17:34 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
16:31 Changeset [2849] by domlowe
fixing up strange indentation in csmldataiface.py
16:06 Changeset [2848] by domlowe
fixed unicode problem when selecting time ranges in wcs
15:32 Ticket #864 ([M] Regular re-indexing of Discovery exist) created by selatham
Now that indexing is used extensively, we probably need to run a re-index …
15:20 Ticket #863 (Cannot select public granules without login) created by spascoe
You cannot select granules until you login. The IPCC-DDC dataset has no …
15:07 Ticket #862 (Pylons Server on glue regularly freezes) created by spascoe
Sometimes logging-in seems to freeze the pylons server. I can't reproduce …
11:44 Changeset [2847] by lawrence
Stub code for the vocab server interaction for semantic searching.
10:21 Ticket #861 ([DS] Improve float conversion in NASA Ames output) closed by astephen
fixed: Using "%g" as best quick fix in NASAAmesOutputHandler.py
10:20 Ticket #861 ([DS] Improve float conversion in NASA Ames output) created by astephen
Change formatting of floats in NASA Ames outputs from DX so that data is …
09:48 Changeset [2846] by lawrence
Interim fix for ticket:860
08:53 Changeset [2845] by lawrence
Bug fixes for problems using scope in discovery, and for some specific …
08:47 Ticket #860 ([D] Problems retrieving MDIP record) created by lawrence
e.g. try …


20:17 Ticket #859 ([M] Browse tabs jumping around DataProviders) created by selatham
Now that we've got more than one installation up and connecting to Browse …
15:19 Changeset [2844] by lawrence
Fixes for ticket:858


16:23 Ticket #858 ([M] Show XML (format =raw) not working in Discovery) created by selatham
Clicking the show XML just refreshes the discovery page. e.g. …
15:01 Changeset [2843] by domlowe
adding stubs for hdf read methods
13:31 Changeset [2842] by lawrence
This is a fix for at least some of the ticket:857 problems.
13:10 Ticket #857 ([WG] Use of ndg browse/discovery behind mod proxy exposes absolute urls) created by lawrence
In a number of places, absolute local urls are constructed. These fail …
12:42 Ticket #856 (Present supports ISO19115) closed by mpritcha
12:41 Ticket #856 (Present supports ISO19115) created by mpritcha
* Add this format to list of supported presentFormats * Add code to …


17:41 Ticket #739 ([M] (DI-3-1) Author search bugs) reopened by selatham
Just spotted a problem with this due to not resolving the org/person. A …
16:20 Changeset [2841] by mpritcha
Corrected revision label of ISO19115 present Xquery
16:18 Changeset [2840] by mpritcha
Initial try at supporting present of ISO19115
12:03 Ticket #565 ([M] Discovery - supports doParameterSearch) closed by mpritcha
12:02 Ticket #564 ([M] Discovery - supports doAuthorSearch) closed by mpritcha
11:57 Ticket #739 ([M] (DI-3-1) Author search bugs) closed by mpritcha
fixed: Search target now looks like this: […] Please comment on whether this …
11:50 Changeset [2839] by mpritcha
Probably no change but re-synced DIF and DC xqueries to current versions …
11:16 Changeset [2838] by mpritcha
Changed target of author search and fixed namespace problem.


19:18 InstallDiscoveryBrowse edited by mggr
removed Phil's login name from the svn exports and made it use public svn (diff)
19:16 InstallDiscoveryBrowse edited by mggr
typo fix (diff)
18:36 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
18:35 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
18:32 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
18:29 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
18:27 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
18:23 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
18:23 Ticket #855 ([S] Attribute Authority address needs to be permanent) created by selatham
...per site.
18:20 Ticket #854 ([S] Logging is basic) created by selatham
Basic logging is done, but there's no set way of accessing the logs. Also …
18:15 InstallDiscoveryBrowse edited by mggr
16:02 Ticket #671 ([M] Online resources not making it from DIF to DIF via mini-moles) closed by selatham
wontfix: They look like they are all there to me. Closing.
15:41 Changeset [2837] by domlowe
fixing typo in raggedsectionfeature
14:41 Changeset [2836] by domlowe
fixing the header content-type for ows exception reports in OwsController?
12:36 Changeset [2835] by lawrence
Slightly more elegant default xml encoding solution
12:19 Ticket #853 ([WG] xmlhandler2 doesn't handle non-ascii gracefully:) closed by lawrence
fixed: Well this is done now in changeset:2834. It's done with a nasty hack: …
12:18 Changeset [2834] by lawrence
Last bug fixes (well, fixes to handle content problems) for ticket:853
12:09 Ticket #456 (Spatio-temporal summarisation) closed by selatham
wontfix: It's an issue for individual DP's. (But we should be able to handle …
10:09 Ticket #853 ([WG] xmlhandler2 doesn't handle non-ascii gracefully:) reopened by lawrence
Damn, still got problems: …
10:05 Changeset [2833] by domlowe
changes to enable SupportedFormats? and SupportedCRS parameters
09:36 Ticket #853 ([WG] xmlhandler2 doesn't handle non-ascii gracefully:) closed by lawrence
fixed: This should be fixed in changeset:2832
09:36 Changeset [2832] by lawrence
Fix for ticket:853
09:23 Ticket #853 ([WG] xmlhandler2 doesn't handle non-ascii gracefully:) created by lawrence
See: …


13:53 Changeset [2831] by domlowe
added base_url to endpoint in capabilities xlinks, changed bounding box …
11:28 Changeset [2830] by sdonegan
This seems to work ok -any reference to notes field in Moles has been …
10:39 Ticket #852 ([M] Is trackback receiver working on latest deployed browse) closed by lawrence
fixed: Strictly speaking we shouldn't support a trackback GET ... but for now we …
10:36 Changeset [2829] by lawrence
Trackback bug fixes.


18:19 T12_Security edited by pjkersha
18:19 Changeset [2828] by pjkersha
Rename to make easier to handle in links.
18:15 Changeset [2827] by pjkersha
* Updates to openssl and MyProxy? to be independent of Globus files for …
15:57 Ticket #852 ([M] Is trackback receiver working on latest deployed browse) created by spepler
We tried to manually do a trackback to browse like this …
15:56 Changeset [2826] by domlowe
more wcs templace changes - Format >> owcs:Parameter
14:58 Changeset [2825] by domlowe
fixing up ows metadata in the wcs capabilites template
12:34 Changeset [2824] by lawrence
Modified schema for NumSim to support xhtml
11:14 Changeset [2823] by lawrence
Correcting an invalidity hangover from the 1.3 version
09:22 Changeset [2822] by domlowe
dataset should be c.dataset
09:19 Changeset [2821] by domlowe
correct redirect of access denied message


14:01 Changeset [2820] by lawrence
Fixing the strip problem (the string method strip doesn't do what you …
13:24 Ticket #814 ([WG] Create local ini file for pylons stack) closed by domlowe
13:10 Changeset [2819] by lawrence
Fixing the error returning in ndgRetrieve …
12:34 Changeset [2818] by lawrence
See comments in ticket:621. dgModel simplified further.
12:29 Changeset [2817] by domlowe
Any trajectory data outside selected bounding box is set to be missing …
11:52 Ticket #851 ([WG] Links to MOLES documents in other repositories.) created by lawrence
It is highly likely that we will have cross links between moles documents …
11:45 Ticket #850 ([M] MOLES Simple Link and URLs and URIs) closed by lawrence
fixed: Done in changeset:2816
11:45 Changeset [2816] by lawrence
MOLES schema changes to support ticket:850
11:26 Ticket #850 ([M] MOLES Simple Link and URLs and URIs) created by lawrence
A moles simple link has […] as child elements, but that's not really …
11:22 Changeset [2815] by lawrence
Trying to sort out the mess in moles schema versions! 1.3 existed in two …
11:21 Changeset [2814] by domlowe
adding pressure crs needed for BODC trajectories
10:32 Changeset [2813] by lawrence
Modification to dgModel (following ticket:621)
09:27 Ticket #849 ([M] CSML3 API requests (1)) created by lawrence
The CSML API isn't very pythonic, and the distinction between attributes …
09:12 Ticket #848 ([WG] Need to be able to loop over features in a feature collection ...) closed by domlowe
fixed: Okay, fixed now in changeset:2812 […]
09:06 Changeset [2812] by domlowe
Added featureType attribute to all csml features


20:59 Ticket #848 ([WG] Need to be able to loop over features in a feature collection ...) created by lawrence
It would seem that CSML feature collections could consist of multiple …
18:01 Changeset [2811] by lawrence
More support for consuming CSML …
15:40 InstallDiscoveryBrowse edited by pjkersha
13:43 Changeset [2810] by domlowe
correct rendering of access denied message in wcs
11:49 Changeset [2809] by domlowe
alternate response for multipart mime
11:39 Changeset [2808] by sdonegan
Xquery that doesnt dump everything in related_URL into a single URL …
09:46 Changeset [2807] by domlowe
more on Trajectory
09:46 Changeset [2806] by domlowe
changes to WCS to allow Trajectory subsetting. Also change in way …


16:57 InstallDiscoveryBrowse edited by pjkersha
16:55 InstallDiscoveryBrowse edited by pjkersha
16:55 InstallDiscoveryBrowse edited by pjkersha
16:35 InstallDiscoveryBrowse edited by pjkersha
16:31 InstallDiscoveryBrowse edited by pjkersha
13:56 Changeset [2805] by lawrence
Woops, bug fix for a catastrophic failure …
13:43 Changeset [2804] by lawrence
Removing duplication of selected granules …
13:21 Ticket #846 ([S] HandleSecurity error when gatekeeping resources and not logged in) closed by lawrence
fixed: Fixed in changeset:2803
13:20 Changeset [2803] by lawrence
Bug fix for ticket:846
12:25 Ticket #826 ([S] Reinstate security in ndgInterface) closed by lawrence
12:17 Changeset [2802] by lawrence
Adding more functionality to the selections …
11:35 Ticket #847 (csmlscan interface wishlist) created by spascoe
This is low priority and should be considered Future CSML …
11:34 Ticket #846 ([S] HandleSecurity error when gatekeeping resources and not logged in) created by lawrence
Try and view [ http://localhost:8080/view/badc.nerc.ac.uk__NDG-A0__AfEj15o6


21:07 Changeset [2801] by lawrence
Without the ows_server.egg-info directory we can't build new controllers. …
16:01 Changeset [2800] by lawrence
Changing to the new tab layout ... (incomplete)
11:03 Changeset [2799] by lawrence
Minor layout changes, slight fix for trackback.
10:47 Ticket #845 ([S] login looses complete url argument) created by lawrence
When logging in ... If i'm logged out with a url like: […] the url is …
09:18 Ticket #844 ([DS] Revise CSMLScan config options) created by domlowe
Check command line args are consistent with config file options.


16:31 Changeset [2798] by pjkersha
ows_server/ows_server/models/ndgSecurity.py: * added handling for new …
16:20 Changeset [2797] by pjkersha
Updated version numbers in setup.pys for all packages.
16:17 Changeset [2796] by pjkersha
ndg.security.server/ndg/security/server/SessionMgr/init.py: * Got rid …
14:35 Changeset [2795] by lawrence
Bug fixes in security …
13:38 Ticket #843 ([WG] Need to make a separation between internal and external layout stuff ...) created by lawrence
We're currently putting all the icons in the public/layout directory, …


16:29 Changeset [2794] by pjkersha
ows_server/ndgDiscovery.config: * swapped saturn host for localhost * …
15:41 Changeset [2793] by lawrence
Slightly nicer handling of the history/selection tabs (which is going to …
14:52 Changeset [2792] by pjkersha
BODC Attribute Authority - Oracle db interface.
14:49 Changeset [2791] by lawrence
Better handling of security info in stub-b. Bug fix following login.
14:06 Changeset [2790] by domlowe
adding import
13:56 Changeset [2789] by domlowe
removing comments
13:55 Changeset [2788] by domlowe
commenting out unused routes


16:12 Changeset [2787] by pjkersha
ows_server/ndgDiscovery.config: * refs. to saturn host replaced with …
15:54 Ticket #842 ([M] Pick up logo info for Browse from correct place) created by selatham
This means from dgMetadata/dgMetadatdataRecord/logos e.g.:- […] Note: …
15:27 Ticket #811 ([WG] Port numbers on glue) closed by selatham
wontfix: Don't need to do this now. Latest pylons version will be installed at 8080 …
15:25 Ticket #784 ([WG] COAPEC moles records do not have CSML security in them.) closed by selatham
fixed: Does now. Any BADC dataset that has granules flagged as scheme 'NDG-A0' …
15:03 Ticket #812 (Move key config info out of ndgDiscovery.config) closed by lawrence
wontfix: Decided we could have our own config if put in the right place …
15:02 Changeset [2786] by lawrence
Sundry ticket fixes.
15:02 Ticket #817 ([M] Bug when selecting from browse shopping cart) closed by lawrence
15:00 Ticket #835 ([WG] The previous and next go from global to expanded bounding box) closed by lawrence
14:58 Ticket #838 (Discovery: Refine Search link broken) closed by lawrence
fixed: fixed in next changeset :-)
13:44 Ticket #768 ([M] Discovery search not searching with full search details?) closed by selatham
fixed: Seems to be getting UKHO recs OK. Plus, as far as I can tell, global …
13:21 Changeset [2785] by lawrence
A temporary fix (I think) for ticket:841. Some more improvements with …
11:52 Ticket #841 ((DI-2-3) Bounding box display inconsistency) created by spascoe
The discovery results page, "Spatial Coverage" column shows the southern …
11:51 Changeset [2784] by lawrence
Modifications to support the login redirect
11:49 Changeset [2783] by domlowe
adding axis interrogation methods to trajectory feature
11:48 Changeset [2782] by domlowe
integrating Trajectory subsetting into pylons wcs
11:12 Changeset [2781] by spascoe
Removed debugging line. This prevents the mapbox working on IE or if …
10:08 Changeset [2780] by domlowe
changes to MIMEHandling to work in 2.4
10:06 Changeset [2779] by domlowe
handling unicode from wcs request
09:57 Changeset [2778] by pjkersha
BADC/conf/userRoles.py: user roles interface for BADC Attribute Authority …
09:51 Changeset [2777] by pjkersha
09:49 Changeset [2776] by pjkersha
ows_server/ows_server/lib/base.py: temp fix to passing of credentials over …
09:26 Ticket #804 ([WG] Need openlayers box select on advanced page.) closed by spascoe
fixed: Done. See #836 for final tweeks.


16:36 Ticket #833 ([WG] Related URLs are bogus in the pylons discovery results page) closed by selatham
duplicate: Yep - this is ticket #644. Steve's looking at it.
16:34 Changeset [2775] by pjkersha
ndgDiscovery.config: fix typo in comment …
15:09 Changeset [2774] by domlowe
better handling of arrays to speed up subsetting
14:30 Ticket #836 ([WG] Map interface issues) closed by spascoe
fixed: Fixed in [2773]. Selection is retained whether returning to advanced …
14:26 Changeset [2773] by domlowe
fixed back button and refined search so selection is retained
14:00 Changeset [2772] by lawrence
Adding fixes for login redirect
12:59 Changeset [2771] by lawrence
Removing spurious print statements associated with last fix
12:56 Ticket #839 ("Refine Search" doesn't set the bounding box form.) closed by lawrence
fixed: Fixed in changeset:2770
12:55 Changeset [2770] by lawrence
Fix for ticket:839
12:13 Ticket #840 ([WG] UKHO records harvesting problem) created by selatham
The UKHO are part of MDIP collaboration. They now have approx 6500 records …
12:02 Changeset [2769] by lawrence
Moving the configuration file out of the egg domain. Note that users …
11:51 Changeset [2768] by domlowe
Visual changes to map box for ticket:836.
11:46 Ticket #839 ("Refine Search" doesn't set the bounding box form.) created by spascoe
When you select a region in discovery, search then select "Refine Search" …


16:40 Ticket #837 (setting PYTHON_EGG_CACHE environment variable) closed by spascoe
fixed: Changed init.d script. The bug wasn't reproducable but logging in works …
15:43 Changeset [2767] by domlowe
subset trajectory by times working, added some standard names support
15:01 Changeset [2766] by domlowe
minor correction
14:59 Changeset [2765] by domlowe
standard names classes to read local copy of standard names table


16:32 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
15:44 Ticket #838 (Discovery: Refine Search link broken) created by domlowe
The lower of the two "Refine Search" links is broken. It just has a dummy …
15:30 Ticket #755 ([WG] Unable to retrieve NEODC data) closed by selatham
fixed: The neodc metadata pipe is fully in place now, so harvested difs do link …
14:36 Changeset [2764] by domlowe
making copy of trajectoryDomain allow for reuse in multiple subsets
14:09 Ticket #837 (setting PYTHON_EGG_CACHE environment variable) created by domlowe
The PYTHON_EGG_CACHE variable on glue had been set to …
13:26 Changeset [2763] by lawrence
One missing template, and one minor bug fix in the pass off to semantic …
13:19 Ticket #836 ([WG] Map interface issues) created by lawrence
1. The default range needs to be global (90 North south etc, and clear …
12:28 Changeset [2762] by lawrence
Fix for ticket:834
12:27 Ticket #835 ([WG] The previous and next go from global to expanded bounding box) created by lawrence
If I do a search with lots of responses on a global search, the previous …
12:26 Ticket #834 ([WG] Refine search after doing a next or previous fails) closed by lawrence
12:12 Changeset [2761] by domlowe
more on subsetting trajectory
12:02 Changeset [2760] by lawrence
Adding help to results page. Adding initial support for semantic search.
11:21 Ticket #834 ([WG] Refine search after doing a next or previous fails) created by lawrence
(the query string is wrong)
10:57 Ticket #833 ([WG] Related URLs are bogus in the pylons discovery results page) created by lawrence
See the bolton experiment
10:23 Changeset [2759] by domlowe
Implemented discovery openlayers box (Stephen)


15:43 Changeset [2758] by domlowe
Changes to enable subsetting of Trajectories - not fully working but …
14:02 Ticket #825 ([WG] Clear form on pylons discovery doesn't work) closed by lawrence
14:02 Changeset [2757] by lawrence
Fixes for ticket:825
13:53 Ticket #831 ([M] Vocabserver list entries to support NumSim) closed by rkl
fixed: Sorted, but changes won't be visible until after tongight's update of the …
13:09 Changeset [2756] by lawrence
Fix for ticket:820
13:06 Ticket #832 ([M] dgOnlineReferenceType disfunctional.) created by lawrence
Currently this has either a simplelink or an xlink (which isn't a proper …
11:01 Ticket #831 ([M] Vocabserver list entries to support NumSim) created by lawrence
* We need the NumSim to be an element of list N021. Suggested entry is …
10:50 Ticket #830 ([M] NumSim deployment) created by lawrence
NumSim is intended for use in two pieces, one is a codebase that belongs …


16:56 Ticket #780 ([M] ingest not removing intermediate directories) closed by selatham
wontfix: This is sorted. The fault seems to lie with what is being put in the …
15:33 Changeset [2755] by lawrence
Improvements in the advanced search page, and a fix for ticket:817 (I …
14:43 Ticket #829 ([S] ndg.security.common depends on twisted.web) created by lawrence
[…] At this point we have installed the common and client eggs alone …
14:34 Ticket #828 ([S] ndg.security.common depends on zope interface) created by lawrence
At the moment ndg.security.server depends on ndg.security.common and …
14:10 Ticket #827 ([S] Security egg prerequisites) created by lawrence
We need a page where the security prerequisites are made available. * To …
13:19 Ticket #826 ([S] Reinstate security in ndgInterface) created by lawrence
It has been turned off for CSML (and doesn't exist for B) …
13:10 Ticket #817 ([M] Bug when selecting from browse shopping cart) reopened by lawrence
Wrong! This is because deque doesn't have a remove method in python2.4 and …
12:57 Changeset [2754] by lawrence
Turning of security in ndgInterface for now …
12:27 Changeset [2753] by lawrence
again …
12:25 Changeset [2752] by lawrence
Temporarily removing provider list via AA in wayf (Phil contact …
11:29 Changeset [2751] by lawrence
Missing from layout directory


11:00 Ticket #824 ([WG] Installing the pylons stack at NOCS) reopened by selatham
Bryan, do you know why it works as:- […] But not with the new …
10:09 Milestone BETA completed
This milestone should include all the components that will appear in the …
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