18:27 Changeset [2436] by selatham
added dgReferenceClass
16:42 OwsNotes/Roadmap edited by domlowe
typo edit (diff)
16:28 OwsNotes/Roadmap created by spascoe
16:01 Changeset [2435] by ko23
Add pointer to original metadata keyword
15:29 OwsNotes edited by spascoe
14:33 Changeset [2434] by ko23
Online_Reference_Classes update


17:34 Ticket #725 ([M] Moles to DublinCore XQuery) created by selatham
I'm going to change the XQuery to pick up URI simplelinks as additional …
15:14 Ticket #485 ([WG] PML: Install NDG DP components prior to beta) closed by mggr
wontfix: Don't think we're doing it this way any more..
12:28 OwsNotes edited by spascoe
12:27 OwsNotes edited by spascoe
12:26 OwsNotes/ClientInteraction edited by spascoe
12:24 OwsNotes/ClientInteraction edited by spascoe
12:23 Browser_Components2.PNG attached to OwsNotes/ClientInteraction by spascoe
12:23 Browser_Components1.PNG attached to OwsNotes/ClientInteraction by spascoe
12:23 OwsNotes/ClientInteraction created by spascoe
12:23 OwsNotes edited by spascoe
12:22 OwsNotes/DataServicesProposal edited by spascoe
11:08 NDGBrowseHowTo edited by mggr
10:48 Ticket #661 (Installing FastCGI at BODC) closed by siva
worksforme: After debugging,testing the whole afternoon yesterday with fastcgi, got …
10:33 OwsNotes/DataServicesProposal edited by spascoe
10:32 OWS_NDG_Services.PNG attached to OwsNotes/DataServicesProposal by spascoe
Some sketchy UML of OWS-level data services
10:30 OwsNotes/DataServicesProposal edited by spascoe
09:59 OwsNotes edited by spascoe
09:58 OwsNotes/DataServicesProposal edited by spascoe
09:50 OwsNotes/DataServicesProposal created by spascoe
09:48 OwsNotes/OgcServicesReview edited by spascoe
09:47 OwsNotes/OgcServicesReview created by spascoe
09:47 OwsNotes edited by spascoe
09:47 OwsNotes edited by spascoe
09:46 OwsNotes edited by spascoe
09:01 OwsNotes edited by spascoe


22:07 Ticket #724 ([WG] Fastcgi timeout errors on browse.) created by lawrence
A real …
22:04 Ticket #722 ([WG] Unicode error (again) in ndg discovery) closed by lawrence
fixed: Fixed in changeset:2433.
21:48 Changeset [2433] by lawrence
Fixes for ticket:722, changing to internal unicode (probably not …
17:09 OwsNotes created by spascoe
17:04 DataServices edited by spascoe
10:57 NDGWeekly edited by lawrence
10:52 NDGWeekly edited by lawrence
10:43 NDGWeekly edited by lawrence


19:09 Ticket #723 ([WG][M] Moles Browse installation at NOCS) created by fvenuti
After installing wsgi + mod_python (see Ticket #639), I installed the …
18:57 Ticket #639 (Install wsgi at NOCS) closed by fvenuti
18:54 Ticket #639 (Install wsgi at NOCS) reopened by fvenuti
18:21 NDGBrowseHowTo edited by mggr
minor notes from PML install (diff)
15:36 Ticket #700 ([DS] Subsetting on component of the phenomenon) closed by domlowe
duplicate: Closing, duplicate of ticket:660
15:28 NDGWeekly edited by domlowe
added item to agenda (diff)
13:25 Ticket #503 ([DS] speed up method: csmllibs.csmltime.getFileTimeList) closed by domlowe
wontfix: Spent some time trying to speed this up, but no significant improvements.
13:21 Ticket #437 ([DS] csml api needs to be able to point at a file or an exist db csml file) closed by domlowe
fixed: Done. The csml.parser.Dataset.parse() method now accepts a file or an …
13:17 Changeset [2432] by domlowe
removing print statement
13:15 Changeset [2431] by domlowe
test file parsing doc from exist
12:51 Ticket #722 ([WG] Unicode error (again) in ndg discovery) created by lawrence
Problem arises from * ndg.noc.soton.ac.ukDIFNOCSDAT162 * …
12:06 Changeset [2430] by domlowe
csml access to exist, working except for namespace issue
09:07 Ticket #393 ([DS] Programatically determine feature type.) closed by domlowe
wontfix: This is desirable, but the reality is it won't be done it by production. …


13:53 Changeset [2429] by domlowe
typo fixed
13:50 T08_InternationalCollaboration edited by lawrence
LInk to John Caron's access control presentation (diff)
13:44 Changeset [2428] by domlowe
namespace correction
12:02 Ticket #720 ([DS] Add security to CSML v2) closed by domlowe
11:55 Changeset [2427] by domlowe
added security to parser
09:26 Changeset [2426] by domlowe
Adding security to CSML schema, also added local copy of moles schema for …
08:52 Changeset [2425] by domlowe
Edited csmlDataset schema to make !CSMLFeatureCollection and …


10:11 Ticket #208 ([S] [M] [WG] Why should access to exist databases be tunnelled through the ...) closed by lawrence
worksforme: I think we're ok, we may need to reopen this if I have a poblem with late …
10:10 Ticket #356 ([m] Stub-b examples don't have related_url in them.) reopened by lawrence
This is not about A and B services, it's about related URL content. let's …


18:23 Ticket #462 ([WG] Should BADC put up a copy of eprints for metadata documents?) closed by selatham
wontfix: This is in the BADC infrastructure project scope. So internal to BADC. …
18:16 Ticket #356 ([m] Stub-b examples don't have related_url in them.) closed by selatham
18:14 Ticket #710 (test ticket) closed by selatham
17:51 Ticket #234 ([M] Discovery portal robustness) closed by selatham
fixed: Discovery service has become more robust. DECISION: We will reject badly …
17:32 Ticket #719 ([M] Bug in spatio-temporal ingest) closed by selatham
fixed: fixed
17:28 Ticket #687 ([M][WG] ingest rest of MDIP records to discovery portal) closed by selatham
fixed: Pretty much all going in now - just one record from dassh faulty, but will …
17:27 Ticket #658 ([M] MDIP schema has some problems with enumerations) closed by selatham
fixed: Becky Seeley has produced new schema, supplied to MDIP.
17:25 Changeset [2424] by selatham
fixed bug in spatiotemp ingest where no dates
16:56 Ticket #582 ([DS] Access to metadata in CSML read methods) closed by mggr
fixed: Final decision: (probably ;) ) […] numericType to be IS* C99 style …
16:42 Changeset [2423] by selatham
fixed bug in ingest - not clearing out intermediate directory.
15:21 qxfcsml edited by domlowe
More comments re cdms and time (diff)
15:13 Ticket #721 ([DS] Use array slicing to select underlying data) created by domlowe
See  http://proj.badc.rl.ac.uk/ndg/wiki/qxfcsml for reason why.
13:03 qxfcsml edited by domlowe
Formatting (diff)
13:02 qxfcsml edited by domlowe
Formatting and gml correction (diff)
12:59 qxfcsml edited by domlowe
Added Roy's comment (and more comments from me) (diff)
12:51 qxfcsml created by domlowe
Added BODC QXF notes to wiki
09:03 Ticket #720 ([DS] Add security to CSML v2) created by domlowe
Should just be a cut and paste from v1 for the schema, but parser classes …
08:12 Changeset [2422] by lawrence
Code to support late binding to Browse service


18:20 Ticket #719 ([M] Bug in spatio-temporal ingest) created by selatham
When doing insert on postgres where no date exists. (update is OK)
18:04 Changeset [2421] by selatham
Bug in inserting with non-existant dates
10:42 Ticket #718 (NDG Egg procedure) created by spascoe
Design a procedure for releasing NDG components as eggs, including: - …
10:31 Ticket #508 ([DS] Inactivity of bbftp project) closed by spascoe
fixed: Use of bbFTP for NDG has been suspended. For the record, My opinion is …
10:27 Ticket #292 ([DS] [WG] [M] DeliveryService .ndgaccess access control mechanism) closed by spascoe
fixed: Access control is likely to be handled by WSGI now. No longer in scope of …
10:25 Ticket #276 ([DS] Implement CSML instance download in the bbFTP client/server) closed by spascoe
wontfix: Use of bbFTP for NDG has been suspended.
10:24 Ticket #299 (bbftp v1 protocol not covered by authorisation API) closed by spascoe
wontfix: Use of bbFTP for NDG has been suspended
10:23 Ticket #278 ([DS] Integrate NDG security authorisation with bbFTP) closed by spascoe
wontfix: Use of bbFTP for NDG has been suspended.
10:22 Ticket #275 ([DS] Integrate NDG security authentication with bbFTP) closed by spascoe
wontfix: Use of bbFTP for NDG has been suspended.


18:04 Ticket #436 ([M] [WG] Standard name population) closed by selatham
duplicate: same as #370
17:52 Ticket #488 ([WG] BADC: Install NDG DP components prior to beta) closed by selatham
17:52 Ticket #717 ([WG][DS] BADC installed Delivery service) created by selatham
If necessary at BADC.
17:51 Ticket #716 ([WG][DS] BADC installation of WMS, WCS) created by selatham
Depends on future of these.
17:50 Ticket #715 ([WG][DS] BADC installed CSML services) created by selatham
17:48 Ticket #714 ([WG][M] BADC installation of pylons browse) created by selatham
On Chinook.
17:46 Ticket #713 ([WG] [S] BADC installation of security) created by selatham
17:21 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/PML/WorkingGrid-18Apr07 edited by pmiller
17:20 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/PML/WorkingGrid-18Apr07 edited by pmiller
16:26 Changeset [2420] by pjkersha
ndg.security.server/ndg/security/server/AttAuthority/init.py: * …
16:13 Ticket #501 ([WG] Identify vocabularies to be served by Vocabulary Server) closed by selatham
fixed: Closing.
15:09 Changeset [2419] by domlowe
adding test subset.py file
12:57 Milestone MOLES 1.3 completed
New version of MOLES, with possible incompatibilities with previous …
12:57 Milestone MOLES V2.0 completed
Was reduced in priority: is it even required for NDG2? May bring forward …
12:50 Milestone Documentation_preBeta completed
All key documentation requirements should be identified, and at least …
12:50 Milestone MeetingsJan2007 completed
Anything that needs to be done/brought up for the ProjectBoard? and …
12:50 Ticket #120 ([M] Service Binding) closed by lawrence
wontfix: I think we've decided to finess this all for NDG …
12:47 Milestone PreBeta completed
Include all the components that will appear in the production version of …
12:41 Ticket #530 ([DS] A static CSML2 needed asap) closed by lawrence
12:40 Ticket #523 ([S] No DP has yet got a full Alpha version of Security running) closed by lawrence
wontfix: We're going straight to Beta.
12:39 Milestone External Product Definition completed
Final decision on what external products will be produced by NDG. Includes …
12:36 Ticket #194 (Best way of handling third party stuff in subversion) closed by lawrence
worksforme: This seems to have been handled by use of eggs.
12:30 Ticket #495 ([WG] package issues for web services and cgis) closed by lawrence
worksforme: If we're using WSGI this has gone away.
12:27 Ticket #494 ([WG] Can we make the python packages eggable?) closed by lawrence
fixed: Clearly the answer is yes, so this ticket should have been closed. We'll …
11:33 Ticket #712 ([WG] Deploy NDG security services on Superglue) closed by lawrence
11:22 Ticket #11 (Security Paper) closed by lawrence
fixed: A formal paper exists and will be submitted to AHM07
11:19 Ticket #712 ([WG] Deploy NDG security services on Superglue) created by lawrence
Connected to the new BADC user database Required for WSGI security …
11:07 Ticket #711 ([WG] Require an ndg-security egg client for 2.5 for Bryan to test) created by lawrence
This is a prerequisite for WSGI security middleware
10:57 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/PML/WorkingGrid-18Apr07 created by pmiller
10:42 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/PML edited by pmiller
10:35 NDGWeekly edited by pjkersha
09:20 Changeset [2418] by pjkersha
ndg.security.server/ndg/security/server/Log.py: remove ref to 'Logger' …
09:08 NDGWeekly edited by pjkersha
08:38 Ticket #708 ([M] Java bug, MDIP content?) closed by lawrence
fixed: OK, I think we handle this error gracefully enough for now. Test it and …
08:36 Changeset [2417] by lawrence
Handling empty documents and errors from DIF loading better


17:54 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
17:53 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
17:26 NDGWeekly edited by mggr
17:03 Changeset [2416] by mpritcha
Better error handling in PresentAgent?.java. Now allows individual docs to …
17:02 Changeset [2415] by mpritcha
Tweaks to orderBy. Still not right yet.
15:40 NDGWeekly edited by pjkersha
14:34 Ticket #709 ([M] d2boneoff failing for some MDIP records) reopened by selatham
Kev - is it possible to at least trap the error. Say 'error code 99 = …
13:48 TI12_Security/NDG/SequenceDiagrams/BrowserClientAccessToAResource created by pjkersha
13:43 TI12_Security/NDG/SequenceDiagrams created by pjkersha
13:42 TI12_Security/NDG edited by pjkersha
13:42 TI12_Security/NDG edited by pjkersha
13:41 TI12_Security/NDG edited by pjkersha
13:38 Changeset [2414] by pjkersha
Removed Session Manager B from diagram as not needed.
12:12 Ticket #709 ([M] d2boneoff failing for some MDIP records) closed by ko23
invalid: Example XML is invalid, e.g. see Subject element. Can't fix something so …
11:39 Ticket #710 (test ticket) created by selatham
11:38 csmlegg edited by domlowe
11:38 csmlegg edited by domlowe
Python 2.5 egg info added. (diff)
10:44 Changeset [2413] by lawrence
oops, the discovery help wasn't in subversion
09:00 Changeset [2412] by domlowe
Tagging as stable beta.


18:41 Ticket #709 ([M] d2boneoff failing for some MDIP records) created by selatham
This is failing with an uncaptured Java error on some MDIP records only. …
16:13 Ticket #708 ([M] Java bug, MDIP content?) created by lawrence
hi Matt This may well be one of those cases where I'm happy to get an …
16:00 Changeset [2411] by lawrence
and another error in error handling (can only test this live folks, …
15:55 Changeset [2410] by lawrence
Error in error handling!
15:44 csmlegg created by domlowe
Added CSML Egg versioning info to wiki
15:27 Changeset [2409] by domlowe
fixes to object property pattern and validation errors. last commit before …
14:41 Changeset [2408] by pjkersha
Include return of cookie.
14:40 Changeset [2407] by pjkersha
Include return of cookie
14:19 Changeset [2406] by pjkersha
Added sequence diagram for AHM Paper to show browser based access to a …
12:55 Ticket #707 (NDG website : production Gateway link broken) created by selatham
The link in the side panel is wrong. http://ndg.nerc.ac.uk/ndg Instead of …
12:53 Ticket #706 (NDG website : some partner links wrong) created by selatham
misspelt  http://bodc.nerc.a.cuk/ for BODC. E-science one is broken …
12:50 Ticket #705 (NDG website pages need links updating) created by selatham
Secondary pages csml http://ndg.nerc.ac.uk/csml/ and contact …
11:15 Changeset [2405] by domlowe
using 2d crs in profile series
11:11 Changeset [2404] by pjkersha
Renamed verifyCert -> verifyCertChain. Now raises an exception on an …


08:10 Ticket #631 ([S] Eggify Security) reopened by lawrence
Can you please make sure the eggs are very visible, perhaps from …


16:33 Changeset [2403] by pjkersha
Changed vers to 0.7.4 in all egg setup.py files.
16:31 Changeset [2402] by pjkersha
top-level setup.py: fixed to version 0.7.3 …
15:51 Ticket #625 ([DS] Implement new xlink mechanism in CSML) closed by domlowe
fixed: Done.
14:44 Ticket #631 ([S] Eggify Security) closed by pjkersha
fixed: This is complete for DEWS but can be developed further to make the set-up …
14:38 Ticket #214 ([S] Security Installation Script) closed by pjkersha
fixed: Created script wrapper to easy_install: …
14:32 Ticket #526 ([S] All Data Providers deploy Alpha version of Security) closed by pjkersha
fixed: This is superseded by Beta release.
14:29 Ticket #220 ([S] Use of Certificates from other CAs in NDG Security) closed by pjkersha
fixed: This should be OK. The WS-Security SignatureHandler? can verify against a …
14:09 Changeset [2401] by pjkersha
ndg.security.server/ndg/security/server/AttAuthority/server-config.tac: …
12:22 Changeset [2400] by domlowe
fixes to demoCreateV2.py and associated parser fixes


15:44 BrowserPlugins edited by domlowe
15:39 BrowserPlugins edited by domlowe
Install info about older firefox plugin added (diff)
15:34 Changeset [2399] by domlowe
added browser plugin for older versions (<2.0) of Firefox
13:43 Identifiers edited by domlowe
Fixing formatting (diff)
13:41 Identifiers edited by domlowe
Notes on CSML internal ids. (diff)
11:57 Ticket #702 ([DS] Ensure valid udunits are used in csml files) closed by domlowe
11:56 Changeset [2398] by domlowe
units use dots instead of spaces
11:52 Changeset [2397] by pjkersha
security/python/ndg.security.server/ndg/security/server/Log.py: added …
11:50 Ticket #704 ([D] GML in CSML best practice documentation) created by domlowe
Document the GML constructs that are best supported in the CSML …
11:09 Ticket #703 ([DS] Tagged and egged csml release) created by domlowe
Release 'stable' CSML as egg, along with more usage documentation.
11:07 Ticket #702 ([DS] Ensure valid udunits are used in csml files) created by domlowe
In particular use dots (.) instead of spaces in units.
11:05 Ticket #701 ([DS] Ensure CF compliance in ouput files) created by domlowe
Check netcdf output files (post subsetting) are completely CF compliant.
11:02 Ticket #700 ([DS] Subsetting on component of the phenomenon) created by domlowe
A feature may represent more than one phenomenon eg. U,V winds. Need to …
10:47 BrowserPlugins created by domlowe
Added wiki page with browser plugin info.


14:17 Changeset [2396] by domlowe
gml:name now used for variable name, gml:id becomes opaque identifer
12:33 flyer edited by hsnaith
12:26 DocumentationTeam edited by hsnaith
12:23 NDG_QUEST.ppt attached to DocumentationTeam by hsnaith
QUEST science meeting presentation
12:18 Changeset [2395] by domlowe
calendering now does not rely on "days since" etc.
12:07 Changeset [2394] by lawrence
Improved error handling, including gross error mailing
11:58 DocumentationTeam edited by hsnaith
09:15 Changeset [2393] by domlowe
merging changes to ops_Gridseriesfeature


16:49 Changeset [2392] by lawrence
Tiny modification to citation handling
16:09 Changeset [2391] by pjkersha
security/python/Makefile: added -f flag to rm call in clean target …
14:54 Changeset [2390] by lawrence
Tiny fix for address handling with empty elements
12:57 Ticket #698 ([D] NDG Website: Broken link) closed by lawrence
12:56 Ticket #699 ([D] NDG Website: Inconsistent fonts) closed by lawrence
fixed: and that's why I hate editing html direct. we should always use a CMS …
12:33 Ticket #699 ([D] NDG Website: Inconsistent fonts) created by domlowe
Times new roman used in places instead of regular stylesheet font.
12:32 NDGBrowseHowTo edited by lawrence
more detailed instructions on installing browse/discovery (diff)
12:29 Ticket #698 ([D] NDG Website: Broken link) created by domlowe
Broken link to CSML (Under 'products' in left hand menu).
10:10 Changeset [2389] by domlowe
valid output from gridseries subset


18:59 Ticket #693 ([M] Bug in Activity stub b xquery?) closed by ko23
fixed: Loaded activity_activity_chablis.xml into my testdb, and xquery ran OK. …


14:25 Components.jpg attached to METAFOR by lawrence
Components of METAFOR
13:31 Deployment2.jpg attached to METAFOR by lawrence
Service Description
13:31 METAFOR created by lawrence
13:29 T08_InternationalCollaboration edited by lawrence
Adding link to METAFOR (diff)


17:35 Changeset [2388] by selatham
added obs station deployment class
16:44 Ticket #696 ([M][WG] BADC observation station stub-B contains no deployments) closed by selatham
fixed: Hopefully this bug in BADC deployments is fixed (and some other I found). …
16:11 Changeset [2387] by domlowe
storage descriptor separated from feature collection
15:36 Ticket #697 ([M] (DI-2-3) (DI-4-1) Revisit the pgsphere postgis issue) created by lawrence
To make sense of geographical searching of our data we need to do better …
15:01 Changeset [2386] by lawrence
Improvements in date and person handling.
14:31 Changeset [2385] by domlowe
various fixes to subsetting output
14:09 Ticket #696 ([M][WG] BADC observation station stub-B contains no deployments) created by lawrence
I can't navigate from the obs stations anywhere. This looks like a …
14:02 Ticket #693 ([M] Bug in Activity stub b xquery?) reopened by lawrence
13:33 Ticket #693 ([M] Bug in Activity stub b xquery?) closed by ko23
fixed: Oh go on, as it's you... Seriously, from the quick tests I've done, it …
13:32 Changeset [2384] by ko23
Fix to ObsStn? StubB
09:33 Ticket #179 ([M] Need a restful get for discovery) closed by domlowe
fixed: Closing ticket. The plugin works in both IE7 and Firefox version 2. If we …
09:24 Changeset [2383] by domlowe
Added browser plugin to new directory, browserplugins in discovery trunk


17:22 Ticket #695 ([M] xquery needed to extract a deployment via it's ID) created by lawrence
We've talked about deployments having characteristics. Should they be …
17:20 Ticket #694 ([M] Late binding in MOLES) created by lawrence
Two interesting cases: 1. The deployment appears to be an integral part …
13:47 Ticket #693 ([M] Bug in Activity stub b xquery?) created by lawrence
The metadataid element is surrounding nearly the whole record: see the …
12:03 Ticket #692 ([M] Tooltips in Discovery) created by pmiller
A little fix needed on the Discovery/Browse? tooltips, looks like you are …
11:50 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/PML/WorkingGrid-04Apr07 edited by pmiller
11:50 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/PML/WorkingGrid-04Apr07 edited by pmiller
11:42 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
11:27 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/PML/WorkingGrid-04Apr07 edited by pmiller
11:17 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/PML/WorkingGrid-04Apr07 created by pmiller
11:02 Ticket #691 ([M] Glue Browse doesn't work on IE) created by pmiller
I'm running IE7, but this may be a general IE issue? Loading browse page: …
10:55 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/PML edited by pmiller
10:12 Changeset [2382] by domlowe
fixed FileList? class #2
10:12 NDGWeekly edited by siva
10:10 NDGWeekly edited by siva
10:09 Changeset [2381] by domlowe
fixed FileList? class
08:35 Changeset [2380] by lawrence
Some more browse improvements. Handling dgMetadataDescription. Better …


22:50 Changeset [2379] by lawrence
Improved handling of deployments in browse.
22:50 Ticket #690 ([M][WG] namespace problems) created by lawrence
Still getting java.lang.NullPointerExceptions?. Try doing a search on MDIP …
21:08 Ticket #689 ([M] [WG] BADC metadata content shows up problem with online references) created by lawrence
Suspect Kev knows all about this, but […] has […] What's the point …
18:56 Changeset [2378] by selatham
more config files
18:46 Ticket #657 ([M] MDIP records have incorrect target schema location) closed by selatham
fixed: Seem to all be using the correct target tags now.
18:08 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
18:03 Ticket #688 ([M] Discovery front end style) created by selatham
Identified need for:- * better listing of datasets after a search * …
17:50 Ticket #687 ([M][WG] ingest rest of MDIP records to discovery portal) created by selatham
There may be namespace, content problems.
17:24 Ticket #664 ([M] Discovery 'list index out of range' problem) closed by selatham
fixed: We now have blank GCMD science valids being filled with 'unknown'. This …
17:10 Ticket #686 ([WG] Hide the repository call in the url) created by lawrence
Remove repository from the API for retrieve commands ... it should be …
17:03 Ticket #141 (Work to support the Vocab/ Thesaurus server) closed by selatham
duplicate: Bryan dealing with this now in ticket #685
16:58 Ticket #682 ([M] Vocabserver API) closed by rkl
fixed: I'm familiar with WSDL2Java for building client stubs. What we did is to …
16:49 Ticket #84 ([M] Test bdbxml database functionality) closed by selatham
wontfix: We will not change XML db in NDG2.
16:34 Changeset [2377] by domlowe
fixed Xlinking in SpatialOrTemporalLists? fixed uom attribute
16:27 Ticket #685 ([M] [WG] Supply machine assisted search into discovery interface) created by lawrence
The idea is that after one gets the line Results 1 to 10 of 576 for …
15:57 Ticket #643 ([M] Refactored xqueries to support MOLES transformations) closed by ko23
fixed: Ummmmm... done ages ago and forgotten... Note that new versions of bulkde …
15:56 Changeset [2376] by lawrence
Fixes potential underscore in ndg URI problem.
15:52 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
15:50 Ticket #670 ([M] ISO xquery fails) closed by ko23
15:49 Changeset [2375] by ko23
Temporal output from mini-MOLES to DIF enabled (see #680)
15:49 Ticket #680 ([M] Temporal info from DIF to discovery-moles) closed by ko23
fixed: Actually, this seems to be the other way around in that the temporal stuff …
15:25 Changeset [2374] by lawrence
Fixed the 1 to 10 of 1 problem in discovery
15:15 Changeset [2373] by mpritcha
Updated with latest xqueries (now labelled).
14:09 Ticket #684 ([M] Model calendars) created by selatham
In moles. Standard vocab.
14:07 Ticket #668 ([M] Parse/correct date formats(see python time module)) closed by selatham
fixed: Mini-moles production converts dates to ISO8601(probably).
14:04 Ticket #606 (Local NDG access to GCMD valids vocab in Postgres) closed by selatham
wontfix: Use bodc vocab server.
13:13 Changeset [2372] by ko23
Fix MDIP2MOLES cast (see #655)
11:12 Ticket #596 ([M] MDIP format to minimum MOLES transformation) closed by selatham
fixed: Finishing off in ticket #655. So close this one.


21:39 Changeset [2371] by lawrence
Interim check in browse update ... (browse still not working properly)
17:46 Ticket #680 ([M] Temporal info from DIF to discovery-moles) reopened by selatham
Ok, temporal info is coming through to the mini-moles. But it's still not …
17:30 Ticket #679 ([M] [WG] Browse xqueries seem to be broken.) closed by lawrence
17:13 Ticket #683 ([M] Chances of machine assisted discovery in NDG2?) created by lawrence
It would be nice to deploy machine assisted discovery in NDG2! Will we …
17:09 Changeset [2370] by ko23
Update of DIF2MOLES
17:08 Ticket #680 ([M] Temporal info from DIF to discovery-moles) closed by ko23
17:07 Changeset [2369] by pjkersha
ndg.security.*/setup.py: updated to versino 0.7.3 to ensure eggs will be …
17:07 Ticket #656 ([M] Temporal info not being passed to discovery-moles) closed by ko23
duplicate: #680 more precise
17:07 Ticket #682 ([M] Vocabserver API) created by lawrence
The Vocabserver api is not very intuitive: the method parameters do not …
17:03 Changeset [2368] by pjkersha
TODO: fix system call to Twisted setup.py - gives no such file directory …
16:48 Changeset [2367] by ko23
Fix of #679
16:48 Changeset [2366] by lawrence
Improvements on DIF rendering, Source and Sensor display.
16:45 Ticket #681 ([M] Temporal info from DIF to discovery-moles) closed by selatham
16:45 Ticket #681 ([M] Temporal info from DIF to discovery-moles) created by selatham
Temporal info still not coming through. See attached bodc DIF just …
16:44 Ticket #680 ([M] Temporal info from DIF to discovery-moles) created by selatham
Temporal info still not coming through. See attached bodc DIF just …
16:26 Changeset [2365] by pjkersha
Changes to convert system calls to appropriate API equivalents e.g. use …
16:24 Changeset [2364] by lawrence
Sundry modifications to get browse working again and to use a config file …
16:18 Ticket #679 ([M] [WG] Browse xqueries seem to be broken.) created by lawrence
Activity and data entity STUB-B xqueries using …
16:15 Changeset [2363] by ko23
Extended MDIP output from MOLES
15:37 Changeset [2362] by domlowe
correct handling of xlinks in domain
14:22 Changeset [2361] by domlowe
more on calendars etc
13:58 Changeset [2360] by pjkersha
python/ndg.security.common/ndg/security/common/wsSecurity.py: testing for …
11:32 Changeset [2359] by domlowe
resolving conflicted state of parser.py
08:36 Changeset [2358] by ko23
Base NDG2DIF bugfix + Python lib (no XQueryLib dependence)


15:25 Changeset [2357] by domlowe
Times now formatted correctly
12:44 Changeset [2356] by domlowe
fixing SpatialOrTemporalList?
12:25 NDGBrowseHowTo edited by lawrence
more interim changes to the browse howto (diff)
11:43 Changeset [2355] by lawrence
Generates the python code to talk to the discovery service from the wsdl …
11:41 NDGBrowseHowTo edited by lawrence
11:29 Changeset [2354] by pjkersha
Fix to check userId - use 'if not ...' rather then '... is None' for test …
11:28 Changeset [2353] by lawrence
And now hopefully the discovery service wsdl generated types will be …
11:26 Changeset [2352] by lawrence
Cleaning up a svn inconsistency in browse/discovery
11:11 NDGBrowseHowTo edited by lawrence
adding more detail to browse howto (diff)
10:39 Changeset [2351] by lawrence
Shell script for controlling deployment of ndg browse/discovery wsgi on …
10:20 Ticket #568 ([M] Discovery - new portal needs to support MDIP selected format) closed by mpritcha
fixed: Done, but MOLES-to-MDIP output xqeury still needs more flesh on its bones. …
10:18 Ticket #584 ([M] Discovery - doPresent to support slection of one or more formats ...) closed by mpritcha
fixed: Done, currently supports "original", "DC", "DIF", "MDIP". List of …
10:13 Ticket #297 ([M] Secure the discovery Admin.jsp) closed by mpritcha
wontfix: Admin.jsp is not part of the new portal, so not needed. Will see if …
10:11 Ticket #562 ([M] Discovery - doPresent supports 'Dublin Core' format returns) closed by mpritcha
fixed: DC present works.
10:09 Ticket #302 ([M] discovery web service needs reconnect option) closed by mpritcha
wontfix: Don't think we need this with current setup. Can revisit in future if need …
09:57 Changeset [2350] by pjkersha
ndg.security.test/ndg/security/test/AttAuthority/siteAAttAuthorityPropertie …


18:46 Ticket #296 ([M] secure oai) closed by selatham
fixed: Done.
15:47 Changeset [2349] by domlowe
more validation related fixes
13:35 Changeset [2348] by domlowe
various fixes related to schema validation
12:55 Ticket #669 ([M] Keyword adder required) closed by selatham
fixed: Tested and in use.
12:52 Ticket #675 ([M] Limit-by not picking up expected records) closed by selatham
fixed: Yes I get 86 as per Matt but through the GUI. This is what I would expect. …
12:33 NDGWeekly edited by selatham
11:48 Ticket #678 ([M] Put Discovery Portal through Validator) created by mpritcha
Page displaying search results causes error in IE6. Can it be run …


21:13 Changeset [2347] by lawrence
bug fix for ticket:675
20:51 Changeset [2346] by lawrence
Interim changes to default config file ... (supports only discovery …
20:48 Changeset [2345] by lawrence
Now using the SOAP call for all discovery D calls, rather than XMLRPC for …
20:46 Ticket #677 ([M] (DI-3-2) provenance entry in MOLES output) created by lawrence
The discovery documents we create from our mini-MOLES content should …
17:26 Changeset [2344] by ko23
Updated versions of vocab proposals
17:04 Ticket #673 ([M] Keyword transfer from DIF to Discovery moles) closed by selatham
fixed: OK, Matt and Kev's stuff doesn't use the key so this is OK for now until …
15:56 Ticket #666 ([M] BGS records behaviour in GUI) closed by mpritcha
wontfix: Let's not bother with this yet as BGS are planning to supply sample ISO …
14:54 Changeset [2343] by domlowe
ordering code actually working properly now
14:42 NDGWeekly edited by rkl
14:41 NDGWeekly edited by rkl
14:40 NDGWeekly edited by rkl
14:06 Ticket #676 ([S] Change Security Web Service Client to use M2Crypto instead of ...) created by pjkersha
[ http://docs.python.org/lib/module-httplib.html Documentation for …
13:57 Ticket #673 ([M] Keyword transfer from DIF to Discovery moles) reopened by selatham
This is OK for now as long as it's not causing any of the problems within …
13:16 Changeset [2342] by domlowe
removing test.xml file from svn
13:15 Changeset [2341] by domlowe
Correct ordering of csml elements in parser
12:39 Ticket #672 ([M] Discovery paging) closed by lawrence
fixed: fixed in changeset:2340
12:26 Changeset [2340] by lawrence
Bug fixes and test cases for ticket:672
10:22 Changeset [2339] by ko23
Updated versions of vocab proposals
07:53 Ticket #674 ([M] Limit-by not picking up expected records) closed by ko23
duplicate: Duplicate of #675
07:49 Ticket #673 ([M] Keyword transfer from DIF to Discovery moles) closed by ko23
worksforme: Yup, and until a supportable way to look up the keys is implemented, then …
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