16:55 Changeset [2483] by ko23
Deployment count xquery
16:44 Changeset [2482] by ko23
Update to give what was wanted as well as what was needed
16:29 Changeset [2481] by spascoe
Renaming egg directory.
16:28 Changeset [2480] by spascoe
Minimal egification of ows_common.
16:04 Changeset [2479] by spascoe
Implemented basic query string handling by editing base.BaseController?. …
15:27 OwsFramework edited by spascoe
15:20 Changeset [2478] by domlowe
correcting variable name in service_indentification
15:20 OwsFramework edited by spascoe
15:17 Changeset [2477] by domlowe
Adding service_provider classes and related classes in iso19115
13:52 Changeset [2476] by spascoe
Adding Pylons template project as ows_server.
13:51 Changeset [2475] by spascoe
renaming part 2
13:49 Changeset [2474] by spascoe
Renaming ows as ows_common. Part 1
13:46 Changeset [2473] by domlowe
merging PML code branch with trunk
13:39 Changeset [2472] by domlowe
fixing minor bugs in csml code discovered when testing RawFileExtract?
13:06 OwsFramework edited by spascoe
13:00 Changeset [2471] by spascoe
Most of OWS common implemented except for Service Profider package.


16:06 Changeset [2470] by spascoe
Some modifications to the OWS data model. This UML might not evolve …
15:57 Changeset [2469] by spascoe
About half way through modelling OWS v1.1.0


16:58 Changeset [2468] by selatham
added listlevel
12:34 Changeset [2467] by ko23
Update ndg_xqueries.py
11:35 Changeset [2466] by ko23
Updated XQueries for BADC 'worst cases so far'


11:29 Changeset [2465] by ko23
Double indexing removed


16:50 OwsNotes/OgcServicesReview edited by lawrence
Added link to Simon Cox WXS review page. (diff)
16:23 Changeset [2464] by ko23
Updated DIF queries
16:18 Ticket #727 ([C] Collaboration with National Centre for Ocean Forecasting (NCOF)) created by pmiller
I was at the Second Annual NCOF Workshop ( http://www.ncof.gov.uk/) in …
15:09 Changeset [2463] by ko23
Extended indexing/moles.xconf and moved xqueryLib to somewhere more …


16:52 Ticket #566 ([M] Discovery - supports doSpatioTemporal Search) closed by mpritcha
fixed: Added optional <spatialOperator/> element to WSDL. Valid values …
16:08 NDGWeekly edited by lawrence
16:08 Changeset [2462] by mpritcha
Added choice of spatial operators : overlaps, within, doesNotOverlap


18:09 Changeset [2461] by mggr
(mggr checking in for mhen and hoping not to mess up): ongoing development


18:41 Changeset [2460] by mggr
(mggr committing for mhen): ongoing development
14:06 Changeset [2459] by ko23
Upload working prototype index config, and move xqueryLib under "eXist …
12:01 Changeset [2458] by pjkersha
Fix to DEWS Portal Login sequence diagram.
11:43 Changeset [2457] by ko23
Index prototype


17:24 Changeset [2456] by lawrence
New code for handling stripped deployments ... this is test code at the …
16:56 Changeset [2455] by spascoe
Added some modelling of OWS Common schema. Incomplete.
15:45 Changeset [2454] by pjkersha
Update to Portal login - name portalAttributeCertificate explicitly.
15:43 TI12_Security/DEWS/SequenceDiagrams edited by pjkersha
15:43 TI12_Security/DEWS/SequenceDiagrams edited by pjkersha
15:41 TI12_Security/DEWS/SequenceDiagrams edited by pjkersha
15:39 TI12_Security/DEWS/SequenceDiagrams edited by pjkersha
15:37 TI12_Security/DEWS/SequenceDiagrams created by pjkersha
15:34 TI12_Security/DEWS edited by pjkersha
15:28 Changeset [2453] by pjkersha
Added for DEWS Technical Evaluation Doc.
15:05 Changeset [2452] by mggr
initial version of PML methods (will need testing) - mggr checking in for …
15:02 Changeset [2451] by mggr
branching csml data interface while integrating PML read methods
13:30 CRSList created by domlowe
Template for CRS systems.
11:16 NDGWeekly edited by lawrence
11:12 NDGWeekly edited by lawrence
10:32 NDGWeekly edited by spascoe
10:21 Changeset [2450] by ko23
10:20 Changeset [2449] by ko23
Updated vocab lib to support forthcoming queries
10:13 Changeset [2448] by lawrence
Changes to make cleaner logging in discovery/browse ..


18:06 NDGWeekly edited by lawrence
16:41 Changeset [2447] by spascoe
Small changes
16:25 NDGWeekly edited by lawrence
16:25 OwsFramework edited by spascoe
15:33 NDGWeekly edited by domlowe
added agenda item (diff)
15:30 Changeset [2446] by ko23
Updated version of NDG_Format_Vocab.xls
15:21 OwsFramework edited by spascoe
15:14 CRS edited by domlowe
15:14 CRS edited by domlowe
15:13 OwsFramework created by spascoe
15:12 CRS edited by domlowe
minor edit (diff)
15:07 OwsNotes edited by spascoe
15:06 Ticket #566 ([M] Discovery - supports doSpatioTemporal Search) reopened by selatham
Does the search do 'find something which is entirely contained within this …
14:46 CRS created by domlowe
Notes on Coordinate Reference Systems for discussion.
14:10 Changeset [2445] by ko23
Addition of keys on Online_Reference_Classes_Vocab_Spreadsheet.xls
12:10 Ticket #726 ([DS] Use uomLabels attribute in csml docs) created by domlowe
The WMS needs access to the uom of each dimension. This in principal can …
12:02 Changeset [2444] by domlowe
name change to insertedExtract
12:01 Changeset [2443] by spascoe
First diagram laying out some OWS framework ideas.
11:16 Changeset [2442] by spascoe
Added EAP with initial component sketches. This will contain all UML for …
11:10 Changeset [2441] by spascoe
11:10 Changeset [2440] by spascoe
11:10 Changeset [2439] by spascoe
11:09 Changeset [2438] by spascoe
This is the best place I can think of to put OGC Web Services code.


10:01 Changeset [2437] by pjkersha
ndg.security.server/ndg/security/server/SessionMgr/server-config.tac: * …


18:27 Changeset [2436] by selatham
added dgReferenceClass
16:42 OwsNotes/Roadmap edited by domlowe
typo edit (diff)
16:28 OwsNotes/Roadmap created by spascoe
16:01 Changeset [2435] by ko23
Add pointer to original metadata keyword
15:29 OwsNotes edited by spascoe
14:33 Changeset [2434] by ko23
Online_Reference_Classes update


17:34 Ticket #725 ([M] Moles to DublinCore XQuery) created by selatham
I'm going to change the XQuery to pick up URI simplelinks as additional …
15:14 Ticket #485 ([WG] PML: Install NDG DP components prior to beta) closed by mggr
wontfix: Don't think we're doing it this way any more..
12:28 OwsNotes edited by spascoe
12:27 OwsNotes edited by spascoe
12:26 OwsNotes/ClientInteraction edited by spascoe
12:24 OwsNotes/ClientInteraction edited by spascoe
12:23 Browser_Components2.PNG attached to OwsNotes/ClientInteraction by spascoe
12:23 Browser_Components1.PNG attached to OwsNotes/ClientInteraction by spascoe
12:23 OwsNotes/ClientInteraction created by spascoe
12:23 OwsNotes edited by spascoe
12:22 OwsNotes/DataServicesProposal edited by spascoe
11:08 NDGBrowseHowTo edited by mggr
10:48 Ticket #661 (Installing FastCGI at BODC) closed by siva
worksforme: After debugging,testing the whole afternoon yesterday with fastcgi, got …
10:33 OwsNotes/DataServicesProposal edited by spascoe
10:32 OWS_NDG_Services.PNG attached to OwsNotes/DataServicesProposal by spascoe
Some sketchy UML of OWS-level data services
10:30 OwsNotes/DataServicesProposal edited by spascoe
09:59 OwsNotes edited by spascoe
09:58 OwsNotes/DataServicesProposal edited by spascoe
09:50 OwsNotes/DataServicesProposal created by spascoe
09:48 OwsNotes/OgcServicesReview edited by spascoe
09:47 OwsNotes/OgcServicesReview created by spascoe
09:47 OwsNotes edited by spascoe
09:47 OwsNotes edited by spascoe
09:46 OwsNotes edited by spascoe
09:01 OwsNotes edited by spascoe


22:07 Ticket #724 ([WG] Fastcgi timeout errors on browse.) created by lawrence
A real …
22:04 Ticket #722 ([WG] Unicode error (again) in ndg discovery) closed by lawrence
fixed: Fixed in changeset:2433.
21:48 Changeset [2433] by lawrence
Fixes for ticket:722, changing to internal unicode (probably not …
17:09 OwsNotes created by spascoe
17:04 DataServices edited by spascoe
10:57 NDGWeekly edited by lawrence
10:52 NDGWeekly edited by lawrence
10:43 NDGWeekly edited by lawrence


19:09 Ticket #723 ([WG][M] Moles Browse installation at NOCS) created by fvenuti
After installing wsgi + mod_python (see Ticket #639), I installed the …
18:57 Ticket #639 (Install wsgi at NOCS) closed by fvenuti
18:54 Ticket #639 (Install wsgi at NOCS) reopened by fvenuti
18:21 NDGBrowseHowTo edited by mggr
minor notes from PML install (diff)
15:36 Ticket #700 ([DS] Subsetting on component of the phenomenon) closed by domlowe
duplicate: Closing, duplicate of ticket:660
15:28 NDGWeekly edited by domlowe
added item to agenda (diff)
13:25 Ticket #503 ([DS] speed up method: csmllibs.csmltime.getFileTimeList) closed by domlowe
wontfix: Spent some time trying to speed this up, but no significant improvements.
13:21 Ticket #437 ([DS] csml api needs to be able to point at a file or an exist db csml file) closed by domlowe
fixed: Done. The csml.parser.Dataset.parse() method now accepts a file or an …
13:17 Changeset [2432] by domlowe
removing print statement
13:15 Changeset [2431] by domlowe
test file parsing doc from exist
12:51 Ticket #722 ([WG] Unicode error (again) in ndg discovery) created by lawrence
Problem arises from * ndg.noc.soton.ac.ukDIFNOCSDAT162 * …
12:06 Changeset [2430] by domlowe
csml access to exist, working except for namespace issue
09:07 Ticket #393 ([DS] Programatically determine feature type.) closed by domlowe
wontfix: This is desirable, but the reality is it won't be done it by production. …


13:53 Changeset [2429] by domlowe
typo fixed
13:50 T08_InternationalCollaboration edited by lawrence
LInk to John Caron's access control presentation (diff)
13:44 Changeset [2428] by domlowe
namespace correction
12:02 Ticket #720 ([DS] Add security to CSML v2) closed by domlowe
11:55 Changeset [2427] by domlowe
added security to parser
09:26 Changeset [2426] by domlowe
Adding security to CSML schema, also added local copy of moles schema for …
08:52 Changeset [2425] by domlowe
Edited csmlDataset schema to make !CSMLFeatureCollection and …


10:11 Ticket #208 ([S] [M] [WG] Why should access to exist databases be tunnelled through the ...) closed by lawrence
worksforme: I think we're ok, we may need to reopen this if I have a poblem with late …
10:10 Ticket #356 ([m] Stub-b examples don't have related_url in them.) reopened by lawrence
This is not about A and B services, it's about related URL content. let's …


18:23 Ticket #462 ([WG] Should BADC put up a copy of eprints for metadata documents?) closed by selatham
wontfix: This is in the BADC infrastructure project scope. So internal to BADC. …
18:16 Ticket #356 ([m] Stub-b examples don't have related_url in them.) closed by selatham
18:14 Ticket #710 (test ticket) closed by selatham
17:51 Ticket #234 ([M] Discovery portal robustness) closed by selatham
fixed: Discovery service has become more robust. DECISION: We will reject badly …
17:32 Ticket #719 ([M] Bug in spatio-temporal ingest) closed by selatham
fixed: fixed
17:28 Ticket #687 ([M][WG] ingest rest of MDIP records to discovery portal) closed by selatham
fixed: Pretty much all going in now - just one record from dassh faulty, but will …
17:27 Ticket #658 ([M] MDIP schema has some problems with enumerations) closed by selatham
fixed: Becky Seeley has produced new schema, supplied to MDIP.
17:25 Changeset [2424] by selatham
fixed bug in spatiotemp ingest where no dates
16:56 Ticket #582 ([DS] Access to metadata in CSML read methods) closed by mggr
fixed: Final decision: (probably ;) ) […] numericType to be IS* C99 style …
16:42 Changeset [2423] by selatham
fixed bug in ingest - not clearing out intermediate directory.
15:21 qxfcsml edited by domlowe
More comments re cdms and time (diff)
15:13 Ticket #721 ([DS] Use array slicing to select underlying data) created by domlowe
See  http://proj.badc.rl.ac.uk/ndg/wiki/qxfcsml for reason why.
13:03 qxfcsml edited by domlowe
Formatting (diff)
13:02 qxfcsml edited by domlowe
Formatting and gml correction (diff)
12:59 qxfcsml edited by domlowe
Added Roy's comment (and more comments from me) (diff)
12:51 qxfcsml created by domlowe
Added BODC QXF notes to wiki
09:03 Ticket #720 ([DS] Add security to CSML v2) created by domlowe
Should just be a cut and paste from v1 for the schema, but parser classes …
08:12 Changeset [2422] by lawrence
Code to support late binding to Browse service


18:20 Ticket #719 ([M] Bug in spatio-temporal ingest) created by selatham
When doing insert on postgres where no date exists. (update is OK)
18:04 Changeset [2421] by selatham
Bug in inserting with non-existant dates
10:42 Ticket #718 (NDG Egg procedure) created by spascoe
Design a procedure for releasing NDG components as eggs, including: - …
10:31 Ticket #508 ([DS] Inactivity of bbftp project) closed by spascoe
fixed: Use of bbFTP for NDG has been suspended. For the record, My opinion is …
10:27 Ticket #292 ([DS] [WG] [M] DeliveryService .ndgaccess access control mechanism) closed by spascoe
fixed: Access control is likely to be handled by WSGI now. No longer in scope of …
10:25 Ticket #276 ([DS] Implement CSML instance download in the bbFTP client/server) closed by spascoe
wontfix: Use of bbFTP for NDG has been suspended.
10:24 Ticket #299 (bbftp v1 protocol not covered by authorisation API) closed by spascoe
wontfix: Use of bbFTP for NDG has been suspended
10:23 Ticket #278 ([DS] Integrate NDG security authorisation with bbFTP) closed by spascoe
wontfix: Use of bbFTP for NDG has been suspended.
10:22 Ticket #275 ([DS] Integrate NDG security authentication with bbFTP) closed by spascoe
wontfix: Use of bbFTP for NDG has been suspended.


18:04 Ticket #436 ([M] [WG] Standard name population) closed by selatham
duplicate: same as #370
17:52 Ticket #488 ([WG] BADC: Install NDG DP components prior to beta) closed by selatham
17:52 Ticket #717 ([WG][DS] BADC installed Delivery service) created by selatham
If necessary at BADC.
17:51 Ticket #716 ([WG][DS] BADC installation of WMS, WCS) created by selatham
Depends on future of these.
17:50 Ticket #715 ([WG][DS] BADC installed CSML services) created by selatham
17:48 Ticket #714 ([WG][M] BADC installation of pylons browse) created by selatham
On Chinook.
17:46 Ticket #713 ([WG] [S] BADC installation of security) created by selatham
17:21 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/PML/WorkingGrid-18Apr07 edited by pmiller
17:20 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/PML/WorkingGrid-18Apr07 edited by pmiller
16:26 Changeset [2420] by pjkersha
ndg.security.server/ndg/security/server/AttAuthority/init.py: * …
16:13 Ticket #501 ([WG] Identify vocabularies to be served by Vocabulary Server) closed by selatham
fixed: Closing.
15:09 Changeset [2419] by domlowe
adding test subset.py file
12:57 Milestone MOLES 1.3 completed
New version of MOLES, with possible incompatibilities with previous …
12:57 Milestone MOLES V2.0 completed
Was reduced in priority: is it even required for NDG2? May bring forward …
12:50 Milestone Documentation_preBeta completed
All key documentation requirements should be identified, and at least …
12:50 Milestone MeetingsJan2007 completed
Anything that needs to be done/brought up for the ProjectBoard? and …
12:50 Ticket #120 ([M] Service Binding) closed by lawrence
wontfix: I think we've decided to finess this all for NDG …
12:47 Milestone PreBeta completed
Include all the components that will appear in the production version of …
12:41 Ticket #530 ([DS] A static CSML2 needed asap) closed by lawrence
12:40 Ticket #523 ([S] No DP has yet got a full Alpha version of Security running) closed by lawrence
wontfix: We're going straight to Beta.
12:39 Milestone External Product Definition completed
Final decision on what external products will be produced by NDG. Includes …
12:36 Ticket #194 (Best way of handling third party stuff in subversion) closed by lawrence
worksforme: This seems to have been handled by use of eggs.
12:30 Ticket #495 ([WG] package issues for web services and cgis) closed by lawrence
worksforme: If we're using WSGI this has gone away.
12:27 Ticket #494 ([WG] Can we make the python packages eggable?) closed by lawrence
fixed: Clearly the answer is yes, so this ticket should have been closed. We'll …
11:33 Ticket #712 ([WG] Deploy NDG security services on Superglue) closed by lawrence
11:22 Ticket #11 (Security Paper) closed by lawrence
fixed: A formal paper exists and will be submitted to AHM07
11:19 Ticket #712 ([WG] Deploy NDG security services on Superglue) created by lawrence
Connected to the new BADC user database Required for WSGI security …
11:07 Ticket #711 ([WG] Require an ndg-security egg client for 2.5 for Bryan to test) created by lawrence
This is a prerequisite for WSGI security middleware
10:57 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/PML/WorkingGrid-18Apr07 created by pmiller
10:42 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/PML edited by pmiller
10:35 NDGWeekly edited by pjkersha
09:20 Changeset [2418] by pjkersha
ndg.security.server/ndg/security/server/Log.py: remove ref to 'Logger' …
09:08 NDGWeekly edited by pjkersha
08:38 Ticket #708 ([M] Java bug, MDIP content?) closed by lawrence
fixed: OK, I think we handle this error gracefully enough for now. Test it and …
08:36 Changeset [2417] by lawrence
Handling empty documents and errors from DIF loading better


17:54 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
17:53 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
17:26 NDGWeekly edited by mggr
17:03 Changeset [2416] by mpritcha
Better error handling in PresentAgent?.java. Now allows individual docs to …
17:02 Changeset [2415] by mpritcha
Tweaks to orderBy. Still not right yet.
15:40 NDGWeekly edited by pjkersha
14:34 Ticket #709 ([M] d2boneoff failing for some MDIP records) reopened by selatham
Kev - is it possible to at least trap the error. Say 'error code 99 = …
13:48 TI12_Security/NDG/SequenceDiagrams/BrowserClientAccessToAResource created by pjkersha
13:43 TI12_Security/NDG/SequenceDiagrams created by pjkersha
13:42 TI12_Security/NDG edited by pjkersha
13:42 TI12_Security/NDG edited by pjkersha
13:41 TI12_Security/NDG edited by pjkersha
13:38 Changeset [2414] by pjkersha
Removed Session Manager B from diagram as not needed.
12:12 Ticket #709 ([M] d2boneoff failing for some MDIP records) closed by ko23
invalid: Example XML is invalid, e.g. see Subject element. Can't fix something so …
11:39 Ticket #710 (test ticket) created by selatham
11:38 csmlegg edited by domlowe
11:38 csmlegg edited by domlowe
Python 2.5 egg info added. (diff)
10:44 Changeset [2413] by lawrence
oops, the discovery help wasn't in subversion
09:00 Changeset [2412] by domlowe
Tagging as stable beta.


18:41 Ticket #709 ([M] d2boneoff failing for some MDIP records) created by selatham
This is failing with an uncaptured Java error on some MDIP records only. …
16:13 Ticket #708 ([M] Java bug, MDIP content?) created by lawrence
hi Matt This may well be one of those cases where I'm happy to get an …
16:00 Changeset [2411] by lawrence
and another error in error handling (can only test this live folks, …
15:55 Changeset [2410] by lawrence
Error in error handling!
15:44 csmlegg created by domlowe
Added CSML Egg versioning info to wiki
15:27 Changeset [2409] by domlowe
fixes to object property pattern and validation errors. last commit before …
14:41 Changeset [2408] by pjkersha
Include return of cookie.
14:40 Changeset [2407] by pjkersha
Include return of cookie
14:19 Changeset [2406] by pjkersha
Added sequence diagram for AHM Paper to show browser based access to a …
12:55 Ticket #707 (NDG website : production Gateway link broken) created by selatham
The link in the side panel is wrong. http://ndg.nerc.ac.uk/ndg Instead of …
12:53 Ticket #706 (NDG website : some partner links wrong) created by selatham
misspelt  http://bodc.nerc.a.cuk/ for BODC. E-science one is broken …
12:50 Ticket #705 (NDG website pages need links updating) created by selatham
Secondary pages csml http://ndg.nerc.ac.uk/csml/ and contact …
11:15 Changeset [2405] by domlowe
using 2d crs in profile series
11:11 Changeset [2404] by pjkersha
Renamed verifyCert -> verifyCertChain. Now raises an exception on an …
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