15:59 Changeset [1402] by domlowe
tidying up comments and old code
15:21 Changeset [1401] by domlowe
switch to declare values and axis data (rangeset and domain) to be stored …
15:11 Changeset [1400] by spascoe
Another missing use of socklen_t.
14:14 Changeset [1399] by domlowe
minor edit to remove _ in string
14:09 Changeset [1398] by domlowe
switch to declare time data to be stored inline or in file extract
12:25 Changeset [1397] by spascoe
Missing prototypes added.


16:37 LoggingBestPractice edited by spascoe
16:16 LoggingBestPractice edited by spascoe
15:47 Changeset [1396] by lawrence
Changing emphasis in naming of security client
15:39 Changeset [1395] by spascoe
Eliminated all "implicit declaration" warnings from "python setup.py …
15:11 T01_Discovery edited by selatham
14:07 Changeset [1394] by spascoe
One last #include.
14:05 Changeset [1393] by spascoe
More missing #includes.
13:57 Changeset [1392] by spascoe
More missing #includes exposed when compiling on easterly.
13:32 Changeset [1391] by spascoe
All warnings generated by "make -C src" are now fixed. NOTE: "python …
12:54 Changeset [1390] by spascoe
Eliminated many socket related compile time warnings. These were due to …
11:59 Changeset [1389] by spascoe
socklen_t related compiler warnings have been eliminated.
10:37 Changeset [1388] by spascoe
Added debug code.


13:33 Changeset [1387] by lawrence
Modifications to show ingestion issues for CSML at BADC


19:41 Changeset [1386] by lawrence
... and this is the key diagram …
19:41 Changeset [1385] by lawrence
Modifications to the EA package to make data granule relationships clear
18:31 Ticket #502 ([S] Possible privilege escalation in security init scripts) created by mggr
The current init scripts (source:TI12-security/trunk/python/share) source …
17:10 Changeset [1384] by mggr
PML RSDAS role mapping plugin
16:42 Ticket #166 ([M] Create spec for Vocab Server population enhancement) closed by rkl
duplicate: Superseded by ticket 501.
16:41 Ticket #501 ([WG] Identify vocabularies to be served by Vocabulary Server) created by rkl
Forward looking replacement for ticket #166, which will soon be closed. …
15:16 Ticket #500 (Formal structure in MOLES schema to carry CF term+) created by ko23
Assumes that ticket:499 is successful. Produce formal structure in MOLES …
15:14 Ticket #499 (Review of convention for representing CF cell methods and associating with ...) created by ko23
Follow on from ticket:465 and discussion between Bryan and myself. …
14:46 Milestone NumSimV007 completed
This version of NumSim should be ready to use, documented, and tested …
14:45 Milestone API specification for term server completed
14:45 Milestone ALPHA completed
This is the initial NDG2 release. Major components should be present, …
14:32 Changeset [1383] by ko23
14:31 Ticket #417 ([m] moles entity abbreviation should be compulsory AND populated.) closed by ko23
fixed: See dgMandatoryStringType.
09:32 Changeset [1382] by ko23
09:17 Ticket #384 ([M] MOLES dgDataGranule re-design) closed by ko23
fixed: See implementation. ACW.
09:16 Ticket #460 ([M] Modfications to dgParameterType) closed by ko23
fixed: IsOutput? and Choice group made optional, as "least disruption options"
08:57 Ticket #457 (Add cruise elements to dgCruise as indicated by CSR) closed by ko23


17:33 Ticket #347 ([m] get the related URL out of MOLES for servcie list in browse) closed by selatham
duplicate: Duplicate of #463
17:31 LoggingBestPractice edited by spascoe
17:23 Ticket #69 ([M] Upgrade NDG Discovery portal to latest eXist release) closed by selatham
duplicate: Superceded by ticket #481
17:21 LoggingBestPractice edited by spascoe
17:12 Ticket #373 (What are we doing for e-Science AHM?) closed by selatham
fixed: DECISION: at Project Board that Helen and Michael Hughes would attend …
17:11 LoggingBestPractice created by spascoe
15:25 Changeset [1381] by domlowe
minor edit
15:23 Changeset [1380] by domlowe
propagating additional args/configs through Scanner code
13:19 Changeset [1379] by domlowe
aligned command line args with config options
12:51 Changeset [1378] by domlowe
added switch to allow visual test of config file before scan, added …
12:07 Changeset [1377] by ko23
11:32 Changeset [1376] by domlowe
changes to allow testing of config file approach with scanner
08:16 Changeset [1375] by ko23
08:13 Changeset [1374] by ko23


18:47 Ticket #186 ([DS]qxf read methods on csml) closed by domlowe
fixed: Closing this ticket. New ticket 498 created to remind me to add …
18:46 Ticket #498 ([DS] Allow for .qxf file extensions) created by domlowe
Change parser and data interface classes so .qxf is a valid file extension …
17:17 PythonCoding edited by lawrence
17:16 Ticket #497 ([WG] Quality/ system integration testing) created by lawrence
We need a plan for how we are going to test against our project objectives …
17:14 Ticket #496 ([WG] How should we handle the svn layout to support the packaging ...) created by lawrence
See discussion at PythonCoding ... which states: Too hard for now. …
17:12 Ticket #495 ([WG] package issues for web services and cgis) created by lawrence
Some packages may have both webservices and cgis in them. How should the …
17:12 SecurityTeam/TI12_Security/DataProviderDeployment edited by pjkersha
17:10 Packages edited by lawrence
17:10 Ticket #494 ([WG] Can we make the python packages eggable?) created by lawrence
Even if we don't want the bundles to be eggable, and packages may have …
17:05 Ticket #493 ([WG] Create content for python coding standard wiki pages) created by lawrence
We need some initial content for the pages: * LoggingBestPractice
17:01 PythonCoding edited by lawrence
16:59 SecurityTeam/Agenda/Agenda11.08.06 edited by pjkersha
16:58 SecurityTeam edited by pjkersha
16:55 Changeset [1373] by pjkersha
Added Logging and Gatekeeper WSs.
16:50 SecurityTeam/TI12_Security/DataProviderDeployment edited by pjkersha
16:50 SecurityTeam/TI12_Security/DataProviderDeployment edited by pjkersha
16:50 SecurityTeam/TI12_Security/DataProviderDeployment edited by pjkersha
16:46 SecurityTeam/TI12_Security/DataProviderDeployment edited by pjkersha
16:46 SecurityTeam/TI12_Security/DataProviderDeployment edited by pjkersha
16:45 SecurityTeam/TI12_Security/DataProviderDeployment edited by pjkersha
16:43 SecurityTeam/TI12_Security/DataProviderDeployment edited by pjkersha
16:36 SecurityTeam/TI12_Security/DataProviderDeployment created by pjkersha
16:26 Changeset [1372] by pjkersha
Renamed to make it easier to reference.
16:25 SecurityTeam/Agenda/Agenda11.08.06 edited by pjkersha
16:19 Changeset [1371] by pjkersha
Deployment Overview for Service Provider - Use for meeting at BODC.
16:02 CodingStandard edited by lawrence
16:00 CodingStandard edited by lawrence
15:49 ndg.utils created by lawrence
14:53 Changeset [1370] by domlowe
fixed bug - not picking up inline times in TimePositionList? class
14:52 PythonCoding edited by lawrence
14:49 Packages edited by lawrence
14:28 Packages edited by lawrence
14:19 SecurityTeam/Agenda/Agenda11.08.06 edited by siva
14:09 SecurityTeam/Agenda/Agenda11.08.06 edited by pjkersha
14:08 SecurityTeam edited by pjkersha
14:07 SecurityTeam edited by pjkersha
13:44 SecurityTeam/Agenda/Agenda11.08.06 edited by pjkersha
13:28 SecurityTeam/Agenda/Agenda11.08.06 edited by pjkersha
13:26 SecurityTeam/Agenda/Agenda11.08.06 edited by pjkersha
12:33 Packages created by lawrence
12:25 Ticket #492 ([WG] Investigate WSGI for python cgi.) created by lawrence
 WSGI is a specification of an …
12:00 SecurityTeam/Agenda/Agenda11.08.06 edited by pjkersha
11:17 SecurityTeam/Agenda/Agenda11.08.06 edited by pjkersha
10:10 SecurityTeam/Agenda/Agenda11.08.06 created by pjkersha
09:47 SecurityTeam edited by pjkersha
09:46 SecurityTeam edited by pjkersha


16:52 dx_gs_stuff.ppt attached to PythonCoding by lawrence
Ag's presentation of thoughts on the train
16:49 CodingStandard edited by lawrence
16:49 CodingStandard edited by lawrence
16:44 CodingStandard created by lawrence
16:17 PythonCoding edited by lawrence
16:13 PythonCoding edited by lawrence
15:58 PythonCoding edited by lawrence
15:57 PythonCoding edited by lawrence
15:47 PythonCoding edited by lawrence
15:44 PythonCoding edited by lawrence
14:59 PythonCoding edited by lawrence
14:52 PythonCoding edited by lawrence
14:19 PythonCoding edited by lawrence
14:06 PythonCoding edited by lawrence
13:55 PythonCoding edited by lawrence
13:39 PythonCoding edited by lawrence
13:36 Ticket #465 ([M] CSML2 will provide cell_methods, which will require change in ...) closed by ko23
fixed: Meeting held. Outcome is that the "dgStdParameterMeasured" element can …
13:09 PythonCoding edited by lawrence
13:07 PythonCoding edited by lawrence
12:15 PythonCoding edited by lawrence
12:03 PythonCoding edited by lawrence
11:40 PythonCoding edited by lawrence
11:08 PythonCoding created by lawrence
09:53 BrowseDocs edited by lawrence
09:46 Changeset [1369] by spascoe
Corrections to bbftp.h.in required rerunning autoconf.


21:35 Ticket #483 ([DS] Domain selection using dx on IE6.0 (xp)) closed by astephen
fixed: Bug fixed by rolling back to pre-Javascript version. Full fix will need a …
20:32 SecurityIssues edited by lawrence
20:16 SecurityIssues created by lawrence
20:15 Security0607 edited by lawrence
20:14 Security0607 edited by lawrence
17:30 Security0607 edited by lawrence
17:29 SecurityClients created by lawrence
17:26 SecurityStructure edited by lawrence
17:24 SecurityServices created by lawrence
17:17 SecurityStructure created by lawrence
16:13 PyBbftp edited by spascoe
16:11 PyBbftp edited by spascoe
16:00 RefactoringSecurity edited by lawrence
15:58 Changeset [1368] by lawrence
Filename changes for wiki …
15:56 RefactoringSecurity edited by lawrence
15:54 Changeset [1367] by lawrence
DEWS and NDG security refactoring, architectural documents.
13:55 Ticket #479 ([DS] Example of BODC CSML creation in python) closed by domlowe
fixed: Closed, done for pointseries data example which may be enough.
13:21 CSMLReadMethods edited by domlowe
formatting edit (diff)
13:09 CSMLReadMethods edited by domlowe
[DS] Attached diagram to csml read methods page (diff)
13:00 csmldiagram.png attached to CSMLReadMethods by domlowe
Overview of CSML tooling
12:15 Ticket #491 (Move trac off glue) created by selatham
glue is a development machine - it could be trashed at any time. Therefore …
09:58 Changeset [1366] by domlowe
Added example code to demonstrate creation of BODC PointSeries? features : …
09:50 Ticket #490 ([DS] Bug in gml:name in Parser) created by domlowe
Something not quite right with gml:name in parser. Codespace attribute not …
09:33 Ticket #320 (Document the bbftp-python API) closed by spascoe
fixed: Documentation on the Wiki still needs improving but this work will be done …


16:27 Changeset [1365] by selatham
tagging Discovery ingestAutomation for ALPHA
16:14 Changeset [1364] by selatham
deprecating the two stage DIF and DC production XSLs
16:13 Changeset [1363] by selatham
deprecating the two stage DIF and DC production XSLs
15:31 Ticket #489 ([C] Arrange another NERC Liaison group for after pre-Beta) created by selatham
14:26 WorkingGrid/Meeting/August06 edited by mggr
14:25 Ticket #488 ([WG] BADC: Install NDG DP components prior to beta) created by mggr
Install local copies of the various NDG components relevant to a data …
14:24 Ticket #487 ([WG] NOCS: Install NDG DP components prior to beta) created by mggr
Install local copies of the various NDG components relevant to a data …
14:24 Ticket #486 ([WG] BODC: Install NDG DP components prior to beta) created by mggr
Install local copies of the various NDG components relevant to a data …
14:24 Ticket #485 ([WG] PML: Install NDG DP components prior to beta) created by mggr
Install local copies of the various NDG components relevant to a data …
14:00 Ticket #484 ([M] Upgrade DLESE OAI software) created by selatham
To latest version (3.0)?
12:47 Ticket #77 ([DS] DX-Web Interface 0.2 (GUI) Release) closed by astephen
fixed: Alpha release tagged at: …
12:46 Ticket #76 ([DS] DX-WS 0.2 (Web Service back end) Release) closed by astephen
fixed: Created a tagged release at: …
12:44 Changeset [1362] by astephen
Alpha version of DX used on glue. Not really suitable for unsupervised …
12:35 Changeset [1361] by astephen
Version used in Alpha, still not very useful as an unsupervised install …
12:32 Ticket #483 ([DS] Domain selection using dx on IE6.0 (xp)) created by kmarsh
When using the dxui interface via ie6, the "domain options" page does not …
11:52 Ticket #355 (Stub_B.jar bulk producer of Stub-B's needs to cope with password) closed by ko23
fixed: New one supercedes previous versions, so this one is now unnecessary.
11:45 Ticket #482 ([WG] Upgrade BADC production of DIFs) created by selatham
Make sure can run Kev's new MOLES-->DIF 'bulkdestubb.jar' producer. Do …
11:44 Ticket #481 ([M] Upgrade eXist on glue to latest version) created by selatham
The latest Version is either 1.0 (stable) or 1.1(not so stable?) See …
11:19 Ticket #358 (Move Doc_handling things in Subversion) closed by selatham
fixed: Complete.
11:16 Changeset [1360] by selatham
Archiving the last bits in Document_handling directory
11:00 Ticket #480 (Addition of logo element to MOLES) created by ko23
Provide a home for the logo and thumbnail of a metadata object, if …
10:18 Ticket #479 ([DS] Example of BODC CSML creation in python) created by domlowe
Write some example python code to show creation of a BODC CSML file for …


18:24 WorkingGrid/Agenda/August06 edited by mggr
18:24 WorkingGrid/Meeting/August06 edited by mggr
knew it wasn't the last edit ;) (diff)
18:22 Ticket #478 ([WG] BADC data provider set up page) created by mggr
The BADC data provider page
18:17 Ticket #201 ([WG] Tag what has been used for alpha in subversion) closed by mggr
fixed: Consolidated list of tags into the description. Closing this ticket, …
18:11 WorkingGrid/Meeting/August06 edited by mggr
final copy (yeah right) (diff)
17:44 WorkingGrid/Meeting/August06 created by mggr
17:17 Ticket #476 ([M] Code to produce ROSCOP report from MOLES) closed by lawrence
duplicate: This is a duplicate of ticket:475
17:09 Ticket #477 ([WG][M] MOLES Browse install instructions) created by selatham
17:04 Changeset [1359] by spascoe
Updated README.
16:57 Changeset [1358] by spascoe
Overhalled the logging facility, packaging it so that it is simmilar to …
16:54 Ticket #476 ([M] Code to produce ROSCOP report from MOLES) created by selatham
Extract ROSCOP content (dgCruise) from MOLES in 'ROSCOP report' output …
16:48 MetadataServices/Meeting/August06 edited by selatham
16:44 MetadataServices/Meeting/August06 edited by selatham
16:44 MetadataServices/Meeting/August06 edited by selatham
15:41 MetadataServices/Meeting/August06 edited by selatham
15:39 MetadataServices/Meeting/August06 edited by selatham
15:39 MetadataServices/Meeting/August06 edited by selatham
15:32 MetadataServices/Meeting/August06 edited by selatham
15:25 MetadataServices/Meeting/August06 created by selatham
15:24 MetadataServices edited by selatham
15:23 MetadataServices edited by selatham
14:53 Security0607 edited by lawrence
14:52 RefactoringSecurity created by lawrence
14:46 Changeset [1357] by spascoe
Bug fix.
13:01 Security0607 edited by lawrence
13:00 Security0607 edited by lawrence
12:59 Security0607 edited by lawrence
12:56 Security0607 edited by lawrence
12:44 Security0607 created by lawrence
12:44 Changeset [1356] by spascoe
Trivial edit.
12:19 Changeset [1355] by domlowe
more changes to allow full use of ArrayGenerator class, including change …
12:12 T12_Security edited by lawrence
11:05 Changeset [1354] by spascoe
Very basic build instructions. Removed a debugging delay.
10:35 Changeset [1353] by spascoe
Added a convenient debugging funtion ndg_debug_sleep(). Also made the …


17:05 Changeset [1352] by domlowe
Lots of changes to enable ArrayGenerators? to work. Not working fully but …
16:26 Ticket #475 ([m] need an xquery for cruise reports) created by lawrence
Following ticket:457, produce documents for Roy ... Mappings to existing …
16:24 Ticket #474 ([M] Flight Reports in Moles) created by lawrence
Does a future MOLES version need to include specific flight information …
15:29 Ticket #473 ([M] Browse needs to handle authorship properly) created by lawrence
Authors of datasets should be under the title …
14:52 Ticket #472 ([S] Session Manager Disconnect / Session revocation Facility Needed) created by pjkersha
The Session Manager Web Service needs a disconnect method to enable a user …
14:32 Ticket #418 (Cruise reports and equivalent references for flights et al.) closed by lawrence
fixed: done, in moles.1.2.5
13:17 MetadataServices/Agenda/August06 edited by selatham
13:16 MetadataServices/Agenda/August06 edited by selatham
12:35 Ticket #471 ([DS] ArrayGenerator needed for regularly changing datasets) created by domlowe
Some BADC datasets are updated on a regular basis and contain uniform data …
12:15 WorkingGrid/Agenda/August06 created by mggr
initial draft
12:14 Changeset [1351] by domlowe
xlink:href references to local ArrayGenerators are resolved when CSML …
12:14 Changeset [1350] by domlowe
xlink:href references to local ArrayGenerators are resolved when CSML …
12:03 Ticket #386 ([WG] Role of Working Grid team in integration) closed by mggr
fixed: Agreed at AH meeting that this seemed a good idea.
11:28 Changeset [1349] by domlowe
Added ArrayGenerator class to CSML Parser. Also added example …
10:59 WorkingGrid edited by mggr
link aug meeting agenda and notes (diff)
10:10 Ticket #470 (BODC CF Standard Name Versioned serving - establish operational protocols) created by rkl
Agree protocol for CF Standard Name updates in the BODC server with Alison …
10:10 Ticket #458 ([DS] Cell methods in CSML?) closed by domlowe
duplicate: Closing this as is duplicate of 464
10:08 Ticket #469 (BODC CF Standard Name Versioned serving - initial population) created by rkl
Loading the initial BODC-served version of CF Standard Names into BODC …
10:06 Ticket #468 (BODC CF Standard Name Versioned serving - CF community agreement) created by rkl
Clearing the way for BODC to commence versioned serving of CF Standard …


19:45 Changeset [1348] by fvenuti
First moles record for OCCAM data. Needs more work.
17:52 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/BODC edited by siva
17:51 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/BODC edited by siva
17:00 MetadataServices/Agenda/August06 edited by selatham
17:00 MetadataServices/Agenda/August06 edited by selatham
16:57 MetadataServices/Agenda/August06 edited by selatham
16:55 MetadataServices/Agenda/August06 edited by selatham
16:54 MetadataServices/Agenda/August06 edited by selatham
16:54 MetadataServices/Agenda/August06 edited by selatham
16:53 MetadataServices/Agenda/August06 edited by selatham
16:49 MetadataServices/Agenda/August06 edited by selatham
16:47 MetadataServices/Agenda/August06 created by selatham
16:42 MetadataServices edited by selatham
16:34 Ticket #467 ([S] BODC Oracle Credential Repository Interface for Session Manager) created by pjkersha
The Credential Repository interfaces with the CredWallet class using the …
16:28 MolesDiscussion edited by lawrence
16:17 Ticket #271 ([M] dgBasicData doesn't match feature type concepts) closed by lawrence
16:07 MolesDiscussion edited by lawrence
16:02 Ticket #466 ([DS] Granule Summary Tool) created by lawrence
If we have multiple granules, corresponding to one data entity, we will …
15:59 Ticket #465 ([M] CSML2 will provide cell_methods, which will require change in ...) created by lawrence
We will need to promote cell_methods into dgStdParameterMeasured ... when …
15:59 Ticket #464 ([DS] Need support for cell_methods in CSML V2.0) created by lawrence
It's quite clear that we need cell_methods to be a property of the …
15:45 Ticket #463 ([m] Where should entry_id go for incoming DIFs) created by lawrence
IF we harvest DIFs, we anticipate exporting GEO ... Where should the DIF …
15:40 Ticket #462 ([WG] Should BADC put up a copy of eprints for metadata documents?) created by lawrence
We should be storing documents. There is already software that does this. …
15:22 Ticket #414 ([M] Relationship of MOLES to other schema, markup and image content.) closed by lawrence
duplicate: This is now covered by ticket:449, ticket:450 and ticket:461. Closed as a …
15:22 Ticket #461 ([m] maths support) created by lawrence
MOLES documents may want maths in them throughout. While we can do this in …
15:11 Ticket #460 ([M] Modfications to dgParameterType) created by lawrence
Mainly as discussed in MolesDiscussion, but we need to (1) Make IsOutput?
13:43 Ticket #281 ([M] ndg_to_dif xsl needs updating following changes to DEStub-B) closed by lawrence
wontfix: Is this not a duplicate of 280?
13:38 Ticket #251 (Provision of WMO 19115 profile) closed by lawrence
worksforme: We have the current version.
13:29 Ticket #348 ([S] [WG] [DS] access contraints in moles and csml) closed by lawrence
duplicate: This is absorbed now in ticket:384.
12:42 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/BODC created by mggr
12:42 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/BADC created by mggr
example layout
12:34 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/PML edited by mggr
12:33 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/PML edited by mggr
12:33 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/PML edited by mggr
some updates and tidying (diff)
12:25 Changeset [1347] by lawrence
First cut at UML versions of NetCDF3 and CF V1.0
12:07 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup edited by mggr
11:41 Ticket #459 ([S] Change MyProxy Python client so that new users can be added from a ...) created by pjkersha
Currently, the NDG Python MyProxy client interface uses the …
11:29 Changeset [1346] by spascoe
Trivial correction.
11:05 Changeset [1345] by spascoe
test client script dumps output to bbftpc.log. Some debug code removed.


15:38 Ticket #458 ([DS] Cell methods in CSML?) created by domlowe
Should there be a mechanism in CSML that is equivalent to …
15:01 Ticket #360 ([DS] CSML API needs modification so it knows automatically what time axis ...) closed by domlowe
fixed: I've removed any dependency on a particular time axis from the API. …
14:32 Ticket #340 ([DS] Scanner/API - Calendar attribute to be stored in 'frame' attribute of ...) closed by domlowe
fixed: This is now implemented in the scanner and the parser.
14:31 Changeset [1344] by domlowe
calendar information is now stored in csml using the frame attribute of …
14:06 Changeset [1343] by pjkersha
Working version of SecurityCGI with split ServiceProviderSecurityCGI and …
12:20 Ticket #457 (Add cruise elements to dgCruise as indicated by CSR) created by ko23
After discussion between Roy and myself, this takes the form of: == …
12:19 Ticket #456 (Spatio-temporal summarisation) created by ko23
Should it be consistently "unioned" across NDG, or is this a matter for …
12:18 Ticket #455 (Granule summarisation from CSML) created by ko23
Identify what needs to be summarised up from CSML, and identify where it …
12:18 Ticket #454 (Extend dgOnlineReference to include Citation type) created by ko23
I intend making this an option alongside the simple or xlink option.
12:18 Ticket #453 (Remove dgDataObjectType) created by ko23
Shame, but if no attributes are forthcoming…
12:17 Ticket #452 (Modification to allow dgDataSetType to state the different types of data ...) created by ko23
The content of dgDataSetType will be updated to allow tags indicating a …
12:17 Ticket #451 (Convert elements under dgDataSetType to include list of included feature ...) created by ko23
This will be a list of terms, drawing on the existence of feature type …
12:17 Ticket #450 (Identify elements that may need to include xlink references) created by ko23
This is to identify elements that may need to be modified or added to …
12:16 Ticket #449 (Develop dgOnlineReference to include xlink option) created by ko23
Base on OpenGIS xlink.xsd (namespace =  http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink). …
09:53 Ticket #332 ([DS] DOCTYPE missing from parser) closed by domlowe
fixed: Not doctype but: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Closing ticket …
09:52 Changeset [1342] by domlowe
adding XML version info to CSML
09:04 Ticket #316 ([DS] Support for different calendars in csml i/o) closed by domlowe
fixed: This is done (with CDAT's cdtime module).
09:00 Changeset [1341] by domlowe
code to handle longitude requests in -ve,+ve format even if data is …


17:20 Changeset [1340] by pjkersha
Tests/SecurityCGItest: ServiceProviderSecurityCGI now takes returnURI arg. …
15:24 MolesDiscussion edited by ko23
14:30 Ticket #108 (Non-contiguous coordinate systems) closed by domlowe
duplicate: Closing this
14:03 Ticket #265 ([DS] -scanner/parser - NASAAmesExtract has null filename attribute) closed by domlowe
fixed: Can't reproduce this problem so closing ticket (for now at least).
14:01 MolesDiscussion edited by rkl
13:43 CalendarSystems edited by domlowe
Found out a bit more about calendars. (diff)
13:26 MolesDiscussion edited by rkl
09:11 CalendarSystems edited by domlowe
minor edit. (diff)
09:10 Ticket #408 ([DS] Define which calendar systems we will handle in NDG2 CSML) closed by domlowe
fixed: These are defined here: CalendarSystems
09:08 Ticket #448 ([DS] Adding new calendar to cdtime module) created by domlowe
For full CF support we need to add support fir the all_leap/366_day …
09:05 CalendarSystems created by domlowe
Added notes on calendar support in CSML
08:29 Ticket #412 ([DS] subsetting across greenwich meridian problem) closed by domlowe
fixed: Fixed in that you can now subset across greenwich meridian. Still some …


17:10 Changeset [1339] by pjkersha
Tests/SecurityCGItest.py: unit tests for SecurityCGI module …
15:07 Changeset [1338] by domlowe
Fix for greenwich meridian subsetting problem. Not extensively tested yet.
14:39 Changeset [1337] by pjkersha
www/cgi-bin/idp.py: Security CGI for NDG Identity Provider …
12:15 Changeset [1336] by spascoe
Test cases automatically dump client output to bbftpc.log. This saves …
12:03 Changeset [1335] by spascoe
Tiny bug fix
12:00 Changeset [1334] by spascoe
!NOTE: The previous few commits should have included these files.
11:56 Changeset [1333] by spascoe
Moved python logging code into pybbftp.server
11:43 Changeset [1332] by spascoe
Added an API hook to use bbftpd_log to log messages from python code.


16:35 Changeset [1331] by pjkersha
NDG/SecurityCGI.py: split into interface classes for service provider and …
15:00 Changeset [1330] by domlowe
changes to allow subsetting across greenwich meridian. Not fully working …
11:33 Changeset [1329] by domlowe
changed time to t
11:32 Ticket #447 ([S] Write Command Line Interface to SecurityCGI Cross Domain Cookie code) created by pjkersha
This ticket follows on from #383 Write a command line interface to the …
11:21 Ticket #383 ([S] Cross Domain Cookies - agree strategy for implementing NDG enabled ...) closed by pjkersha
fixed: An interface document has been written giving a spec for the protocol …
11:18 Changeset [1328] by spascoe
I've created a bbftpd log facility to replace syslog. At present it allows …
09:29 FeatureTypeRules edited by domlowe
09:08 Changeset [1327] by pjkersha
Fixes following alpha.
09:08 Changeset [1326] by pjkersha
09:07 Changeset [1325] by pjkersha
NDG/Session.py: include AttAuthorityClient? in import from SecurityClient?
08:54 FeatureTypeRules edited by domlowe
minor edits (diff)
08:34 Changeset [1324] by pjkersha
Fixes and enhancements following alpha: * CredWallet? XML sig chekc * more …
08:32 Changeset [1323] by pjkersha
Fix to SessionMgr?.readProperties added in Session.py
08:26 Changeset [1322] by pjkersha
NDG/Session.py: SessionMgr?.readProperties - fixed bug key pass-phrase not …
08:25 Changeset [1321] by pjkersha
08:23 Browse Activity Diagram.jpg attached to BrowseDocs by lawrence
08:23 BrowseDocs created by lawrence
Starting the browse documentation
08:16 Changeset [1320] by pjkersha
Fixes following alpha version: * CredWallet? XML sig check * SessionMgr?
08:14 Changeset [1319] by pjkersha
Extra fix needed for SessionMgr?.readProperties
08:13 Changeset [1318] by pjkersha
NDG/Session.py: fixed bug in SessionMgr?.readProperties - not stripping …


16:40 Changeset [1317] by lawrence
Minor refactoring towards a formal request object
16:27 Changeset [1316] by pjkersha
Fixes for Alpha version: * CredWallet? XML sig check for new ACs added to …
16:26 Changeset [1315] by pjkersha
Revise to include fix for AttAuthority?.readMapConfig
16:25 Changeset [1314] by pjkersha
NDG/AttAuthority.py: better error handling for readMapConfig.
16:01 MolesDiscussion edited by lawrence
15:33 Moles.ProtoUML.01.jpg attached to MolesDiscussion by lawrence
First cut at UML relationship between dgMetadata and dgActivity etc
15:21 Changeset [1313] by pjkersha
Contains fixes to CredWallet? XML Sig check and SessionMgr? and AttAuthority?
15:20 Changeset [1312] by pjkersha
NDG/AttAuthority.py and NDG/Session.py: revised readProperties methods for …
15:19 Changeset [1311] by pjkersha
Re-issue to include fixes to SessionMgr? and AttAuthority? readProperties
14:38 Changeset [1310] by domlowe
Adding test code for determining feature types. Does not do much yet as …
11:48 Changeset [1309] by pjkersha
Post Alpha release fixes CredWallet? XML sig bug.
11:46 Changeset [1308] by pjkersha
New release to fix bug in CredWallet? XML Sig check.
10:57 FeatureTypeRules edited by domlowe
10:57 FeatureTypeRules edited by domlowe
more formatting (diff)
10:55 FeatureTypeRules edited by domlowe
further edit (diff)
10:51 FeatureTypeRules created by domlowe
Started page - how to determine feature types.


15:54 CSMLReadMethods edited by domlowe
First draft of how to add read methods to CSML done (diff)
15:27 CSMLReadMethods edited by domlowe
still editing how to (diff)
15:24 Changeset [1307] by pjkersha
dist/NDG-Security-Dev-PostAlpha?.tar.gz: updated for the fixes listed …
15:08 CSMLReadMethods edited by domlowe
More edits (diff)
15:02 CSMLReadMethods edited by domlowe
More edits to how to (diff)
14:48 CSMLReadMethods created by domlowe
starting how to.
14:33 HowTo edited by domlowe
Link to new how to added (diff)
14:07 Changeset [1306] by domlowe
removing obsolete methods
12:43 MolesDiscussion edited by ko23
12:09 MolesDiscussion edited by domlowe
Couple of comments on moles issues: high/low values & phenomenon/ft … (diff)
10:09 Ticket #446 ([S] Use pure python for MyProxy client) created by pjkersha
MyProxy class currently uses Popen to call MyProxy client executables. …
09:58 Ticket #115 ([S] EcoGrid expectations) closed by pjkersha
09:57 Ticket #148 ([S] Review and update BADC roles and role mappings) closed by pjkersha
09:24 Ticket #6 (Clicking on UCAR weblink under data centre on portal gives tomcat error) closed by lawrence
wontfix: This is fixed in the browse discovery interface, so we shouldn't bother …
08:44 Ticket #153 (Component 'Vocabulay' misspelt on trac) closed by lawrence
fixed: Removed.
08:43 Ticket #243 ([M] Implement NumSim V007 in MOLES) closed by lawrence
wontfix: Note that we don't plan to implement this in the same way as we thought. …
08:39 Milestone MOLES_1.2.4 completed
Complete support for polygons and data quality in all moles components.


18:48 NumSim edited by lawrence


17:10 Ticket #322 ([DS] Discussion note on CSML revisions (CSML version 2.0)) closed by awoolf
fixed: CSML issues doc provided as input to July 2006 AHM …
17:05 AndrewCSMLIssues edited by awoolf
17:03 CSML issues.doc attached to AndrewCSMLIssues by awoolf
17:02 AndrewCSMLIssues created by awoolf
17:01 CompleteUseCases edited by awoolf
16:58 Ticket #229 ([C] Liaison with CEH as a Discovery Provider) closed by awoolf
fixed: Ticket closed after initial successful harvesting. Collaboration …
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10:32 MolesDiscussion edited by siva
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10:19 PyBbftp edited by spascoe
10:18 PyBbftp edited by spascoe
10:17 PyBbftp edited by spascoe
10:10 pybbftp.PNG attached to PyBbftp by spascoe
Exposing the bbFTP interfaces to python
10:09 authz_added.PNG attached to PyBbftp by spascoe
Addition of private authorisation interface
10:08 PyBbftp edited by spascoe
09:56 bbftp_private.PNG attached to PyBbftp by spascoe
Standard bbFTP in private authentication mode
09:48 DeliveryService edited by spascoe


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23:44 DataExtractor/Manuals/DXOverview edited by astephen
23:43 DataExtractor/Manuals/DXOverview edited by astephen
23:40 DataExtractor/Manuals/DXOverview edited by astephen
23:39 DataExtractor/Manuals/DXOverview created by astephen
23:38 T03_DataExtractor edited by astephen
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15:24 MolesDiscussion edited by lawrence
Introducing the data granule material (diff)
15:10 dgOnlineReferenceType.png attached to MolesDiscussion by lawrence
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14:54 dgMetadataDescriptionType attached to MolesDiscussion by lawrence
14:54 MolesDiscussion created by lawrence
First Revision
14:47 Changeset [1305] by pjkersha
Post-Alpha development tar ball.
14:40 T07_MOLES edited by lawrence
Making link to MolesDiscussion (diff)
14:39 Changeset [1304] by pjkersha
Tests/SecurityClientTest?.py: make it easier to switch between tests on …
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