16:45 Ticket #200 ([WG] Consider issues of conformance and testing for released products) closed by mggr
duplicate: We're not doing releases really - most appropriate ticket is now #718
15:18 Ticket #566 ([M] Discovery - supports doSpatioTemporal Search) reopened by pmiller
Discovery 'Spatial Coverage' search is not working properly! This has to …
15:01 NDGClosedown edited by selatham
12:10 NDGClosedown edited by lawrence
12:09 november2007.png attached to NDGClosedown by lawrence
What we've done (November 2007)
12:08 original.png attached to NDGClosedown by lawrence
The Original NDG Vision
11:55 Ticket #472 ([S] Session Manager Disconnect / Session revocation Facility Needed) closed by pjkersha
11:52 Ticket #827 ([S] Security egg prerequisites) closed by pjkersha
fixed: Prerequisites are listed in the installation guide: …
11:50 Ticket #204 ([D] [S] Need security presentation) closed by pjkersha
fixed: Presentation was made for e-Science AHM in Sept.
11:48 Ticket #447 ([S] Write Command Line Interface to SecurityCGI Cross Domain Cookie code) closed by pjkersha
fixed: Providers have deployed with Pylons Discovery interface so this ticket is …
11:45 Ticket #631 ([S] Eggify Security) closed by pjkersha
fixed: Eggs are available on the NDG dist site http://ndg.nerc.ac.uk/dist/
11:43 Ticket #126 ([S] Should add user be a method on the session manager) closed by pjkersha
fixed: Session Manager addUser will be deleted. New MyProxy users can be added …
11:39 Changeset [3016] by lawrence
Improved the query for numsim searches.
11:26 Ticket #830 ([M] NumSim deployment) closed by lawrence
10:29 Changeset [3015] by lawrence
Improvement to information on stubB page (requested by Ag).
09:54 Changeset [3014] by lawrence
Fix (I hope) for ticket:818 (in reopened form)
09:17 Ticket #890 ([M] dgObservationStation needs to be made "simulation aware") created by lawrence
In practice we use the observation station to talk about the computer for …


17:55 Milestone PROD Step3 completed
3rd Mini-milestone in the end-of-project last quarter. This is the target …
17:36 NDGClosedown edited by selatham
17:31 Milestone PROD Step2 completed
2nd Mini-milestone in the end-of-project last quarter. This is the target …
17:15 Ticket #60 (More level3 CSML) closed by mggr
fixed: Superseded by #68 (only need one of these tickets).
17:10 Ticket #869 ([S] PML Attribute Authority address needs to be permanent) closed by mggr
fixed: All working.
17:08 Ticket #385 ([M] [WG] PML MOLES improvements) closed by mggr
fixed: Granules in, security determined (currently) to be anyone-can-access per …
17:07 Ticket #67 (Complete metadata for level 2 mapped data.) closed by mggr
fixed: With the granules in, it's complete though currently not fully tested. …
16:53 Ticket #820 ([M] Browse should show all Description sections) closed by selatham
fixed: Checked CIRA, description sections seem to be there now.
15:19 Ticket #748 ([DS] CSML supports XMLBASE (or equivalant)) reopened by selatham
15:11 Milestone PROD Step1 completed
1st Mini-milestone in the end-of-project last quarter. This milestone …
14:52 NDGClosedown edited by selatham
14:45 NDGClosedown edited by selatham
14:43 NDGClosedown edited by selatham
14:00 Ticket #878 ([DS] WCS Client) closed by domlowe
fixed: Done. Needs extending for 1.0+ but that's another issue.
13:58 Ticket #300 (Create definitive python installation procedure and apply to glue) closed by spascoe
fixed: The PythonEggs system mainly solves this problem, although some …
13:54 Ticket #807 (Python2.5 + 64-bit linux incompatible with Numeric) closed by spascoe
wontfix: In the scope of this project we need to stick to Python2.4
13:53 Ticket #748 ([DS] CSML supports XMLBASE (or equivalant)) closed by spascoe
wontfix: Possible future CSML development.
13:47 Ticket #497 ([WG] Quality/ system integration testing) closed by spascoe
wontfix: I don't believe there is any time for this.
13:38 Ticket #766 ([WG] Document recommended eXist configuration for MOLES) closed by selatham
fixed: Pasted this link to subversion documents into wiki page.
13:37 existSetup edited by selatham
12:30 NDGClosedown edited by selatham
12:16 Ticket #889 ([M] (DI-3-3) Pre-ingest validation of harvested records) created by selatham
In discovery ingest we do need a stage where we validate records against …
11:50 Changeset [3013] by domlowe
ragged section methods - under development


17:45 NDGClosedown edited by selatham
17:32 Ticket #114 (Still not clear how effective User involvement will be included in the ...) closed by selatham
wontfix: DMAG have been involved in looking at the portal, giving feedback. Going …
17:03 NDGClosedown edited by selatham
16:38 NDGClosedown edited by lawrence
16:24 NDGClosedown edited by selatham
15:28 NDGClosedown created by selatham
15:28 WikiStart edited by selatham
15:28 WikiStart edited by selatham
15:27 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
15:25 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
15:20 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
15:14 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
14:02 Changeset [3012] by pjkersha
renamed from bodcMapConfig.cml
14:01 Changeset [3011] by pjkersha
Updated DN setting for SSL cert. used for secure login
14:00 Changeset [3010] by pjkersha
Updated DN setting for SSL cert. used for secure login
13:59 Changeset [3009] by pjkersha
renamed from pmlMapConfig.cml
13:58 Changeset [3008] by pjkersha
Update with settings for each site for secure login.
13:57 Changeset [3007] by pjkersha
Update NOCS SSL cert. DN for https.
11:53 Ticket #888 ([WG] Search on ipcc plus a geographical limit returns no result) created by lawrence
.. need to test ipcc + refine search + bounding box get: […]
10:10 Ticket #559 ([WG] BODC Moles population) closed by rkl
duplicate: Duplicate of Ray's ticket 810.
10:06 Ticket #684 ([M] Model calendars) closed by rkl
wontfix: Nothing available that I know of. Could be built easily enough, but don't …
10:04 Ticket #267 ([WG] identify the Feature type of Dataset(<dgN-DimensionalDataset/> for ...) closed by rkl
fixed: Sorted ages ago - just never closed the ticket.
10:02 Ticket #543 ([M] Deploy getOWL Vocab Server method) closed by rkl
fixed: SKOS adopted instead of OWL as RDF dialect at V1.1 level. SKOS documents …
09:56 Ticket #683 ([M] Chances of machine assisted discovery in NDG2?) closed by rkl
duplicate: Will be resolved once external access to V1.1 API is resolved and this is …
09:54 Ticket #542 ([M] Deploy getMap Vocab Server method) closed by rkl
duplicate: Method included in V1.1 API and has an externally working client so people …
09:49 Ticket #176 ([M] Markup vocabulary population and/or mappings) closed by rkl
wontfix: Sorted for BODC vocabularies and CF, but not for NASA AMES plaintext at …
09:46 Ticket #168 ([M] Term Server code operational on LIVGLUE) closed by rkl
fixed: Done
09:45 Ticket #167 ([M] Term Server code operational on sandbox) closed by rkl
fixed: Done
09:06 Changeset [3006] by domlowe
bug in filename aggregation fixed


18:00 Ticket #818 ([M] Bug in discovery (pylons version)further actions) reopened by selatham
I'm getting the refine search problem again:- Initial search …
16:14 NDGWeekly edited by lawrence
13:26 Ticket #609 (Attribute Authority server forking too soon for PML plugin) closed by pjkersha
fixed: I'm assuming that this is closed now. Mike has security integrated at …
13:17 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
13:15 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
13:10 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
12:57 NDGWeekly edited by selatham


18:17 Changeset [3005] by astephen
Consolidation of titania version under DX with proper source in trunk of …
18:14 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
18:11 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
18:10 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
18:10 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
18:10 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
17:58 Changeset [3004] by astephen
Updated version
16:58 Ticket #131 ([M]Should we go get and bring the list of trusted hosts back for a user if ...) closed by selatham
fixed: The security icon appears. Anything secure requires login, where a list of …
16:43 Ticket #887 ([DS] Visualise doesn't pick up variables from a second granule) created by selatham
If you select a second granule from a different dataset it appears in the …
14:57 Changeset [3003] by domlowe
moving comment
14:57 Changeset [3002] by domlowe
added check to see if string is file path or string of xml


14:44 Changeset [3001] by pjkersha
python/ndg.security.server/ndg/security/server/AttAuthority/init.py: …
11:51 Changeset [3000] by pjkersha
renamed from nocsMapConfig.xml
11:50 Changeset [2999] by pjkersha
renamed from badcMapConfig.xml
11:49 Changeset [2998] by pjkersha
Include DNs of SSL certificates for login from trusted sites.
11:49 Changeset [2997] by pjkersha
Include DNs of SSL certificates for login from trusted sites.
10:36 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
10:35 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
edit (diff)
10:34 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
edited agenda (diff)
10:13 Changeset [2996] by spascoe
Small change to add a WMS endpoint link to the visualise page.
09:14 NDGWeekly edited by domlowe
added items to weekly agenda (diff)


15:36 Changeset [2995] by mpritcha
Updated build instructions to reflect addition of client. Minor typo in …
15:35 Changeset [2994] by mpritcha
Updated build instructions to reflect addition of client.
15:35 Changeset [2993] by mpritcha
Updated build instructions to reflect addition of client.
15:30 Changeset [2992] by mpritcha
Added client class with proxy methods representing doSearch and doPresent …
15:12 Changeset [2991] by pjkersha
fix to LogoutController?: ensure Pylons session security info is deleted if …
11:14 Changeset [2990] by sdonegan
Java source code including updated xquery …
11:01 Changeset [2989] by spascoe
Implemented colourbar.
11:00 Changeset [2988] by sdonegan
Renamed remotely
11:00 Changeset [2987] by sdonegan
Removed file/folder
10:40 Ticket #644 ([M] dif to moles and moles to dif xqueries transform related URLS ...) closed by sdonegan
fixed: Have updated the jar file in SVN …
10:31 Changeset [2986] by sdonegan
Contains updated compiled java code for MOLES to DIF conversions. SJD


17:37 Changeset [2985] by lawrence
I think this is a fix for the missing dataentities in activity stub-b's. …
15:00 Changeset [2984] by spascoe
Partially fixes colourmaps in the WMS. Each timestep will have it's own …
11:20 Changeset [2983] by lawrence
Slight improvements to the Experiment type.
11:19 Changeset [2982] by lawrence
Support for viewing NumSim experiment documents


19:33 Ticket #707 (NDG website : production Gateway link broken) closed by selatham
19:33 Ticket #706 (NDG website : some partner links wrong) closed by selatham
19:32 Ticket #705 (NDG website pages need links updating) closed by selatham
fixed: Can't do csml page - leaving as-is at this stage.
12:02 InstallDiscoveryBrowse edited by lawrence
11:42 Changeset [2981] by lawrence
Fix for templating xhtml within NumSim documents.
10:16 Changeset [2980] by lawrence
Fix for failure to find passwords …
09:41 Changeset [2979] by domlowe
moved getCSMLBoundingBox to AbstractFeature, and added getNativeCRS …


14:14 Changeset [2978] by domlowe
couple of minor template changes
12:00 Changeset [2977] by lawrence
Version 10-01 of NumSim - major syntax changes, minor semantic changes!
11:59 Changeset [2976] by lawrence
A whole raft of modifications - changing to the NERC icons - search …
11:55 Changeset [2975] by lawrence
Fixes the bug in contact addresses exposed by the IPCC record


13:25 Ticket #789 ([DS] Implement boundedBy per feature) closed by domlowe
13:22 Ticket #772 ([DS] Bug in fix longitude -affects subsetting to profile/point/series) closed by domlowe
13:22 Changeset [2974] by domlowe
removed some unused lines
11:13 Changeset [2973] by lawrence
Tiny modification to allow NumSim in the ndgmetadata id …


18:15 Ticket #433 ([WG] Automatic population of OAI repository from updated MOLES.) closed by mggr


15:40 Changeset [2972] by selatham
bgs config


17:00 Changeset [2971] by spepler
Added trackback xml to body of message
14:55 Ticket #886 ([M] BODC Browse now not available) created by selatham
I'm sure BODC browse was working once. It's not contactable now. Is this …
13:27 Ticket #688 ([M] Discovery front end style) closed by lawrence
duplicate: These are pulled up in other tickets.
13:26 Ticket #621 ([M] Example for inclusion of Numsim/xlink fields in DPT) closed by lawrence
13:24 Ticket #795 ([M] Examples of how to use MOLES online references needed) closed by lawrence
fixed: Done.
13:23 Ticket #123 ([C] SIMDAT project potential collaborations) closed by lawrence
wontfix: Ideally we should harvest ... but let's be frank, it's not an NDG2 thing …
13:22 Ticket #885 ([M] How to handle missing browse records) closed by lawrence
wontfix: This can only be handled by either doing service binding properly (not …
13:10 Ticket #881 ([M][WG] Missing related Data Entities on NDG Browse) reopened by lawrence
bugger, no, I have that wrong ... it's not there …
13:08 Ticket #881 ([M][WG] Missing related Data Entities on NDG Browse) closed by lawrence
worksforme: OK, I've read the email through, and believe that the related data …
13:06 Ticket #865 ([WG] Need proper http response headers) closed by lawrence
worksforme: I think this is done.
13:05 Ticket #805 ([M] Browse not showing temporal coverage) closed by lawrence
fixed: fixed in sandbox and changeset:2970
13:05 Changeset [2970] by lawrence
Fixes for ticket:805


12:19 Changeset [2969] by domlowe
adding time limits to capabilities doc


17:15 Ticket #885 ([M] How to handle missing browse records) created by selatham
For instance BODC supplies a mixture of discovery records some of which do …
15:28 Changeset [2968] by domlowe
more minor fixes to pass tests
15:15 Changeset [2967] by lawrence
Improvements to related URL display, in stubB and NumSim.
12:08 Changeset [2966] by domlowe
returning correct content type for invalid request #2
12:08 Changeset [2965] by domlowe
returning correct content type for invalid request


14:49 Changeset [2964] by domlowe
more corrections to pass cite tests
13:00 Changeset [2963] by domlowe
changes to validate describe coverage response
11:56 Changeset [2962] by domlowe
some fixes to wcs 1.0.0 capabilities
10:18 T02_CSML/operations created by domlowe
Summary of current csml subsetting operations


16:59 Ticket #884 ([S] Security services log warning for cert.s due to expire) created by pjkersha
Services handling cert.s in transactions check them for expiry. It would …
12:39 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
10:33 Changeset [2961] by pjkersha
ndg.security.server/ndg/security/server/AttAuthority/init.py, …


20:15 Ticket #883 ([S] [WG] Logout at remote site doesn't seem to work as expected) created by lawrence
If I login at BADC, then go to PML, get redirected to WAYF, accept BADC, …
16:50 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
16:41 InstallDiscoveryBrowse edited by pjkersha
15:40 Ticket #882 ([S] Startup scripts misreport status of dead services) created by mggr
The status part of the session manager init script doesn't seem to work …
15:11 Ticket #881 ([M][WG] Missing related Data Entities on NDG Browse) created by pmiller
I guess this for Bryan and Matt: The Browse website is missing a key …
13:09 Changeset [2960] by lawrence
Fixing the listing of dataentities in stub B viewing
09:54 Changeset [2959] by pjkersha
ows_server/ows_server/controllers/login.py: * removed call - …


15:14 Changeset [2958] by pjkersha
ndg.security.common/ndg/security/common/X509.py: X509Stack.verifyCertChain …
14:39 Changeset [2957] by pjkersha
ndg.security.common/ndg/security/common/X509.py: X509Stack.verifyCertChain …
14:34 Changeset [2956] by pjkersha
ndg.security.common/ndg/security/common/X509.py: fix to …
14:17 Changeset [2955] by pjkersha
ows_server/ows_server/controllers/login.py: fix to exception handling for …
12:02 Changeset [2954] by pjkersha
.../init.py: updated comments in all these files to improve epydoc …
09:09 Ticket #424 ([S] returnURI in cross domain credentials transfer needs https) closed by pjkersha
fixed: See #366
09:07 Ticket #366 ([S] Securing http redirects) closed by pjkersha
fixed: This has been resolved using https. The requesting site passes the Login …


14:45 Changeset [2953] by pjkersha
14:44 Changeset [2952] by pjkersha
12:05 Ticket #880 (CSML Read method registry) created by lawrence
It seems that it will be quite straightforward to create new CSML read …
09:40 Changeset [2951] by domlowe
correction for case when sectionrequested is None
09:29 Changeset [2950] by domlowe
Section parameter implemented so can now request a chosen section of …
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