18:45 Ticket #603 ([M] Get new Discovery and Browse working on superglue) created by selatham
This means completely upgrading/changing everything to do with …
18:21 Ticket #583 ([M] Extract spatio and temporal info from MOLES) reopened by selatham
I just want the spatio and temporal bits, preferably passed back in a …
17:24 T12_Security edited by pjkersha
17:23 TI12_Security/TID created by pjkersha
17:22 T12_Security edited by pjkersha
17:20 TI12_Security/EggifyingNDGsecurity edited by pjkersha
17:18 TI12_Security/EggifyingNDGsecurity edited by pjkersha
17:17 TI12_Security/EggifyingNDGsecurity edited by pjkersha
17:17 TI12_Security/EggifyingNDGsecurity created by pjkersha
16:01 Changeset [1739] by domlowe
implemented some sort of substitution for AbstractFeature?
15:04 Ticket #602 ([M] exist installation modified to support JDBC) created by mpritcha
Current proposed solution to search spatio / temporal info in postgres …
15:01 Ticket #601 ([DS] DX Datasets file ingestor needs improving) created by astephen
Should be able to ingest all from config file in one go. Note that …
14:49 Ticket #593 ([M] Controlled vocab for DataProvider groupings) closed by selatham
duplicate: Duplicate of #589
14:39 Ticket #600 ([M] (DI-3-3) Automatically notify DP's when their OAI has failed.) created by selatham
Use the DP's e-mail address which can be harvested in jOAI?
14:36 Ticket #599 ([M] Set up regular harvesting from all DPs (currently on glue)) created by selatham
* NOCS works * PML/NEODAAS works * BODC - works * BADC - works * NEODC …
14:33 Ticket #598 ([M] (DI-3-3) Handle deletions in OAI harvesting process) created by selatham
Look at OAI spec and Dlese conformity.
14:25 T12_Security edited by pjkersha
14:24 Ticket #597 ([M] Need FastCGI installed for discovery front-end) created by selatham
Need FastCGI installing on glue (then superglue) for the NDG Discovery …
14:22 Ticket #596 ([M] MDIP format to minimum MOLES transformation) created by selatham
Needs these as a minimum (if available in source discovery format). * …
14:14 Ticket #595 ([M] XQueries for use of MOLES in discovery) created by selatham
To cover the discovery methods. Can Matt do this?
13:56 Ticket #594 ([M] Re-arrange collections in eXist for discovery) created by selatham
on development (glue) first.
13:53 Ticket #593 ([M] Controlled vocab for DataProvider groupings) created by selatham
I.e. MDIP, NERC, NERC-DDC. This is to enable virtual organisations such …
13:39 Ticket #571 ([WG] Supply MDIP with location of latest UK GEMINI schema) closed by selatham
fixed: MDIP working on an extended 'old' Gemini format. Should be ready by …
10:54 Changeset [1738] by domlowe
commenting out and fixing v1 imports
10:48 Changeset [1737] by domlowe
namespace tinkering
10:25 Changeset [1736] by domlowe
namespace support working better #2
10:21 Changeset [1735] by domlowe
removed self.NAMESPACE and moved ownership of namespace to individual …
09:57 Changeset [1734] by domlowe
attributes handled better, without need to remove uri
09:22 Changeset [1733] by awoolf
Sanity check of schemas with minor corrections, mods to UML.


16:23 Changeset [1732] by domlowe
basic attribute support
15:41 Changeset [1731] by mpritcha
Updated endpoint url to point to glue.badc.rl.ac.uk. No need for …
12:42 Changeset [1730] by pjkersha
server-config.tac: changes to AttAuthorityService? sub class - working …
09:04 Changeset [1729] by mpritcha
Removed spatioTemporalSearch, now part of all other searches. Changed …
07:08 Changeset [1728] by awoolf
Hack of SWE to import GML 3.2 rather than 3.1.1 in order to avoid CSML …


22:19 Changeset [1727] by pjkersha
Copied from ndg.security.common.AttAuthority?. These files are needed by …
22:13 Changeset [1726] by pjkersha
22:11 Changeset [1725] by pjkersha
22:06 Changeset [1724] by pjkersha
Setting up client, server and unit tests for Attribute Authority.
16:58 Ticket #592 ([M] DIF-to-minimum MOLES transformation) created by mpritcha
Needs these as a minimum (if available in source discovery format). * …
16:23 Changeset [1723] by domlowe
this is the proof of concept, the last one was just the test.xml file
16:23 Changeset [1722] by domlowe
proof of concept for CSML v2 parser, baseclass now does all the from/to …
16:14 Changeset [1721] by ko23
eXist releases for Tomcat - 20061024
12:23 Ticket #591 ([DS] Allow command-line invocation of DX Server for queuing) closed by astephen
fixed: Completed. This should allow better control and visibility of what is …
12:22 Ticket #591 ([DS] Allow command-line invocation of DX Server for queuing) created by astephen
Need to create a command-line version of the DX Server that bypasses …
11:49 Changeset [1720] by pjkersha
Setting up Attribute Authority client unit test in new test egg.
09:20 Changeset [1719] by pjkersha
09:17 Changeset [1718] by pjkersha
Added test package.


23:22 Changeset [1717] by astephen
Removed more rubbish
23:02 Changeset [1716] by astephen
Removed excess stuff.
23:01 Changeset [1715] by astephen
Merged with titania version.


12:15 Changeset [1714] by pjkersha
Added wsdl2dispatch generated code and files for Twisted web server.
12:13 Changeset [1713] by pjkersha
AttAuthorityClient? package: * moved AttAuthorityClient? module to package …
12:05 Changeset [1712] by pjkersha
Make Attribute Authority client a separate package contain client classes …
11:17 Changeset [1711] by pjkersha
SessionMgr_services_server.py: moved to SessionMgr? server package. …
10:02 Ticket #590 ([S] Twisted Support for Security Web Services) created by pjkersha
Investigate use of Twisted with ZSI for NDG Security web services. The …
09:09 Changeset [1710] by awoolf
Initial draft schemas complete, UML modelling changes to {Ragged}Section, …


20:14 Changeset [1709] by astephen
Latest titania bundle.
18:57 Changeset [1708] by pjkersha
Moved wsdl2dispatch generated attAuthority_services_server.py to new …
16:55 Changeset [1707] by ko23
Extensions for MDIP (part one)
16:41 Ticket #583 ([M] Extract spatio and temporal info from MOLES) closed by ko23
fixed: Stub B etc already do this and is available, so isn't it done?
16:41 Ticket #589 ([M] Establish vocabulary for centre types) created by ko23
There's a need to differentiate between different centre types for MDIP, …
16:41 Ticket #588 (Establish vocab for stating type of an online reference) created by ko23
Provide content for the dgReferenceClass tag to allow the statement of …
16:39 Ticket #587 (Add method of classifying online references) created by ko23
Provide a way of saying what the online reference is pointing to.
16:11 Changeset [1706] by pjkersha
Simplify import statements by moving AttAuthority?.py -> init.py and …
16:10 Changeset [1705] by pjkersha
16:09 Changeset [1704] by pjkersha
16:06 Changeset [1703] by pjkersha
More convenient names.
16:01 Changeset [1702] by pjkersha
No longer needed as now split distro into client, server and common.
15:44 Changeset [1701] by pjkersha
Major re-working to allow separate client, server and common eggs.
10:48 Changeset [1700] by awoolf
Slight mods arising from OGC 06-160 GML CR on ReferenceableGrid?.
08:21 Changeset [1699] by pjkersha
Rearranged main services into separate namespace packages.


18:25 Ticket #586 ([M] doPresent takes one or more doc refs at a time) created by selatham
18:23 Ticket #585 ([M] Controlled vocab for formats) created by selatham
e.g. "Original", "DIF", "ISO19139" (should this be ISO19115 more people …
18:21 Ticket #584 ([M] Discovery - doPresent to support slection of one or more formats ...) created by selatham
Formats "Original", "DIF", "ISO19139" (should this be ISO19115 more people …
18:15 Ticket #583 ([M] Extract spatio and temporal info from MOLES) created by selatham
For use in an ingest script which populates the postgres/GIS db for …
12:24 DataProviderProducts edited by hsnaith
12:12 DataProviderProducts edited by hsnaith
10:49 Ticket #582 ([DS] Access to metadata in CSML read methods) created by mggr
A number of the PML data files require some limited metadata in order to …
09:57 Ticket #581 ([DS] CSML codebase rewritten for CSML 2) created by domlowe
Scanner, Parser, API code all needs revising for CSML 2
09:56 Ticket #580 ([M][DS] Update CSML 2 MOLES for CSML 2) created by domlowe
Update csml 2 moles tool to use new csml schema
09:53 Ticket #574 ([M] MOLES parsing/CSML-2-moles needs to handle namespaces) closed by domlowe
fixed: Closed. I think this is okay. It will only be using the MOLES namespace.
08:30 Changeset [1698] by awoolf
CSML2: * UML updated for {PointSeries?,Trajectory}Coverage to <<implement>> …


14:32 Changeset [1697] by domlowe
Added instance document for GridFeature?
13:02 Changeset [1696] by pjkersha
Working test code for ZSI Web Service using Twisted: * for server, used …
10:37 Ticket #579 (Rewriting everything to deal with namespaces) closed by ko23
10:36 Ticket #579 (Rewriting everything to deal with namespaces) created by ko23
10:32 Ticket #29 (Support geospatial query on RDBMS backend - BADC implementation) closed by ko23
09:58 Changeset [1695] by ko23
Namespaced versions
09:46 Ticket #575 ([M][DS]Preserve order of elements in Moles parser.) closed by domlowe
fixed: Discussion aside I've implemented this now as Sue wanted it working it so …
09:46 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/BODC edited by siva
09:42 Changeset [1694] by domlowe
XML output is now schema aware and examines the moles schema for sequence …
09:10 Ticket #350 ([M] Extend functionality of vocab server API) closed by rkl
09:06 Ticket #164 ([M] Vocab Server Testing) closed by rkl
09:04 Ticket #578 ([WG] Vocabulary Server Population) created by rkl
Requests for controlled vocabularies to be added to the list served by the …
08:59 Ticket #174 ([M] BODC Discovery vocabulary to GCMD parameter valids integration/mapping) closed by rkl
fixed: Part of the work described by ticket #177
08:43 Ticket #470 (BODC CF Standard Name Versioned serving - establish operational protocols) closed by rkl
fixed: Alsion will provide BODC with a list of changes prior to each new CF …
08:41 Ticket #469 (BODC CF Standard Name Versioned serving - initial population) closed by rkl
07:52 Changeset [1693] by awoolf
Updated UML for CSML v2, and initial draft schema (includes Grid feature).


19:10 WorkingGrid/Agenda/November06 created by mggr
18:54 WorkingGrid edited by mggr
18:40 MetadataServices/Agenda/Nov06 edited by selatham
18:39 MetadataServices/Agenda/Nov06 edited by selatham
18:37 Milestone PostAlpha_review completed
Reviewing how well alpha products were delivered and implemented. …
18:25 Ticket #577 ([M] Michael Hughes leaving BODC) created by selatham
Who will cover vocab WS work? Following Roy's comments the outstanding …
18:21 MetadataServices/Agenda/Nov06 edited by selatham
18:19 MetadataServices/Agenda/Nov06 edited by selatham
18:07 Ticket #117 (Glue memory leak problems) closed by selatham
fixed: Increased -Xmx to 1G. Not had any memory leak problems recently. Closing.
17:56 MetadataServices/Agenda/Nov06 edited by selatham
17:55 MetadataServices/Agenda/Nov06 created by selatham
17:52 MetadataServices edited by selatham
15:31 Changeset [1692] by domlowe
schema class added to keep track of sequences


10:35 Changeset [1691] by pjkersha
* Converted into class. * Store works with client authentication - …
09:02 Ticket #576 ([S] Investigate running CA as part of MyProxy for each data provider) created by pjkersha
MyProxy has functionality to incorporate a CA: …


15:55 Changeset [1690] by ko23
ISO19139 plus NS + BB and Area terms
15:51 Changeset [1689] by ko23
19139 schema for portability
11:56 Ticket #575 ([M][DS]Preserve order of elements in Moles parser.) created by domlowe
Preserve order of child elements in Moles parser.


18:24 Changeset [1688] by selatham
Hiding a bit of stuff
18:20 Changeset [1687] by selatham
Uses latest molesReadWrite. Inserted PrettyPrint? code as function.
14:26 Changeset [1686] by domlowe
identifying code that needs changing for csml v2 and putting stubs in …
14:20 Changeset [1685] by ko23
14:14 Changeset [1684] by ko23
MOLES 1.3, just xlink to add.
14:07 Changeset [1683] by ko23
v0.9 of namespaced xqueries
14:02 Changeset [1682] by pjkersha
Customized version includes extra methods for X509.X509.Request - as_asn1 …
13:55 Changeset [1681] by pjkersha
Store custom NDG security dependencies.
10:41 Changeset [1680] by pjkersha
No need for separate package directory.
09:35 Changeset [1679] by domlowe
Adding branch as temporary repository for CSML version 2 rewrite (will …


16:42 Changeset [1678] by selatham
further updates
14:55 Changeset [1677] by ko23
Util to add MOLES namespace to documents
07:57 Changeset [1676] by domlowe
made namespace non-mandatory keyword argument


16:57 Changeset [1675] by selatham
further development
11:54 Ticket #471 ([DS] ArrayGenerator needed for regularly changing datasets) closed by domlowe
duplicate: ArrayGenerator support is provided in the parser, and the rest of this …
10:07 Changeset [1674] by domlowe
iotest.py updated to include test of cdml interface
10:06 Changeset [1673] by domlowe
subclassed cdunifdatainterface to create cdmldatainterface. This takes …
09:07 Changeset [1672] by domlowe
really removing it this time
08:45 Changeset [1671] by lawrence
New NDG discovery interface, including CSS, still a few bits to do, but …
08:27 Changeset [1670] by domlowe
removing qname code for now


18:41 Changeset [1669] by selatham
CEDAR (BADC and NEODC) specific MOLES creation software
10:32 Changeset [1668] by domlowe
make nappy package non-compulsory


02:21 Changeset [1667] by awoolf
Tidy up.


19:34 Changeset [1666] by awoolf
Affordances moved from coverages to features.
15:06 T05_Delivery edited by spascoe
09:04 Changeset [1665] by pjkersha
Commented out WS-Security handlers for tests.


17:48 Changeset [1664] by pjkersha
Modified version working for sig generation with WebSphere?. Verify of …
17:46 Changeset [1663] by pjkersha
Modified version working for sig generation with WebSphere?. Verify of …
16:53 Changeset [1662] by domlowe
namespace support in csml2moles (broken)
16:34 Changeset [1661] by ko23
Refactoring XQuery - activity
11:04 Ticket #574 ([M] MOLES parsing/CSML-2-moles needs to handle namespaces) created by domlowe
If we are putting namespaces in our MOLES docs then the MOLES parsing code …
09:36 Changeset [1660] by astephen
Version with overlay of trajectories on top of model fields draft version …
09:13 Changeset [1659] by astephen
09:12 Changeset [1658] by astephen
09:11 Changeset [1657] by astephen
testing merge functionality, base dir


15:16 Changeset [1656] by ko23
Namespaced queries starting points
08:55 Changeset [1655] by lawrence
Gemini schema and example documents


10:26 Ticket #466 ([DS] Granule Summary Tool) closed by domlowe
fixed: The csml2moles tool now works, including the union of geospatial coverages …
09:01 Changeset [1654] by pjkersha
setup.py: modified version numbering to be consistent with egg n.n.n …
08:56 molesparser edited by domlowe
added subheading (diff)
08:40 molesparser edited by domlowe
finished editing Moles parser document (diff)


16:52 Changeset [1653] by pjkersha
setup.py: added entry point for ndgSessionClient script. …
15:33 molesparser created by domlowe
Added notes on MOLES parsing (unfinished)
15:17 Changeset [1652] by domlowe
moved create classes call to init
14:55 Changeset [1651] by domlowe
renaming molesWriter
14:43 Changeset [1650] by domlowe
moles parser fromXML working
11:37 Changeset [1649] by pjkersha
Updated SignatureHandler?.verify to handle Exclusive canonicalization …
08:57 Changeset [1648] by pjkersha
SessionCookie? class encapsulates cookie handling previously held in …
08:56 Changeset [1647] by pjkersha
dist/ndg_security-DevPostAlpha?-py2.4.egg: new egg ez_setup.py: standard …


21:53 Changeset [1646] by lawrence
Simple wsgi code to run with fastcgi -- discovery wrapper. Works.
19:47 Changeset [1645] by lawrence
More changes associated with move of discovery to wsgi


22:36 Changeset [1644] by lawrence
Modifications for wsgi (and hence fastcgi) compliance in new discovery


14:16 Changeset [1643] by domlowe
moles round trip handles multiple similar elements
13:36 Changeset [1642] by pjkersha
Created common package for modules common to client and server packages. …
12:00 Changeset [1641] by pjkersha
11:58 Changeset [1640] by pjkersha
Experiment with SVN macros.
11:55 Changeset [1639] by pjkersha
python/setup.py: adapted to make Python Egg. python/*.py: changed import …


17:54 Changeset [1638] by pjkersha
Moved client and server side specific modules to their respective client …
17:35 Changeset [1637] by pjkersha
Separate client and server side code into separate packages.
17:33 Changeset [1636] by pjkersha
Change to new package structure. All refs to NDG package changed to …
17:01 Changeset [1635] by spascoe
Modified xmlHandler so that the test case uses unittest and works with …
16:10 Changeset [1634] by pjkersha
Tests with WebSphere?.
16:08 Changeset [1633] by pjkersha
16:08 Changeset [1632] by pjkersha
16:07 Changeset [1631] by pjkersha
16:04 Changeset [1630] by pjkersha
Change to lower case for new package structure.
14:21 Ticket #573 ([M] Upgrade exist to latest stable (20061024 )) created by selatham
To fix XQuery and namespaces problem. Then won't need to remove namespaces …
12:45 Changeset [1629] by domlowe
moles roundtripping
12:23 Changeset [1628] by ko23
1.3 change in response to comment
11:53 Changeset [1627] by lawrence
First python util code, namespace aware prettyprinter for html and text …
10:05 Changeset [1626] by spascoe
Fixed some typos. setuptools bootstraping works and egg is built.
09:58 Changeset [1625] by spascoe
A skeleton egg-compatible ndg.utils package. I havn't checked this works …


15:03 Changeset [1624] by root
Version 0.72 binary release.


13:49 Changeset [1623] by domlowe
fixing accidental delete.
13:46 Changeset [1622] by domlowe
temporary support for some namespace for local parameters in csml scanner
13:37 Changeset [1621] by domlowe
added stub standard name class
12:28 Changeset [1620] by selatham
fix bug where 'in' directory not being cleared initially.


17:51 Ticket #570 ([M] Allow a DP to have no group/keyword for ingestion) closed by selatham
fixed: Changed script oai_ingest.py to allow bo group/keyword.
17:37 Changeset [1619] by selatham
Allow no specification of groups/keywords in config file
12:10 Changeset [1618] by pjkersha
Experimented with namespaces for SignatureHandler? to try to get working …
11:50 Changeset [1617] by domlowe
summarisation of parameters from csml
10:44 Changeset [1616] by ko23
Re-fix of onlineReferenceType XMLSpy mess up. Update of XQueries
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