19:55 Changeset [3181] by selatham
bug fixes
19:53 Changeset [3180] by selatham
extended for MDIP and MOLES listing
19:22 Changeset [3179] by selatham
tidying up a bit
15:46 Changeset [3178] by pjkersha
AttCert? unit tests - use NDGSEC_ATTCERT_UNITTEST_DIR env var so that test …
15:32 Changeset [3177] by selatham
adding new coverages extraction to postgis tables.
15:32 Changeset [3176] by pjkersha
Improvements to MyProxy? Client unit tests - added certs and openssl config …
11:13 Changeset [3175] by pjkersha
security/python/ndg.security.test/ndg/security/test/ndg-test-ca.crt, …
11:03 CedaDevEnvironment created by spascoe
10:00 NERCPortals edited by spascoe
09:59 Changeset [3174] by domlowe
adding kml code
09:55 NERCPortals created by spascoe
09:54 WikiStart edited by spascoe
09:47 Changeset [3173] by domlowe
Adding DPPP directory for all DPPP specific code


12:08 Ticket #925 (Bug when trying to look at csml User Manual pdf on website) created by selatham
This error message is coming from the production service. Looks like there …


17:30 Changeset [3172] by selatham
change working directory early, so that finds pwds file.
14:16 Ticket #923 (dif ingest needs to cope with MDIP format) closed by selatham


14:52 Ticket #924 (ingest needs to cope with MDIP format) created by selatham
The new pythonic ingest can't handle MDIP format currently. (The mdip2oles …
14:51 Ticket #923 (dif ingest needs to cope with MDIP format) created by selatham
The new pythonic dif2moles can't handle MDIP format currently.
14:43 InstallDiscoveryBrowse edited by hsnaith
14:16 Changeset [3171] by pjkersha
Installation Guide updated to include instructions for MyProxy? config with …
14:06 Ticket #922 (Browse URLs still implied in Discovery Service correct in Browse Service) closed by lawrence
fixed: This was actually fixed in changeset:3167, but not deployed until today.
09:58 Ticket #922 (Browse URLs still implied in Discovery Service correct in Browse Service) created by kthorne
Hi Bryan, Lovely to see the NERC Data Discovery Service live. However, …


08:42 Changeset [3170] by lawrence
ndgUtils now includes elementtree 1.3a4 ... (alpha code, which we need to …
08:37 Changeset [3169] by lawrence
Slight code refactoring ... (only committed to enable other sandbox …


18:16 Changeset [3168] by selatham
Re-write to use the pythonic dif2moles xquery rather than Java. extract …
16:50 Changeset [3167] by lawrence
Fix for GCMD compatible icons.


16:45 Changeset [3166] by pjkersha
security/python/ndg.security.test/setup.py: fix to package data for …
16:44 Changeset [3165] by pjkersha
security/python/ndg.security.test/ndg/security/test/wsSecurity: added …
16:30 Changeset [3164] by lawrence
Support for listing MDIP documents
16:08 Changeset [3163] by lawrence
Fixes for creation time of exist directory contents
15:50 Changeset [3162] by lawrence
This is actually a bit broken, but committed because it will do what Sue …
15:30 Changeset [3161] by lawrence
Modifications to ndgDirectory to expose filenames, entries and both more …
12:00 Ticket #905 ([WG] CSML default namespace handling bug) closed by lawrence
wontfix: I'm going to completely refactor this when we have the new element tree …
11:58 Ticket #857 ([WG] Use of ndg browse/discovery behind mod proxy exposes absolute urls) closed by lawrence
worksforme: I don't believe there are any left except, maybe?, for css? Open a new …
11:46 Ticket #893 ([M] Distinct banner for BADC browse) closed by lawrence
11:44 Ticket #897 ([WG] Hard coded path fixes) closed by lawrence
fixed: Done, note favicon location in layout directory ... (allowing us to have …
11:43 Changeset [3160] by lawrence
Fixes for ticket:897
11:31 Ticket #291 ([M] Unescaped ampersands in CEDAR DIF) closed by lawrence
fixed: Well, I've hacked a fix into changeset:3159. Good enough for now.
11:29 Changeset [3159] by lawrence
Fixes for ticket:291. (These are hacks, I'm not at all confident I've got …


14:39 Ticket #921 ([WG] (DI-4-2) (DI-3-)Portal needs to summarise the sites from which ...) created by lawrence
We should make it possible to find out: a) from whom harvests have …
14:28 Changeset [3158] by lawrence
... and support for creation dates of objects as well …
14:01 Changeset [3157] by pjkersha
13:44 Changeset [3156] by lawrence
support for mdip and a stub ndgDirectory routine (sue to complete)
13:24 Changeset [3155] by pjkersha
security/python/ndg.security.server/setup.py: fix package data settings
09:53 Changeset [3154] by pjkersha
security/python/ndg.security.server/ndg/security/init.py: fixed to …
09:29 Changeset [3153] by pjkersha
NDG Security release updated to 0.8.7. Changes in this version enable …


17:13 Ticket #801 ([WG] There is a problem handling html markup in dgMetadatadescription) closed by lawrence
invalid: Ok, I think this is a done deal!
17:12 Ticket #732 ([WG] Discovery Improvements - New Headers and Footers) closed by lawrence
wontfix: I think we've decided not to do this …
17:04 Ticket #744 ([WG] Discovery Improvements: Dropdown list for types of spatial coverage ...) closed by lawrence
16:53 Ticket #920 ([WG] Refactor ows_server to use new eXist egg) created by lawrence
Need to refactor the Model part of the ows stack for browse and discovery …
16:21 Changeset [3152] by lawrence
Supporting the changes to related_urls and removing browse as late …
15:55 Changeset [3151] by lawrence
Fixing the xqueries to support the "right" browse query in the ndgUtils …
15:26 Changeset [3150] by lawrence
woops, we didn't include elementtree itself.
15:15 Changeset [3149] by mpritcha
quick fix to DPPP problem. Better solution reading xqueries from external …
15:01 Changeset [3148] by mpritcha
Added DPPP to scopeList
14:59 Changeset [3147] by lawrence
eggable version including elementtree 1.3
10:56 Changeset [3146] by mpritcha
oops should be DPPP


18:08 NDGMonthly edited by selatham
17:30 Changeset [3145] by pjkersha
python/www/html/sessionMgr.wsdl, …
16:18 Changeset [3144] by domlowe
fixed bounding box aggregation code
15:04 Changeset [3143] by mpritcha
Added support for DPPP as data provider keyword
13:51 Ticket #918 ([M] Browse should not show results tab when it's come from a different ...) closed by lawrence
fixed: Fixed in revision:3142, but not yet deployed.
13:50 Changeset [3142] by lawrence
Fix for ticket:918
13:36 NDGMonthly edited by mggr
13:32 Ticket #338 ([m] [ds] need to handle expired certificates ... by offering relogin) closed by pjkersha
13:30 Ticket #787 ([S] HTTPS for Security WSs and firewall settings at all NDG sites) closed by pjkersha
fixed: Fixed with upgrade to M2Crypto 0.18. M2Crypto client can talk to service …
13:28 NDGMonthly edited by pjkersha
13:27 NDGMonthly edited by pjkersha
13:27 NDGMonthly edited by pjkersha
13:27 NDGMonthly edited by pjkersha
12:41 Ticket #919 ([WG] (DI-4-1) (DI-2-) Confirm that temporal searching does what we think ...) created by lawrence
... and think about what to do with different types of calendars.
12:40 Ticket #566 ([M] Discovery - supports doSpatioTemporal Search) closed by lawrence
fixed: Closing this as fixed, opening another one on temporal searching per se.


18:27 NDGMonthly edited by selatham
17:21 Ticket #235 ([S] Security deployed on Superglue) closed by selatham
wontfix: We are not deploying security on the NERC-DDS. Should be on DP's browse …
17:04 Ticket #843 ([WG] Need to make a separation between internal and external layout stuff ...) closed by lawrence
fixed: Done. The code now allows a directory to be defined in …
16:40 Changeset [3141] by pjkersha
use lower case for test packages.
16:37 Changeset [3140] by pjkersha
python/ndg.security.test/setup.py: include test certs and keys in package …
16:37 Ticket #597 ([M] Need FastCGI installed for discovery front-end) closed by selatham
wontfix: Actually don't need FastCGI anymore.
16:33 NDGMonthly created by selatham
16:27 WikiStart edited by selatham
16:26 WikiStart edited by selatham
16:19 Changeset [3139] by pjkersha
Working SessionMgr? unit tests with multiple CA support for WS-Security …
16:12 Ticket #918 ([M] Browse should not show results tab when it's come from a different ...) created by selatham
Start at the NERC DDS and do a search on say 'badc'. Click on a browse …
15:56 Changeset [3138] by lawrence
Ooops. This really doesn't want to be there!
15:46 Changeset [3137] by lawrence
Modifications to ensure the default page is discovery (at least in the …
15:19 Ticket #809 ([M] Discovery comes in s/ware egg by default) closed by lawrence
duplicate: portals modularisation will finally put this to bed
15:18 Ticket #792 ([M] Finalise V009 NumSim) closed by lawrence
15:15 Changeset [3136] by lawrence
Modified NumSim as requested by Met Office
15:09 Ticket #793 ([WG] Modify the retrieve to support V009 NumSim) closed by lawrence
15:09 Ticket #791 ([WG] Sort out NumSim Instances) closed by lawrence
fixed: Actually, all the existing ones are at V010. This ticket can close.
14:40 Changeset [3135] by pjkersha
Working Attribute Authority unit tests with WS-Security multiple CAs …
14:30 Changeset [3134] by lawrence
Better support for running discovery without security.


17:41 Changeset [3133] by pjkersha
Major changes to enable trust based on multiple CAs and use of dynamically …
12:09 Ticket #917 ((DI-4-) Orphaned Pylons templates) created by spascoe
The following pylons templates don't appear to be called by anything. Can …


15:14 Changeset [3132] by mpritcha
Fixed incorrect logic for ignoring spatial search if global extent …
12:55 Changeset [3131] by domlowe
individual bounding boxes extended to edge of grid cells - not done yet …
12:21 Changeset [3130] by spascoe
This branch will be modularised to clean up the code and allow pluggable …
12:20 Changeset [3129] by spascoe
Tagging the latest version of ows_framework before branching.


14:09 Changeset [3128] by lawrence
The dif2moles round tripping is in place (but the comparison doesn't work …


16:58 Changeset [3127] by lawrence
This verison of ndgUtils does build to an egg. Next we need to get …
16:22 Ticket #916 ([DS] half box extensions for bounding boxes) created by domlowe
Fix csml bounding boxes so that half box extensions are used to represent …
15:23 Changeset [3126] by pjkersha
security/python/ndg.security.test/ndg/security/test/wsSecurity/client: …
14:57 Changeset [3125] by lawrence
ndgUtils taking shape with test cases etc
14:49 Changeset [3124] by pjkersha
security/python/ndg.security.test/ndg/security/test/wsSecurity/client: …
14:42 Changeset [3123] by pjkersha
security/python/ndg.security.test/ndg/security/test/wsSecurity/client: use …
14:26 Changeset [3122] by pjkersha
security/python/ndg.security.test/ndg/security/test/wsSecurity/client: …
14:25 Changeset [3121] by pjkersha
security/python/ndg.security.test/ndg/security/test/wsSecurity/client: …
12:20 Changeset [3120] by lawrence
Oops, fix to actually respect the config file value of standalone true or …
12:10 Changeset [3119] by lawrence
Minor dif mods and configuration options for discovery standalone service
10:07 Changeset [3118] by lawrence
Splitting out the (authoratative?) python xqueries into named files within …
09:48 Changeset [3117] by domlowe
removing redundant print statements
09:47 Changeset [3116] by domlowe
trajectory test working
09:46 Changeset [3115] by pjkersha
security/python/ndg.security.test/ndg/security/test/wsSecurity/client: …
09:40 Changeset [3114] by pjkersha
security/python/ndg.security.test/ndg/security/test/wsSecurity/client: add …
09:39 Changeset [3113] by pjkersha
security/python/ndg.security.test/ndg/security/test/wsSecurity/server: …
09:04 Changeset [3112] by domlowe
adding trajectory doctest


21:33 Changeset [3111] by lawrence
eggification of xqueries proceeds …
16:57 Changeset [3110] by lawrence
Attempts to eggify the ndg exist interfaces continue
15:51 Changeset [3109] by pjkersha
security/python/ndg.security.test/ndg/security/test/wsSecurity: added …
15:51 Changeset [3108] by pjkersha
security/python/ndg.security.test/ndg/security/test/wsSecurity: created …
15:49 Changeset [3107] by pjkersha
security/python/ndg.security.test/ndg/security/test/wsSecurity: created …
15:28 Changeset [3106] by pjkersha
python/ndg.security.test/ndg/security/test/Echo: copied from Test/. …
15:18 Changeset [3105] by pjkersha
python/ndg.security.test/ndg/security/test/Echo: copied from Test/. …
15:12 Changeset [3104] by pjkersha
ndg.security.client/ndg/security/client/LogClient.py: started SOAPHandler …
12:27 Changeset [3103] by lawrence
Initial Commit of exist interface for standalone eggification.
11:53 Changeset [3102] by lawrence
Slight bug fix in browse, improvements in DIF rendering for BGS.
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