UK edited by pjkersha
15:43 TI12_Security/OMII-UK edited by pjkersha
15:42 TI12_Security/OMII-UK edited by pjkersha
15:41 TI12_Security/OMII-UK edited by pjkersha
15:40 TI12_Security/OMII-UK edited by pjkersha
15:39 TI12_Security/OMII-UK edited by pjkersha
12:22 Changeset [3409] by spascoe
Interim commit. BROKEN at present.
12:20 Changeset [3408] by spascoe
Trying without any decorators


23:14 Changeset [3407] by astephen
Fixed config file DEFAULT to main and changed error in na_core.py.
23:13 Changeset [3406] by astephen
Tested some of this with working functions.
23:13 Changeset [3405] by astephen
Got some of the code actually working!
21:13 Changeset [3404] by astephen
Minor fixes so all tests now work!
21:07 Changeset [3403] by astephen
Fixed a bug due to indentation.
21:05 Changeset [3402] by astephen
Removed not working unit test.
21:04 Changeset [3401] by astephen
Removed non-working unit test.
19:19 Changeset [3400] by astephen
Tidying in unit tests.
19:16 Changeset [3399] by astephen
19:02 Changeset [3398] by astephen
19:02 Changeset [3397] by astephen
18:56 Changeset [3396] by astephen
18:45 Changeset [3395] by astephen
18:45 Changeset [3394] by astephen
18:43 Changeset [3393] by astephen
18:42 Changeset [3392] by astephen
18:41 Changeset [3391] by astephen
18:40 Changeset [3390] by astephen
18:13 Changeset [3389] by ckilburn
Unit test changes
14:30 Changeset [3388] by ckilburn
Comment spellings
12:14 Changeset [3387] by astephen
bug fix
12:09 Changeset [3386] by astephen
More useful now.
12:04 Changeset [3385] by ckilburn
Working on delimiter
11:55 Changeset [3384] by mkochan
Changed the clim_10 dataset to one physically stored on bond (out of the …
11:53 Changeset [3383] by astephen
Changed spacer to delimiter.


20:11 Changeset [3382] by astephen
19:56 Changeset [3381] by astephen
Little env script.
19:53 Changeset [3380] by astephen
Last little commit before moving.
19:18 Changeset [3379] by astephen
Fixed path to config file.
19:17 Changeset [3378] by astephen
Moved stuff out to more sensible location.
19:16 Changeset [3377] by astephen
Moved more stuff out of python package to clean up.
19:15 Changeset [3376] by astephen
Moved bin dir out of python package.
19:14 Changeset [3375] by astephen
Cleaned up unused stuff.
19:14 Changeset [3374] by astephen
Removed unused dir.
19:10 Changeset [3373] by astephen
17:13 Changeset [3372] by spascoe
Removed most of the decorator stuff. Use OwsController? methods to deal …
17:12 Changeset [3371] by spascoe
Basic GetMap? works. No GetCapabilities? yet.
16:50 Changeset [3370] by mkochan
Added parsing station features in Station.py
15:52 Changeset [3369] by mkochan
Added station file with features, MIDAS_Stations_with_features.gml
14:47 Ticket #957 (Tune performance of eXist on Production (and Dev?)) created by selatham
A few things that may improve performance of the mini-moles XQuerying on …
14:01 Changeset [3368] by spascoe
About to change some things so commiting current state.
14:00 Changeset [3367] by spascoe
Work in progress …
13:08 Changeset [3366] by mkochan
Have working prototype psOntoWMS.py: draws points correctly, zoom …
11:23 Changeset [3365] by mkochan
Added test for the Station module, testStation.py
10:57 Changeset [3364] by spascoe
Moving exception template to ows_common
10:49 Changeset [3363] by mkochan
Changed module name KMLDocument to KML.
10:29 Changeset [3362] by mkochan
Made StationConvertor? class use the Station.py module.
09:59 Changeset [3361] by lawrence
BrowseServer? removed from xquery. Bug fix in listing query?
08:16 Changeset [3360] by spascoe
Quick import of code I have been working on to server ukcip02 data. This …


22:04 Changeset [3359] by astephen
22:04 Changeset [3358] by astephen
21:34 Changeset [3357] by astephen
21:25 Changeset [3356] by astephen
Fixed some bad imports in main na_file modules.
21:24 Changeset [3355] by astephen
Improved tests code.
20:27 Changeset [3354] by astephen
20:27 Changeset [3353] by astephen
19:41 Changeset [3352] by astephen
Got all versions so the re-factoring notes can be start of wiki page on …
07:54 Changeset [3351] by astephen


21:14 Changeset [3350] by astephen
21:07 Changeset [3349] by astephen
Tidied some variable names and boolean types.
20:43 Changeset [3348] by astephen
19:43 Changeset [3347] by astephen
Splitting up cdms to na stuff into more modules to make more readable.


23:02 Changeset [3346] by astephen
23:02 Changeset [3345] by astephen
23:02 Changeset [3344] by astephen
22:05 Changeset [3343] by astephen
22:03 Changeset [3342] by astephen
20:20 Changeset [3341] by astephen
20:19 Changeset [3340] by astephen
20:15 Changeset [3339] by astephen
20:13 Changeset [3338] by astephen
20:12 Changeset [3337] by astephen
20:08 Changeset [3336] by astephen
20:06 Changeset [3335] by astephen
20:06 Changeset [3334] by astephen
20:05 Changeset [3333] by astephen
20:05 Changeset [3332] by astephen
20:03 Changeset [3331] by astephen
20:03 Changeset [3330] by astephen
20:03 Changeset [3329] by astephen
20:01 Changeset [3328] by astephen
18:15 Changeset [3327] by mkochan
Created module Station.py (but untested)
15:58 Changeset [3326] by mkochan
Added psOntoWMS.py, prototype for displaying stations as dots (early …
12:27 Changeset [3325] by mkochan
Re-tested GridSeriesConvertor?
11:47 NERCPortals edited by mkochan
11:44 NERCPortals edited by mkochan
11:26 NERCPortals edited by mkochan
11:12 NERCPortals edited by mkochan
11:06 NERCPortals edited by mkochan
11:04 NERCPortals edited by mkochan
10:56 NERCPortals edited by mkochan
09:31 Changeset [3324] by astephen


23:13 Changeset [3323] by mkochan
Changed PointSeriesConvertor? into StationConvertor?
23:08 Changeset [3322] by mkochan
20:37 Changeset [3321] by astephen
First major re-factor.


19:10 Changeset [3320] by astephen
Added unit_tests directory and Plans for re-factoring file.
16:11 NDGMonthly edited by selatham
15:55 Changeset [3319] by mkochan
Added comments in csmlGrapher.py
15:37 Changeset [3318] by mkochan
Changed plotting to show display dots for data points.
14:54 Changeset [3317] by mkochan
Added enforcement of interpretation of times as UTC times -- in CSML …
14:24 Changeset [3316] by mkochan
Changed x-axis labelling in point series graphing to show times.
11:17 Ticket #956 ([WG] NDG priorities for the portal project.) created by lawrence
1. We need the Shopping Cart (Tessala) 1. We need the visualisation …
11:11 Ticket #955 ([S] Need to fix csml access control) created by lawrence
Putting access control IN CSML documents is a big mistake. Better for to …
10:14 Changeset [3315] by mkochan
Added comments to QuadTree?.py and PointSeriesConvertor?.py.
09:04 TI12_Security/Architecture edited by pjkersha


20:24 Changeset [3314] by astephen
Re-factored under a nappy directory for a start.
20:12 Changeset [3313] by astephen
Moved to new version as tagged backup.
18:44 Changeset [3312] by mkochan
Changed PointSeriesConvertor? to handle conversion using quad-tree. …
17:08 Changeset [3311] by pjkersha
First draft of NDG Security Computational Viewpoint
16:50 Ticket #954 ((DI-3-3) NERC DDS exist backup warnings) created by selatham
Getting warnings, but this doesn't stop it backing up OK. Investigate the …
15:01 Changeset [3310] by pjkersha
Further changes for incorporation into security Computational Viewpoint …
14:03 TI12_Security/Architecture edited by pjkersha
11:41 Changeset [3309] by mkochan
Added quadrize_ukmo.kml under version control.
09:36 TI12_Security/OMII-UK edited by pjkersha
09:36 TI12_Security/Discussion edited by pjkersha
09:35 T12_Security/Downloads edited by pjkersha
09:34 T12_Security/Downloads created by pjkersha
09:34 T12_Security/_menu edited by pjkersha
09:31 T12_Security/_menu edited by pjkersha
09:31 T12_Security edited by pjkersha
09:30 T12_Security edited by pjkersha
09:29 TI12_Security/Architecture edited by pjkersha
09:21 T12_Security edited by pjkersha
09:18 TI12_Security/Architecture edited by pjkersha


23:57 Changeset [3308] by mkochan
Removed dependency on configuration.py from the GridSeriesConvertor?
22:40 Changeset [3307] by mkochan
Changed naming to "GridSeriesConvertor?" from previously ambiguous one.
18:20 Changeset [3306] by mkochan
Finished the testPointSeriesConvertor.py test script. Have running version …
17:28 Changeset [3305] by mkochan
Added MIDAS dataset config file
17:27 Changeset [3304] by mkochan
17:23 Changeset [3303] by mkochan
Added tests directory to csml2kml
17:21 Changeset [3302] by mkochan
Moved KMLDocument.py to csml2kml
17:19 Changeset [3301] by mkochan
Moved *.py back to csml2kml
17:10 Changeset [3300] by pjkersha
16:54 Changeset [3299] by pjkersha
Completed sequence diagram for Cross-organisation access with Session …
16:44 Changeset [3298] by mkochan
Created a convertor module PointSeriesConvertor?.py.
15:41 Changeset [3297] by pjkersha
Separate EA project for OMII-UK work. Use output for Security …
12:33 csmlegg edited by domlowe
12:33 csmlegg edited by domlowe
New egg added (diff)
12:30 T02_CSML edited by domlowe
Link to CSML install page added (diff)
12:28 UsingTheParserToCreateCSMLV2 edited by domlowe
...and text (diff)
12:28 UsingTheParserToCreateCSMLV2 edited by domlowe
Updating link (diff)
12:27 CSMLParserHowTo edited by domlowe
updating csml parser how to. (diff)
12:19 Changeset [3296] by domlowe
fixing example parser and point series subsetting of inline content
10:41 CSMLParserHowTo edited by domlowe
editing parser how to (not finished) (diff)
10:26 Changeset [3295] by domlowe
Added optional file keyword to Dataset init method. Added …
10:10 Changeset [3294] by domlowe
updating basictest.py


16:43 Changeset [3293] by mkochan
16:00 Changeset [3292] by mkochan
Added basic comments in KMLDocument.py
15:24 Changeset [3291] by mkochan
Made other prototypes use KMLDocument-encapsulated functionality. Tested …


16:41 Changeset [3290] by mkochan
Added KMLRegion and KMLFolder in the KMLDocument module
15:21 NERCPortals edited by spascoe
12:29 Changeset [3289] by mkochan
Moved code for building placemarks into KMLDocument.py
12:05 csmlegg edited by domlowe
Notes on latest csml egg (diff)
11:59 Changeset [3288] by domlowe
more tidying of scanner
11:23 T02_CSML/Csmlscan edited by domlowe
Added csmlscan command argument notes (diff)
11:18 Changeset [3287] by mkochan
Made prototype use KMLDocument as a module.
09:42 Ticket #953 ([DS] Improve file scanning options for scanner) closed by domlowe
fixed: Fixed in 3286
09:18 Ticket #701 ([DS] Ensure CF compliance in ouput files) closed by domlowe
09:14 Ticket #844 ([DS] Revise CSMLScan config options) closed by domlowe
fixed: Fixed in 3286


16:36 Changeset [3286] by domlowe
overhaul of scanning command args
15:45 Changeset [3285] by mkochan
Started developing class KMLDocument, have it working with point series, …
14:25 T02_CSML/Csmlscan edited by domlowe
Added note on scanning individual files (diff)
14:23 Changeset [3284] by mkochan
Created a version of buildPointSeries prototype that gets MIDAS stations …
14:19 Changeset [3283] by domlowe
VirtualDirectoryTree added to enable arbitrary collections of files to be …
11:59 Changeset [3282] by domlowe
Feature file maps now operate on a directory tree instance rather than a …
11:30 Ticket #953 ([DS] Improve file scanning options for scanner) created by domlowe
CSML scanner should be able to take a file or list of files rather than …


17:00 Changeset [3281] by mkochan
Modified csmlGrapher do read in a single PointSeries? feature only from …
16:19 Changeset [3280] by mkochan
Changed the dummy GeoServer? web service to return a GML element. This will …
14:30 Changeset [3279] by domlowe
14:10 Changeset [3278] by mkochan
13:56 Ticket #911 ([M] Discovery web service documentation) closed by mpritcha
13:29 Changeset [3277] by domlowe
more doctrings and fixing indentation
12:06 Changeset [3276] by mkochan
Modified csmlGrapher.py to read in CSML via HTTP from a URL.


16:02 Changeset [3275] by mkochan
Added "svn:ignore" in some places.
15:57 Changeset [3274] by mkochan
Set the property "svn:ignore" for "*.pyc" recursively
15:51 Changeset [3273] by mkochan
Finished the dummy GeoServer?: responds with an XML/CSML example feature …
15:51 Changeset [3272] by pjkersha
* added getChildNodes() - appends to a list all descendants of a given …
15:45 CSMLReadMethods edited by domlowe
Added cdml subclassing example. (diff)
15:35 CSMLReadMethods edited by domlowe
Added pml data interface example to documentation (diff)
15:28 T02_CSML edited by domlowe
Tidying documentation links (diff)
15:22 T02_CSML edited by domlowe
Added link to CSML Scanning documentation (diff)
15:13 Changeset [3271] by domlowe
More docstrings
14:59 Changeset [3270] by mkochan
Moved the CSML file from previous commit.
14:55 Changeset [3269] by mkochan
Added dummy GeoServer? controller and a file for it to bluntly serve.
14:19 Changeset [3268] by domlowe
adding wfs feature collection example
14:05 Changeset [3267] by domlowe
Documenting CSML code - not complete
10:22 Changeset [3266] by mkochan
Created a prototype for generating KML that displays stations and contains …
10:00 Ticket #916 ([DS] half box extensions for bounding boxes) closed by domlowe
fixed: Coapec now rescanned
09:16 Changeset [3265] by mkochan
Disabled protting times on the time axis for now


17:03 Changeset [3264] by pjkersha
Tests for pywebsvcs query. test.py adapted from: …
16:57 Changeset [3263] by mkochan
Added time ticks to the x axis, but the spacing and formatting of the …
15:04 T02_CSML/Csmlscan edited by domlowe
First draft of csml scanning notes complete. (diff)
14:21 T02_CSML/Csmlscan edited by domlowe
more on scanning (diff)
14:11 T02_CSML/Csmlscan created by domlowe
Started csml scanner user documentation
13:55 Changeset [3262] by domlowe
nicer exception
10:52 Changeset [3261] by mkochan
Created a controller csmlGrapher for plotting time series graphs for the …


16:36 Changeset [3260] by mkochan
Changed quadrize_stations.py to parse in the MIDAS stations data in …


16:55 Changeset [3259] by mkochan
Changed quadrize_stations.py to disable opening of the main folder with …
16:28 Changeset [3258] by mkochan
Updated quadrize_stations.py to generate KML with a hierarchy using …
14:33 Ticket #952 ((DI-2-) (DI-4-1) Displaying the semantic search options) created by kthorne
Hi Bryan, In a meeting this morning Mark Thorley has asked me to log a …
14:21 Ticket #951 (Semenatic search error) closed by selatham
duplicate: Kay, We are aware of this error - see #934. There is a bug fix for half of …
14:13 Ticket #951 (Semenatic search error) created by kthorne
Hi Bryan/Roy? If the user has selected a two word free text phrase, for …
14:09 Ticket #950 ((DI-4-1) Search temporal coverage, improvement for usability) created by kthorne
Hi Bryan, Mark Thorley has ask me in a meeting this morning to log a …
14:02 Changeset [3257] by spascoe
Made OwsController? much simpler. Features will be reintroduced gradualy …
13:58 Ticket #949 ((DI-4-2) Refine search - settings not retained) created by kthorne
Hi Bryan, When a user selects 'NERC Data Centres only' from the 'Source …
13:52 Ticket #948 ((DI-4-1) Search default setting on 'Source data provider') created by kthorne
Hi Bryan, In a meeting this morning, Mark Thorley has asked me to raise a …
13:40 Changeset [3256] by mkochan
Changed quadrize_stations.py to return LocLeaf? with locations rather than …
13:36 Ticket #947 ((DI-4-1) Temporal search without Stop_date isn't supported in the ...) created by spascoe
The DIF Guide recommends ommiting <Stop_Date> from <Temporal_Coverage> if …
12:12 Changeset [3255] by mkochan
Created a prototype for binary splitting of locations on a map to regions
11:54 Ticket #808 ([DS] NDG discover browser plugins) closed by domlowe
fixed: Fixed in 3254
11:52 Changeset [3254] by domlowe
Updating search plugins to use production discovery
11:39 Ticket #932 ([DS] Refactor code that determines the CRS) closed by domlowe
fixed: Fixed. Code has been reworked.


16:41 Changeset [3253] by mkochan
Created a Pylons directory ("pylonsstack")
16:18 Changeset [3252] by mkochan
Restructured the "pythons" sub-directory
16:15 Changeset [3251] by mkochan
Moved "pointseries" and "pointseries" dirs to "etc" dir
16:11 Changeset [3250] by mkochan
Restructured the "pythons" sub-directory
15:59 Ticket #760 (Discovery interface: Refresh/clear options on interface) closed by selatham
fixed: This is done. There is a clear form button.
15:34 Ticket #356 ([m] Stub-b examples don't have related_url in them.) closed by selatham
fixed: The problem with moles2dif adding old data services URLs has been solved …
15:11 Ticket #946 (The Discovery Web Service port address is hard-coded) created by selatham
Now that content in Production and Development are diverging I can see …
13:40 Changeset [3249] by lawrence
These fixes make the semantic search crash a bit more graceful ... …
13:32 Ticket #925 (Bug when trying to look at csml User Manual pdf on website) closed by domlowe
fixed: Okay, should be fixed in 3246. There was an old route /csml …
13:29 Changeset [3248] by domlowe
reverting last commit
13:25 Changeset [3247] by domlowe
removing old csml route from routing.py
13:24 Changeset [3246] by domlowe
removing old csml route from routing.py
09:33 TI12_Security/QuickStart edited by pjkersha
09:32 T12_Security edited by pjkersha
09:32 T12_Security edited by pjkersha
09:30 T12_Security edited by pjkersha
09:30 TI12_Security/OMII-UK edited by pjkersha
09:23 T12_Security edited by pjkersha
09:14 Ticket #945 ([S] Plugin for OMII-AuthZ / other suitable Commissioned S/W projects) created by pjkersha
* Investigate integration with existing OMII-UK security packages e.g. …
09:11 Ticket #944 ([S] NDG Security - Shibboleth interface) created by pjkersha
* Investigate integration with Shibboleth. * Enable NDG login for …
09:07 Ticket #943 ([S] Generic Session Manager package) created by pjkersha
Adapt NDG Security Session Manager to be a generic tool for security …
09:04 Ticket #942 ([S] M2Crypto Enhancements) closed by pjkersha
fixed: Submit patches to M2Crypto developers and fixed.
09:04 Ticket #942 ([S] M2Crypto Enhancements) created by pjkersha
* Add setuptools support to enable M2Crypto eggs * Integrate command line …
08:59 Ticket #941 ([S] MyProxy client package) created by pjkersha
Write a MyProxy client Python package. Write purely in Python to avoid …
08:53 Ticket #940 ([S] WS-Security for ZSI) created by pjkersha
Write WS-Security package for Python ZSI web services package.
08:50 Ticket #939 ([S] NDG security PHP client) created by pjkersha
Write PHP client to NDG security Python web services.
08:46 Ticket #938 ([S] NDG security Java client for Axis1 and Axis2) created by pjkersha
Write Java client interfaces to NDG Security Python web services.


16:17 Changeset [3245] by mkochan
Created a prototype KML convertor for PointSeries?, which creates a …
13:07 Changeset [3244] by domlowe
added sample snippet - how to read a feature collection when there is no …
09:05 Changeset [3243] by mkochan
Bug fix: 1) Using correct resolution for getting map from WMS -- 960x480, …


14:56 Ticket #937 (Caching in discovery/browse is too permanent) created by selatham
This is what I think is happening:- * Ingest records to back-end. * NDG …
12:29 Changeset [3242] by domlowe
minor fix to bounding box code
12:20 Changeset [3241] by domlowe
no security by default
12:07 Changeset [3240] by domlowe
security info now added to csmldocs during scanning
11:14 Changeset [3239] by domlowe
resolving conflict with csmlscan.py - fixing config parser error handling
11:05 Changeset [3238] by spascoe
This was a bug that caused the exception not to be caught. "except A, B:" …
10:39 Ticket #936 ([DS] csmlscan should include security info) closed by lawrence
wontfix: I've gone off this. I think we have the wrong model when we put the access …
09:42 Ticket #936 ([DS] csmlscan should include security info) created by domlowe
Security info should be added by csmlscan - roles to be added to config …


17:31 Ticket #906 ([M] MOLES-to-DIF problem with embedded html?) closed by selatham
wontfix: Actually ipcc (and coapec) records are not getting through the CEDA …
17:20 Ticket #935 ((DI-3-3) (DI-2-8) moles2dif xquery is still constructing a browse type URL) created by selatham
Stop it constructing this. […]
16:49 Changeset [3237] by pjkersha
Test new ElementTree Canonicalisation method. Tests created based on ... …
16:32 Ticket #934 ((DI-2-) (DI-3-) (DI-4-) semantic search returning 'server error') created by selatham
For example when using 'Northern Ireland' and 'land cover' as input to the …
15:58 Changeset [3236] by spascoe
Made OwsController? consistent with new OWS Protocol (untested)
15:33 Changeset [3235] by spascoe
Simplifying OWS Protocol in the decorators module
15:11 Changeset [3234] by mkochan
Finished CSML-to-KML conversion for the climatology dataset. Changed …
13:58 Changeset [3233] by domlowe
extending layer names
13:56 Changeset [3232] by domlowe
made example more realistic
13:48 Changeset [3231] by domlowe
added location info to example
13:44 Changeset [3230] by domlowe
added dummy pointseries example and python code to read it
12:27 Changeset [3229] by domlowe
Adding basic PointSeries KML example
12:25 Changeset [3228] by mkochan
Creates correct folders and timespans for all 3 views. Added configurable …
09:55 Changeset [3227] by pjkersha
Adding new version of ElementTree - 1.3a5-20070114-badc [sic] and replaced …
08:48 Changeset [3226] by domlowe
getCRS now only takes on argument - changed call in …
07:19 Changeset [3225] by astephen
Local version.


22:43 Ticket #933 (DublinCore support in Xqueries and scripts) closed by selatham
fixed: Done.(actually just needed some bug fixes.)
22:42 Changeset [3224] by selatham
date bug fixes. Allowed extended metadata URLs as dc:identifier
20:02 Ticket #933 (DublinCore support in Xqueries and scripts) created by selatham
Change scripts etc. to utilise the pythonic Dublin Core xquery.
19:59 Ticket #745 ([M] ISO19115/19139-to-minimoles required for ingest) closed by selatham
wontfix: Covered by #746 now.
19:48 Ticket #9 (Ensure the old NERC Metadata Gateway url remains but points to the NDG ...) closed by selatham
fixed: Done
17:02 Changeset [3223] by mkochan
Partially debugged generating configurable multiple views for Grid Point …
15:56 Changeset [3222] by domlowe
bug fix to get ordering of crs axes right
15:21 Changeset [3221] by domlowe
rewriting of code that determines CRS system
11:46 Changeset [3220] by mkochan
11:40 Changeset [3219] by mkochan
10:59 OwsFramework/Decorators created by spascoe
10:57 OwsFramework/OwsProtocol edited by spascoe
10:56 OwsFramework/OwsCommon created by spascoe
10:52 OwsFramework edited by spascoe
10:49 OwsFramework/OwsProtocol edited by spascoe
10:46 OwsFramework/OwsProtocol edited by spascoe
10:44 Changeset [3218] by spascoe
renamed the decorators so their purpose is more apparent in the source.
10:40 OwsFramework/OwsProtocol edited by spascoe
10:34 Changeset [3217] by spascoe
Copied rest of ows framework into ows_common.
10:20 Changeset [3216] by spascoe
Removing all except 1 of the references to ows_server. The last one will …
10:15 Changeset [3215] by spascoe
Beginning to move ows framework code out of ows_server which has evolved …


17:03 Changeset [3214] by mkochan
[UNTESTED] Added multiple views of GridSeries? data -- added splitting into …
15:43 Changeset [3213] by pjkersha
OMII-UK first release - release is based on the Installation Guide
15:41 Changeset [3212] by spascoe
I assume this is a typo. variable "server" is never defined.
14:49 Changeset [3211] by domlowe
changes to allow offline branch to work
12:32 Changeset [3210] by mkochan
Removed code obsolete in last commit
11:57 Ticket #932 ([DS] Refactor code that determines the CRS) created by domlowe
csmlscan isn't working for eastings and northings - this is a limitation …
11:44 Changeset [3209] by mkochan
Created config file entries for longitude and latitude constraints (the …
10:30 Changeset [3208] by domlowe
adding temporary branch for Ag to try wcs without exist
09:12 Changeset [3207] by mkochan
Deleted config.xml (obsolete)
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