16:55 Changeset [2748] by pjkersha
* added code for call to Session Manager in underlying SecurityHandler?
16:53 Changeset [2747] by spascoe
Added Mercator stuff for Ag's demo.
16:43 Changeset [2746] by pjkersha
ndg.security.server/ndg/security/server/conf/sessionMgrProperties.xml: * …
15:13 Changeset [2745] by lawrence
Fixed the next/previous error in ticket:818. Slight improvement in layout …
14:50 Changeset [2744] by spascoe
13:25 Ticket #823 ([M] Browse should show deployment details on new page/pop-up) created by selatham
In Browse we are showing a rationalised list of Activity, DPT, Obsstn …
13:20 Ticket #715 ([WG][DS] BADC installed CSML services) closed by domlowe
duplicate: Okay. Yes it will be part of the same process as installing Browse so I'll …
12:47 Ticket #715 ([WG][DS] BADC installed CSML services) reopened by selatham
This means they have been installed on a BADC production server (rather …
12:47 Ticket #714 ([WG][M] BADC installation of pylons browse) reopened by selatham
This is the latest pylons version. Should be Andrew Harwood that does it, …
11:42 Changeset [2743] by domlowe
changing fileextract type for PP files
11:35 Ticket #771 ([DS] Need to change scanner so it doesn't repeat times for each feature) closed by domlowe
fixed: Done.
11:32 Ticket #626 ([DS] Implement more internal referencing) closed by domlowe
fixed: Done. This was about internal referencing in CMSL docs so that …
11:30 Ticket #351 ([M] [DS] [WG] Getting the identifers right) closed by domlowe
fixed: Taking executive decision to close this ticket!
11:25 Ticket #715 ([WG][DS] BADC installed CSML services) closed by domlowe
fixed: Closing: I'm not sure this covers anything not referred to in other …


18:46 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
18:31 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
18:24 Ticket #767 ([WG] Final Quarter Metaticket) closed by selatham
fixed: Everything seems to be ticketed elsewhere.
18:17 Ticket #822 ([D] (DI-2-3) Handle multiple bounding boxes /coverages in Discovery) created by selatham
How much work is this? Will the DIF-to-mini-moles work?
18:06 Ticket #821 ([D] (DI-2-3) (DI-2-7) Ranking when doing spatial searches) created by selatham
If we store centroid and area (size?) in postgres can we do …
17:53 Ticket #813 ([WG] Create local ini file for pylons stack) closed by selatham
duplicate: duplicate of #814
17:49 Ticket #820 ([M] Browse should show all Description sections) created by selatham
Browse only seems to show the first Description Section. There can be more …
17:27 Ticket #819 ([M] [DS] System needs to handle datagranules which are not CSML) created by selatham
Should be able to link to other data services e.g. to http or ftp. (e.g. …
13:55 Ticket #817 ([M] Bug when selecting from browse shopping cart) closed by lawrence
wontfix: I think this is a subtle bug associated with an incorrect configuration …
13:36 Ticket #802 ([WG] Need to replace renderdiscovery with kid in discovery results.) closed by lawrence
fixed: done.
12:42 Changeset [2742] by spascoe
Using Basemap to transform the grid into Mercator projection.
12:00 InstallDiscoveryBrowse edited by domlowe
added note on location of ini file. (diff)
10:54 Ticket #786 ([S] Replace httplib.HTTPSConnection in ZSI client) closed by pjkersha
fixed: Now using M2Crypto.httpslib.HTTPSConnection
10:52 Ticket #676 ([S] Change Security Web Service Client to use M2Crypto instead of ...) closed by pjkersha
fixed: Now using M2Crypto.httpslib.HTTPSConnection


15:21 Changeset [2741] by domlowe
Changes to allow xlinking of timeposition lists. Changes to scanner and …


11:53 Ticket #818 ([M] Bug in discovery (pylons version)further actions) created by selatham
Initial search on 'precipitation'. Then when I try to 'refine search' I …
11:00 Ticket #817 ([M] Bug when selecting from browse shopping cart) created by selatham
Get following error when selecting an item(Coapec data granule) from the …
10:11 Ticket #777 ([WG] CSML granules in exist - to do list) closed by domlowe
fixed: Done 1 and 2. Not done 3, but wont fix this now (it's only a nice to have …
09:41 Changeset [2740] by domlowe
added fetch controller for use with STORE paramter in WCS, also ndgSec …


16:53 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
16:48 Ticket #587 (Add method of classifying online references) closed by selatham
fixed: Created a list anyway.
16:44 Ticket #475 ([m] need an xquery for cruise reports) closed by rkl
wontfix: A feasible schema won't be ready in SeaDataNet? until December so this is …
16:43 Changeset [2739] by pjkersha
ndg.security.test/ndg/security/test/AttAuthority/siteAMapConfig.xml: …


14:14 Ticket #816 ([WG] Pylons on Glue - meta ticket) created by domlowe
The pylons stack is currently running under python2.4 …
14:12 Ticket #815 ([WG] Agree upon procedure for updating pylons code on glue) created by domlowe
Now there are 4 of us (me, Stephen, Phil & Bryan) working on pylons we …
14:07 Ticket #814 ([WG] Create local ini file for pylons stack) created by domlowe
Create local ini file for glue configuration of pylons.
14:07 Ticket #813 ([WG] Create local ini file for pylons stack) created by domlowe
Create local ini file for glue configuration of pylons.
14:03 Ticket #812 (Move key config info out of ndgDiscovery.config) created by domlowe
The ndgDiscovery.config file is zipped up as part of the ows_server egg. …
14:00 Ticket #811 ([WG] Port numbers on glue) created by domlowe
Which port number should we use for pylons on Glue. Should we open it up …
13:49 Ticket #803 ([WG] Install python2.5 on glue and get the pylons ows stack running on ...) closed by domlowe
fixed: Phil, I'm closing this as I've installed using 2.4 on glue (port 8081) as …
13:40 InstallDiscoveryBrowse edited by domlowe
Added further instructions for starting services at boot. (diff)
12:46 Changeset [2738] by domlowe
changing email imports again
12:42 Changeset [2737] by domlowe
changing email imports


16:40 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
16:39 Ticket #810 ([WG] BODC Moles records are still version1.2.4) created by selatham
Will this cause Browse to break? If so, when can they be …
16:35 Ticket #809 ([M] Discovery comes in s/ware egg by default) created by selatham
Is this a problem? Is there a way to turn off/ make unavailable?
16:33 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
11:22 Changeset [2736] by domlowe
moving the passwordFile and configFile variables so they respect %(here)s …
10:06 Ticket #423 ([DS] Implement sequence rule properly in CSML code.) closed by domlowe
fixed: This was connected to an issue with the way CDMS behaves that was fixed in …
10:02 Ticket #649 ([DS] List of required API methods) closed by domlowe
fixed: Any new requirements can be individual tickets.
09:59 Ticket #283 ([WG] Should CSML (for BADC) be stored in eXist or in file system?) closed by domlowe
09:10 Changeset [2735] by pjkersha
setup.py, ndg.security.client/setup.py, ndg.security.server/setup.py, …


17:10 Changeset [2734] by pjkersha
16:09 InstallDiscoveryBrowse edited by domlowe
corrected svn url (diff)
13:52 Changeset [2733] by pjkersha
setup.py, ndg.security.client/setup.py, ndg.security.server/setup.py, …
12:57 Ticket #808 ([DS] NDG discover browser plugins) created by domlowe
Make sure the browser plugins work with the production version of …


16:20 Changeset [2732] by pjkersha
ndg.security.server/ndg/security/server/AttAuthority/init.py, …
15:37 Changeset [2731] by pjkersha
ndg.security.common/ndg/security/common/openssl.py: * fixed bug - removed …
14:23 Changeset [2730] by pjkersha
ndg.security.server/ndg/security/server/share/ndg-sm, …
13:57 Changeset [2729] by domlowe
more on DescribeCoverage? operation
10:27 Changeset [2728] by pjkersha
NOCS entry has no mappings - deleted completely otherwise cases parsing …
10:17 Changeset [2727] by pjkersha


13:22 Changeset [2726] by domlowe
more on describecoverage operation
09:19 InstallDiscoveryBrowse edited by domlowe
Added issues log to page (diff)


13:05 InstallDiscoveryBrowse edited by domlowe
Finished installation notes (diff)
12:07 InstallDiscoveryBrowse created by domlowe
Instructions for installing discovery/browse - not finished
10:26 Changeset [2725] by domlowe
email package imports differ in python 2.5 and 2.4 added try except


14:58 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
14:56 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
14:56 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
10:03 Changeset [2724] by domlowe
missing div put in right place this time
09:45 Changeset [2723] by pjkersha
security/python/ndg-security-install.py: allow setting of --upgrade to …
09:43 Changeset [2722] by domlowe
missing closing div tag in stubB kid template
09:31 Changeset [2721] by pjkersha
ndg.security.server/setup.py: extend package_data keyword to include …


15:36 Changeset [2720] by pjkersha
Changed thisHost name to "RSDAS"
15:35 Changeset [2719] by pjkersha
conf/nocsMapConfig.xml: * added thisHost element * loginURI sub-element …
15:32 Changeset [2718] by pjkersha
conf/pmlMapConfig.xml: * added thisHost element * loginURI sub-element …
15:29 Changeset [2717] by pjkersha
conf/bodcMapConfig.xml: * added thisHost element * loginURI sub-element …
15:28 Changeset [2716] by pjkersha
conf/badcMapConfig.xml: * added thisHost element * loginURI sub-element …
14:17 Changeset [2715] by pjkersha
Preparing NDG-Beta eggs for glue deployment: …


19:07 BrowserPlugins edited by domlowe
corrected info. (diff)
14:47 BrowserPlugins edited by domlowe
removing link to temporary location (diff)
14:41 Changeset [2714] by selatham
provenance classes


19:54 Changeset [2713] by lawrence
oops missed out


17:33 Ticket #616 ([C] ECMWF/ Simdat collaborations) closed by selatham
fixed: Anything else probably not required.
17:27 Ticket #487 ([WG] NOCS: Install NDG DP components prior to beta) closed by selatham
wontfix: Will be supercede by new pylons stack.
17:11 Ticket #177 ([M] Ontology Mappings) closed by rkl
fixed: Mappings plus simple inferences (setting B narrower than A if A broader …
16:49 Ticket #807 (Python2.5 + 64-bit linux incompatible with Numeric) created by spascoe
Python2.5 introduces a new C-type (Py_ssize_t) that is 8 bytes on 64-bit …
15:59 Changeset [2712] by domlowe
rolling back wms_capabilities, edited by accident
15:58 Changeset [2711] by domlowe
describeCoverage operation added. Added name parameter to Operations class
11:19 Changeset [2710] by spascoe
Adding Matplotlib code for rendering rotated grids. This module isn't …
10:25 Changeset [2709] by domlowe
Added HTTP_REFERER check to redirect code - BRYAN, you may want to check …


19:14 Ticket #806 ([M] Browse not consistent in displaying Data Curator URI) created by fvenuti
It looks like the data curator URI is displayed for some Moles (e.g: …
18:51 Ticket #805 ([M] Browse not showing temporal coverage) created by fvenuti
When clicking on any "B" link, the temporal coverage is not shown. I tried …


22:05 Changeset [2708] by spascoe
WMS works on test dataset. Lots of stuff is hard-coded for the moment.
17:35 Ticket #723 ([WG][M] Moles Browse installation at NOCS) closed by fvenuti
fixed: Moles Browse working at NOCS. Keeping in mind that we do not have …
17:16 Changeset [2707] by spascoe
Basic WMS serving pre-generated images is working. Most of the …
16:04 Changeset [2706] by lawrence
Final tiny mod in stub-b (for now)
15:36 Changeset [2705] by domlowe
handling access denied message
15:35 Changeset [2704] by lawrence
Fixing support for deployments with entities without abbreviations in …
15:25 Ticket #486 ([WG] BODC: Install NDG DP components prior to beta) closed by siva
14:27 Changeset [2703] by lawrence
Look and feel of result set is now close to Kay's concepts.
14:13 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
14:08 Changeset [2702] by spascoe
Branching ows_framework for use in DDP server prototype.
14:07 Ticket #800 ([M] Moles vocabulary definition redudancy) closed by rkl
fixed: Yes. It comes down to whether we store the full parameter hierarchy or …
14:01 Changeset [2701] by domlowe
rolling back to Bryans last commit
13:55 Changeset [2700] by domlowe
resolving conflicts
10:38 Ticket #790 ([M] Security schema) closed by ko23
fixed: No more comments or feedback, so I assume it's OK
10:34 Ticket #799 ([M] Deployment query for stub-b not correct?) closed by ko23
fixed: Yes.
10:34 Changeset [2699] by ko23
Fix for #799, and update examples
10:33 Changeset [2698] by ko23
Fix for #799
10:01 Ticket #327 ([WG] DP internal upgrade: BODC moving server) closed by siva
09:58 Ticket #552 (Python to Oracle) closed by siva
fixed: Done.
09:45 Ticket #540 ([M][WG] Contact Vocab Server users regarding the change from rpc/enc to ...) closed by siva
fixed: This is done, for BODC Vocab Server version1. -Siva
09:30 Changeset [2697] by domlowe
adding statuscontroller back into csml_wcs.py
09:29 Changeset [2696] by domlowe
adding private filestore directory
09:09 Changeset [2695] by lawrence
wcs now security and cache compliant
08:54 Ticket #64 (CSML for any RAPID data that becomes available) closed by rkl
wontfix: Most of the RAPID data in BODC are in Oracle. None of them are grids. …


19:10 Milestone PROD completed
This milestone represents the production version of NDG that results from …
19:04 Ticket #225 ([S] Look into Java implementation of NDG Security components) closed by selatham
wontfix: Gone to OMII project (probably).
19:03 Ticket #224 ([S] THREDDS <- > NDG Security Interoperation) closed by selatham
wontfix: Gone to OMII project(probably).
19:01 Ticket #223 ([S] Shibboleth and NDG Security interoperability) closed by selatham
fixed: Gone to OMII project (probably).
19:00 Ticket #222 ([S] Use of PERMIS with Role Mapping?) closed by selatham
fixed: Gone to OMII project.
18:46 Ticket #66 (CSML for NetCDF versions of some EO data) closed by selatham
wontfix: Think this is superceded by decision that NOCS will do OCCAM data.
18:44 Ticket #695 ([M] xquery needed to extract a deployment via it's ID) closed by selatham
wontfix: DECISION: I think we've decided that, yes, deployments could have their …
18:33 Ticket #738 ([WG][M] BADC records have 'None' in some dates) closed by selatham
fixed: None was in the XML snippet(crept in when converting from the old …
17:00 Changeset [2694] by lawrence
Interim commit to support common cache. At this point it's implemented in …
15:42 Changeset [2693] by domlowe
changes to kid template
13:46 Changeset [2692] by domlowe
try except added to sliceing code
13:45 Changeset [2691] by domlowe
handle axis names from any crs
13:23 Changeset [2690] by domlowe
better support for 3 bounding box
12:14 Changeset [2689] by domlowe
general commit -including 3d bbox validator
10:47 Ticket #804 ([WG] Need openlayers box select on advanced page.) created by lawrence
The basic problem is that I've started something I can't finish, and it …
10:45 Changeset [2688] by lawrence
Beginning to add the framework for an openlayer map, but it's very …
09:45 Changeset [2687] by pjkersha
File not needed.
09:42 Changeset [2686] by pjkersha
Tidy up debug statements
09:35 Changeset [2685] by pjkersha
Preparing new DEWS 0.8.0 release - ndg.security.server/setup.py: remove …


17:16 Ticket #370 ([WG] ingestion of granule info via csml to b content) closed by selatham
fixed: We've done a version of this for COAPEC. It's in the MOLES and the CSML …
16:54 Ticket #678 ([M] Put Discovery Portal through Validator) closed by lawrence
wontfix: This code will be obsolete now, so we'll ignore the error unless it turns …
16:53 Ticket #311 ([m] browse/discovery - invalid characters in some dif returns) closed by lawrence
worksforme: I think we've got no evidence that this is a problem at the moment.
16:50 Milestone BETA+Security completed
This is the beta release with the WSGI security in the browse and csml …
16:48 Milestone BETA+Services completed
This should be a complete running beta system, with the new data access …
16:45 Milestone System Integration completed
Target for development to aim at better system integration of products, …
16:44 Milestone ReFactored_Discovery_WebServices completed
The timescale has been extended to allow extra functionality for MDIP. …
16:43 Milestone MDIP Portal completed
The Marine Data and Information Partnership require a stable working …
16:40 Ticket #803 ([WG] Install python2.5 on glue and get the pylons ows stack running on ...) created by lawrence
.... with a version running on port 80 that doesn't use development.ini!!! …
15:49 Changeset [2684] by domlowe
tweaks to speed up parsing
14:04 Ticket #802 ([WG] Need to replace renderdiscovery with kid in discovery results.) created by lawrence
The results page in the current code comes from the "old render …
13:56 Changeset [2683] by domlowe
parsing from elementree (parseElemTree) method added, and speeded up …
13:50 Ticket #801 ([WG] There is a problem handling html markup in dgMetadatadescription) created by lawrence
Not sure whether this is me or the fact that the block should have been …
13:48 Ticket #800 ([M] Moles vocabulary definition redudancy) created by lawrence
Every moles parameter in dif parlance has a huge heirarchy stored in it. …
13:37 Ticket #799 ([M] Deployment query for stub-b not correct?) created by lawrence
Is there any chance that that the deployment summary part of the stub-b …
13:01 Ticket #798 ([WG] (DI-4-1) Discovery improvements - Catalogue (D) page) created by kthorne
The catalogue (D) page to provide the following functionality: A map …
12:55 Ticket #797 ([WG] - (DI-4-1) Discovery Improvements - Results page improvements 2) created by kthorne
The results page to incorporate functionality as described below: The new …
12:33 Ticket #796 ([WG] Fix the handling of people and organisations in StubB and DIF to be ...) created by lawrence
Fix StubB (uses People) and DIF (uses People2) to be consistent to one …
12:31 Ticket #769 ([M] Discovery links) closed by lawrence
fixed: OK this is fixed in the pylons version. I think.
12:28 Ticket #546 ([M] MOLES Browse needs documenting and hand-over) closed by lawrence
12:26 Ticket #651 ([DS] WFS xpath expressions to extract attributes.) closed by lawrence
worksforme: 1.3 does this. Also in contact with FL.
11:32 Ticket #686 ([WG] Hide the repository call in the url) closed by lawrence
fixed: fixed in the pylons version
11:30 Ticket #70 ([M] Put some explanatory text on portal first page) closed by lawrence
fixed: This is fixed in the pylons version.
11:30 Ticket #761 (Discovery GUI with slash has no CSS / Date format) closed by lawrence
fixed: This is fixed in the pylons version
11:28 Ticket #557 (Developer time eroded by other projects) closed by lawrence
wontfix: C'est la Vie.
11:20 Changeset [2682] by domlowe
deleting print statements
11:18 Changeset [2681] by domlowe
unicode problem in ndgObject wrapped with str
10:31 Changeset [2680] by lawrence
ows stack now has the equivalent support for DIF to the older wsgi stack
09:53 Changeset [2679] by pjkersha
== Replaced socket.ssl with M2Crypto https for web service clients == …
09:28 Changeset [2678] by domlowe
removing import statement, not needed
09:27 Changeset [2677] by domlowe
get_csml_doc method updated to include exist access. Working with cache …


22:40 Changeset [2676] by lawrence
A bit more for DIF …
22:15 Changeset [2675] by lawrence
Interim commit in support of browse and discovery.
16:49 Changeset [2674] by domlowe
integrating Bryan s code, NOTE have changed login httpredirect -added try …
16:20 Changeset [2673] by lawrence
There's always one missing …
16:17 Changeset [2672] by lawrence
Interim commit of discovery/browse in ows stack.
14:43 Changeset [2671] by spascoe
process_runner.py will give a very basic demonstration of running a …
14:39 Ticket #795 ([M] Examples of how to use MOLES online references needed) created by lawrence
In particular, exactly how should we reference a NumSim document in MOLES? …
13:54 Changeset [2670] by domlowe
publish_dir added to development.ini
13:53 Changeset [2669] by selatham
Added security classes
12:38 Changeset [2668] by domlowe
added in try except
12:28 Changeset [2667] by domlowe
using csml cache, and changes to MIME headers
12:27 Changeset [2666] by spascoe
Close to having a trivial example process (without XML serialisation).
12:27 Changeset [2665] by domlowe
used dictionary to store fileextract info that was getting read from disk …
12:24 Ticket #783 ([M] Why is the dgMetadataID in moles granules called dgModelID) closed by ko23
fixed: I've remembered! Back in the days of IDIssues.doc, it was agreed that …
11:21 Changeset [2664] by ko23
Typing error in schema updates corrected
11:13 Changeset [2663] by ko23
.spp updt
10:59 Changeset [2662] by ko23
Updates of 1.3 to move higher-level security structure to …
09:49 Changeset [2661] by domlowe
separating celementtree and elementtree imports - they may have been …


17:22 Ticket #794 ([WG] Build a tool for creating NumSim instances) created by lawrence
17:21 Ticket #793 ([WG] Modify the retrieve to support V009 NumSim) created by lawrence
(and make sure all the instance documents are viewable). Sort out the …
17:20 Ticket #792 ([M] Finalise V009 NumSim) created by lawrence
This really relies on sorting out the namespace imports so they work …
17:19 Ticket #791 ([WG] Sort out NumSim Instances) created by lawrence
We should have NumSim instances that conform to V009 of the schema for at …
16:57 Ticket #790 ([M] Security schema) created by lawrence
The security component of the security has been removed from MOLES in 1.3. …
16:27 Changeset [2660] by ko23
StubB XQueries updated to include rawDeployments section
16:12 Changeset [2659] by spascoe
Commiting midway through development to change platform. Various classes …
15:49 Changeset [2658] by ko23
Addition of NumSim to allowed dataFormat types (needs to be added to the …
15:17 Changeset [2657] by lawrence
Adding a version number to the NS_Simulated element
11:01 Changeset [2656] by spascoe
More flesh on ows_wps. A trivial example process is implemented. Now we …


22:18 Changeset [2655] by lawrence
Limited support for discovery and DIF viewing in the ows stack.
16:10 Changeset [2654] by lawrence
More complete browse support (and interim support for NumSim) witin the …
14:34 Changeset [2653] by domlowe
changes to getCapabilites and mime handling
14:26 Changeset [2652] by ko23
Split of MOLES security into separate schema (moles_security1.0.xsd) and …
09:34 Ticket #789 ([DS] Implement boundedBy per feature) created by domlowe
Implement 'boundedBy' for each feature not just the feature collection …
09:18 Ticket #788 ([DS] ID, Name, Description populated by csml scanner) created by domlowe
The csml scanner should attempt to populate the gml:id, gml:name and …


15:21 Changeset [2651] by spascoe
Various classes for implementing WPS. Very incomplete.
14:48 Ticket #787 ([S] HTTPS for Security WSs and firewall settings at all NDG sites) created by pjkersha
This issue affects BADC but could affect NOCS, PML and BODC also. For …
14:33 Ticket #786 ([S] Replace httplib.HTTPSConnection in ZSI client) created by pjkersha
ZSI clients use httplib.HTTPSConnection by default. It uses socket.ssl …
11:50 Changeset [2650] by domlowe
Basic WPS-style polling implemented for asynchronous WCS
09:43 Changeset [2649] by domlowe
adding getCoverage response template, removing temporary template
09:14 Changeset [2648] by domlowe
WCS now returns multipart MIME type or Coverages XML doc
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.