17:32 Changeset [1303] by pjkersha
NDG/Session.py: * UserSession? createSessID -> addNewSessID public method …
14:53 Ticket #261 ([DS] System check for NCOF DX & GS) closed by astephen
14:52 Changeset [1302] by pjkersha
NDG/Session.py: SessionMgr? class to make user session access more …
14:52 Ticket #445 (How to show html in Trac) created by selatham
14:51 Ticket #444 ([M] [WG] (DI-4-) Better branding for data providers (icons in browse etc)) created by selatham
Where will this appear in MOLES and therefore D?
14:48 Ticket #443 ([M] (DI-3-3) Parse access constraints a bit more carefully) created by selatham
If possible make sense of when people say "Access constraints = none".
14:47 Ticket #442 ([M] (DI-3-3) Link checker for harvested material) created by selatham
Minimum checking should be an automatic link checking. * could send an …
14:45 Ticket #441 ([M] 'harvest now' button) created by selatham
This may already exist in another ticket. It does #139.
14:44 Ticket #440 ([M] Live and Dev Discovery should be fed from single OAI harvester.) created by selatham
We have a harvester on glue. Ingest automatically from here to both Live …
14:41 Ticket #439 ([M] Namespace problems in xqueries in exist and csml etc.) created by selatham
Could be solved by upgrading eXist. Or could be more fundamental.
14:40 Ticket #438 ([M] What do we do about duplicates in our oai harvested repository?) created by selatham
Could be due to same datasets being described in DIF and ISO19115. Could …
14:37 Ticket #437 ([DS] csml api needs to be able to point at a file or an exist db csml file) created by selatham
14:36 Ticket #436 ([M] [WG] Standard name population) created by selatham
Expecation: where a standard name exists, exploit parameter mapping in …
14:35 Ticket #435 ([M][DS] Phenomenon needs to be fully described (cell methods problem)) created by selatham
see also #464
14:33 Ticket #434 ([DS] CSML API read methods need coordination) created by selatham
CSML API read methods need coordination (ie. dom isn't doing the work, but …
14:30 Ticket #433 ([WG] Automatic population of OAI repository from updated MOLES.) created by selatham
PML do that ...others should.
14:29 UsingTheParserToCreateCSML edited by domlowe
14:27 Ticket #432 ([WG] What advice would one need starting from scratch?) created by selatham
* database configurations * dataset/datagranule decisions, reasons, …
14:25 DataExtractor edited by astephen
14:25 UsingTheParserToCreateCSML edited by domlowe
Finished first draft of creating csml how to (diff)
14:25 Ticket #431 ([WG][M] Should Moles creation tools be externally facing?) created by selatham
14:21 Ticket #237 ([DS] MD5 password encryption for DX and GS) closed by astephen
fixed: No longer relevant with NDG security.
14:15 Ticket #372 ([DS] Define requirements and expectation of DX/CSML functionality) closed by astephen
fixed: Alpha Review agreed we should support all feature types. DX development …
14:14 Ticket #368 ([DS] GeoSPlAT minor bug list) closed by astephen
fixed: Roll into installation testing.
14:13 Ticket #430 ([M] How can we limit discovery searches to specific sites?) created by selatham
May want to search say, only NERC designated DataCentres?. Users like to …
14:13 Ticket #375 ([DS] Check Isofill not working on NCOF GS) closed by astephen
fixed: It worked when checked again.
14:11 Ticket #429 ([WG] how to manage role mapping as things change in data providers) created by selatham
* can we use the vocab server for role publication * can the aa check …
14:03 Ticket #428 ([M] Browse XML rendering/printing clarity required) created by selatham
14:02 Ticket #427 ([M] Browse needs D in history) created by selatham
13:59 UsingTheParserToCreateCSML edited by domlowe
more editing (diff)
13:44 UsingTheParserToCreateCSML edited by domlowe
Writing how to on CSML creation using parser (diff)
13:35 Ticket #426 ([M] Need to own namespace vocab.ndg.nerc.ac.uk) created by selatham
13:30 Ticket #425 ([DS] Who owns bbftp?) created by selatham
13:28 MeetingNotes edited by selatham
13:27 MeetingNotes edited by selatham
12:08 CSMLParserHowTo edited by domlowe
First draft of how to use parser (diff)
12:06 UsingTheParserToCreateCSML created by domlowe
Added another how to page (empty)
11:45 Changeset [1301] by pjkersha
setup.py, README: altered version info to post Alpha development …
11:34 Changeset [1300] by pjkersha
Tests/SecurityClientTest?.py: change test defaults share/ndg-*: clean up …
11:30 CSMLParserHowTo edited by domlowe
11:28 CSMLParserHowTo edited by domlowe
More edits to csml parser how to (diff)
10:21 CSMLParserHowTo created by domlowe
Started how to document
10:06 HowTo edited by domlowe
Added new page (diff)


17:29 ftfNotes0607 edited by lawrence
17:28 ftfNotes0607 edited by lawrence
17:00 ftfNotes0607 edited by lawrence
16:58 ftfNotes0607 edited by lawrence
16:56 ftfNotes0607 edited by lawrence
16:50 NDG - Liaison - Interactions.ppt attached to T09_UKCollaboration by lawrence
Bryan's presentation at 2006 Liaison Group
16:49 Ticket #424 ([S] returnURI in cross domain credentials transfer needs https) created by pjkersha
When the Browse CGI redirects to the loginURI for the user it should …
16:45 ftfNotes0607 edited by lawrence
16:23 ftfNotes0607 edited by lawrence
testing import of mindmaps (diff)
16:22 NDG-AllHands200607.mm attached to ftfNotes0607 by lawrence
Mindmap file from the meeting
15:58 Changeset [1299] by ko23
Early draught 1.2.5
14:59 Changeset [1298] by domlowe
still tidying api code
14:06 Ticket #423 ([DS] Implement sequence rule properly in CSML code.) created by domlowe
There were problems with 'upside-down' data in Alpha. This is just a cut …
12:44 Changeset [1297] by domlowe
Consolidated CSMLdocBuilder.py with CSMLDocument. Began removing csml and …
12:12 T13_DataProvider edited by pmiller
12:10 Ticket #422 ([m] Browse doesn't trap security web service failure properly on glue) created by lawrence
When the webservices for security are not up, browse should fail …
11:54 DataProvider created by pmiller
11:53 CompleteUseCases edited by pmiller
11:27 Ticket #50 (Sample ACSOE CSML) closed by domlowe
fixed: Closing this. Replaced by 421 which is the real issue.
11:27 Ticket #421 ([DS] NASAAmes ingestion into CSML) created by domlowe
Need to get 'reliable' NASA Ames ingestion into CSML working in the …
11:25 Ticket #49 (Sample ERA40 CSML) closed by domlowe
fixed: Closing this: Sample not really required, but real ERA-40 csml will be …
11:11 Changeset [1296] by domlowe
Adding firefox plugin for Discovery portal
11:07 Changeset [1295] by domlowe
adding directory for firefox code
09:45 ftfNotes0607 edited by lawrence
09:35 ftfNotes0607 created by lawrence
09:35 MeetingNotes created by lawrence
09:25 Ticket #294 ([DS][M] CSML collections in exist - standard name required?) closed by domlowe
fixed: Ticket closed: Agreed on "ndg_A_csml" as a standard collection name for …


15:28 PlymNotesPeter edited by pmiller
14:58 CombinedUseCase edited by mggr
fixed formatting (diff)
14:57 ExternalProductDefinition edited by hsnaith
14:46 WorkingGrid edited by mggr
fixed formatting (diff)
14:27 ExternalProductDefinition edited by hsnaith
14:27 ExternalProductDefinition edited by hsnaith
13:59 WikiStart edited by pmiller
12:25 PlymNotesPeter edited by pmiller
12:08 Ticket #380 ([S] Role Mapping - can a role from one site map to multiple roles at ...) closed by lawrence
fixed: This is fine!
12:06 Ticket #420 (Improve DeliveryService wiki pages) created by spascoe
Update DeliveryService pages to reflect new focus on CSML API service ans …
11:29 Ticket #419 (replace bbftpd syslog calls with python logging.) created by spascoe
Logging to syslog isn't ideal as the default. We may want to capture …
11:10 PlymNotesPeter edited by pmiller
10:11 Ticket #106 ([DS] Scope out integrating bbFTP client and server with python) closed by spascoe
fixed: The Enterprise Architect files in svn could be improved but contain a …
09:45 Ticket #173 ([M] Ontology final version of document on BSCW) closed by rkl
wontfix: Will not exist as a document. Sledgehammer cracking a nut.
09:44 Ticket #171 ([M] Ontology straw-man draft) closed by rkl
wontfix: Will not exist as a document. Sledgehammer cracking a nut.
09:41 Ticket #172 ([M] Ontology scope NDG team comment) closed by rkl
fixed: Proposed scope for ontology is to provide a mapping as a VINE-generated …
09:01 Ticket #335 ([C] Show MOLES Browse service to WDCC) closed by lawrence
worksforme: ML saw this at GO-ESSP, have a meeting scheduled in September. I think we …
08:50 ExternalProductDefinition edited by lawrence


17:46 ExternalProductDefinition edited by hsnaith
17:45 PlymNotesPeter edited by pmiller
17:45 ExternalProductDefinition created by hsnaith
17:45 PlymNotesPeter edited by pmiller
17:41 T13_DataProvider edited by pmiller
17:30 WikiStart edited by hsnaith
17:20 T13_DataProvider edited by pmiller
17:15 Milestone Vocabulary server web service interface completed
16:35 T09_UKCollaboration edited by lawrence
16:15 PlymNotesPeter edited by pmiller
15:26 DocumentationTeam edited by hsnaith
14:54 PlymNotesPeter edited by pmiller
14:52 Changeset [1294] by spascoe
Diagrams to present to AHM 2006-07-12 in bbftp-python.eap
14:35 PlymNotesPeter edited by pmiller
13:53 PlymNotesPeter edited by pmiller
13:35 T09_UKCollaboration edited by lawrence
13:28 T09_UKCollaboration edited by lawrence
13:27 PlymNotesPeter created by pmiller
13:25 T13_DataProvider edited by pmiller
13:22 T09_UKCollaboration edited by lawrence
13:17 T09_UKCollaboration edited by lawrence
11:53 Changeset [1293] by hearnsha
NumSim description of Higem Control
11:53 T13_DataProvider edited by pmiller
11:48 Changeset [1292] by hearnsha
renderNumSim is unchanged, renderNumSim_oldET uses old element tree syntax
11:06 DXInterface edited by astephen
11:05 DXInterface edited by astephen
11:05 DXInterface edited by astephen
10:59 DXInterface edited by astephen
10:59 DXInterface edited by astephen
10:53 DXInterface edited by astephen
10:52 DXInterface created by astephen
10:47 DataExtractor edited by astephen
09:29 Changeset [1291] by hearnsha
corrected path to xlinks.xsd (line 10)


18:56 CompleteUseCases edited by selatham
18:49 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/NOCS edited by fvenuti
18:46 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
18:43 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/NOCS edited by fvenuti
18:39 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
18:39 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
18:38 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
18:32 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
18:32 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
18:24 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
18:22 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
18:18 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/NOCS edited by fvenuti
18:17 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
18:14 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
18:08 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
18:07 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
17:57 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
17:56 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
17:55 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
17:46 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
17:44 NOCSUseCase edited by fvenuti
17:41 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
17:36 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
17:32 T13_DataProvider edited by pmiller
updated with some milestone headings (diff)
17:31 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
17:29 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
17:22 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
17:20 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
17:18 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/NOCS edited by fvenuti
17:17 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/NOCS edited by fvenuti
17:14 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
17:10 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
17:07 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/NOCS edited by fvenuti
17:04 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
17:02 CombinedUseCase edited by selatham
17:01 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/NOCS edited by fvenuti
16:52 CombinedUseCase created by selatham
16:50 CompleteUseCases edited by selatham
16:45 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/NOCS edited by hsnaith
16:36 NOCSUseCase edited by hsnaith
16:35 NOCSUseCase edited by hsnaith
16:34 NOCSUseCase created by hsnaith
First stab at NOCS Use Case
16:27 CompleteUseCases edited by hsnaith
16:18 DeliveryService/UseCases edited by spascoe
16:16 T05_Delivery edited by spascoe
15:25 Changeset [1290] by spascoe
Installs example scripts. NOTE: The scripts are still set up to run from …
15:05 PyBbftp edited by spascoe
15:03 PyBbftp created by spascoe
14:59 T05_Delivery edited by spascoe
14:56 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/NOCS created by hsnaith
14:54 Changeset [1289] by spascoe
Updated python code to reflect the renaming of the delivery package to …
14:41 Changeset [1288] by spascoe
Renamed the delivery package pybbftp. This reflects the nature of the …
14:36 Changeset [1287] by spascoe
Allow scanning of modules by epydoc without building the extensions.
12:59 WorkingGrid/Meeting/June06 edited by selatham
12:58 WorkingGrid/Meeting/June06 edited by selatham
12:37 DXandGeosplatUseCase edited by selatham
12:37 DXandGeosplatUseCase edited by selatham
12:36 RoyLowryUseCase edited by selatham
12:35 BODC_NDG2.doc attached to RoyLowryUseCase by selatham
12:34 RoyLowryUseCase created by selatham
12:32 all-hands-2006-07-dx-gs-overview.doc attached to DXandGeosplatUseCase by selatham
12:31 DXandGeosplatUseCase created by selatham
12:31 CompleteUseCases edited by selatham
12:22 DeliveryService/UseCases created by spascoe
12:13 T05_Delivery edited by spascoe
10:24 SecurityTeam edited by pjkersha
10:24 RoleMapping edited by pjkersha
09:49 Ticket #418 (Cruise reports and equivalent references for flights et al.) created by ko23
After discussion, BODC have two kinds of cruise reports to should be added …
09:43 Ticket #341 (Addition of track plot to dgCourse) closed by ko23
fixed: After discussion, this will be added as dgCoursePlotURI, which will be of …


11:03 Ticket #417 ([m] moles entity abbreviation should be compulsory AND populated.) created by lawrence
It will make the browsing much easier if it's compulsory to populate this …


16:26 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/PML edited by mggr
intermediate save (diff)
15:51 T05_Delivery edited by spascoe
15:34 T05_Delivery edited by spascoe
14:04 Ticket #416 ([WG][M] Use the vocabulary server Web Service) created by selatham
Plan and start using the vocab server for real. Where can it be used? - …
10:41 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup edited by mggr
10:41 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup/PML created by mggr
10:40 WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup created by mggr


18:05 WorkingGrid edited by mggr
restructure, link DP pages (diff)
17:24 Ticket #415 ([m] browse should link to the parameter definitions from the vocab server) created by lawrence
When we display a parameter name we should be able to click on it, and get …
17:22 Ticket #414 ([M] Relationship of MOLES to other schema, markup and image content.) created by lawrence
We need to decide what we need MOLES to be able to do in browse. When push …
17:02 Changeset [1286] by lawrence
Improving the history box in browse, and better configuration for …
16:05 Changeset [1285] by spascoe
Began making UML for the bbftp-python interface
15:46 Changeset [1284] by spascoe
Documentation update
14:49 DataServices edited by domlowe
Minor edit (diff)
14:48 DataServices edited by domlowe
Editing meeting notes. (diff)
14:47 Ticket #413 ([DS] ArrayDescriptor for CDML) created by domlowe
We need an ArrayDescriptor for CDML so in the CSML world it can sit under …
14:39 DataServices edited by domlowe
Added notes about today's meeting. (diff)
14:29 csmlAPIQuestions edited by domlowe
Added in ticket links (diff)
14:29 Ticket #412 ([DS] subsetting across greenwich meridian problem) created by domlowe
SubsetToGridSeries? doesn't work if you select longitude = (-30, +30). Dom …
14:27 Ticket #411 ([DS] Review cdms for useful code) created by domlowe
Some bits of cdms may be useful for csml. Review the source code.
14:26 Ticket #410 ([DS] Examples of sequence Rule) created by domlowe
Examples of how sequence Rule works are needed to clarify for Dom, Ag etc.
14:24 Ticket #409 ([DS] Define what is minimally compliant CF-NetCDF) created by domlowe
Define a specification for a minimally CF compliant netCDF document. We …
14:22 Ticket #408 ([DS] Define which calendar systems we will handle in NDG2 CSML) created by domlowe
Define which calendar systems we will handle in …
14:20 Ticket #407 ([DS] Define support for coordinate reference systems in NDG2 CSML.) created by domlowe
Define which coordinate reference systems we will handle in NDG2 (given …
14:18 csmlAPIQuestions edited by domlowe
Added answers to csml questions (diff)
13:42 PMLUseCase edited by pmiller
13:41 PMLUseCase edited by pmiller
13:28 PMLUseCase edited by pmiller
13:27 CompleteUseCases edited by pmiller
13:27 DominicUseCase edited by pmiller
13:26 NotesOnNDG_DL.pdf attached to DominicUseCase by pmiller
Dominic Lowe notes on NDG
13:24 DominicUseCase created by pmiller
13:23 CompleteUseCases edited by pmiller
13:21 CompleteUseCases edited by pmiller
13:19 PMLUseCase edited by pmiller
13:17 PMLUseCase edited by pmiller
12:48 PMLUseCase created by pmiller
12:22 CompleteUseCases created by pmiller
12:21 DocumentationTeam edited by pmiller
11:22 SecurityTeam edited by pjkersha
11:21 SecurityTeam edited by pjkersha
08:48 SecurityTeam edited by pjkersha


16:47 Ticket #406 ([M] Discovery portal spatial and temporal searches not working) created by selatham
The current (NDG1 style)portal spatial or temporal searches are just not …
16:32 Ticket #405 ([M] Try restoring postgres db) created by selatham
Restoring eXist has been tried. Haven't actually tried a restore from …
16:19 Ticket #404 ([C] List of OAI harvesters visible) created by selatham
Make a list of our current harvested sites visible somewhere. On web-site? …
16:15 Ticket #403 ([M] Dlese OAI re-harvests every time tomcat is re-started) created by selatham
We really want to be able to control this so that it only ever tries to …
16:09 T09_UKCollaboration created by lawrence
16:04 Ticket #402 ([C] Consider visiting folk staying with the team.) created by lawrence
Should we (can we) support folk visiting RAL to spend time "with the team" …
16:00 Ticket #401 ([C] Mailing list for Liaison Group) created by lawrence
Should we use the NDG list? Check current membership and decide. Can …
14:01 Changeset [1283] by domlowe
More on CSMLdocBuilder class
13:40 HowTo edited by lawrence
13:31 Ticket #397 ([M] D service on browse fails to return non-NDG DIFS) closed by lawrence
duplicate: This is a duplicate of ticket:354
12:41 Ticket #400 ([C] Timing of the next NERC Liaison Group meeting) created by selatham
Had the first one (wiki:T09_UKCollaboration)! When's best to have the next …
12:10 Changeset [1282] by domlowe
Added CSMLdocBuild class which will make it easier to create CMSL …
11:21 Changeset [1281] by spascoe
Extensions are now compiled with -O1 flag. This should help debugging.
09:11 Changeset [1280] by spascoe
Trivial change.
08:09 Ticket #398 ([DS] Store BADC CSML in eXist?) closed by domlowe
fixed: deleting wrongly assigned duplicate ticket.
08:08 Ticket #399 ([DS] Store BADC CSML in eXist?) created by domlowe
Do BADC want to store their CSML docs in eXist? A final decision needs to …
08:07 Ticket #398 ([DS] Store BADC CSML in eXist?) created by domlowe
Do BADC want to store their CSML docs in eXist? A final decision needs to …


17:06 Changeset [1279] by lawrence
Simple python interface to exist now supports chunked queries, but fails …
14:55 Changeset [1278] by domlowe
Attempting to remove old api directory
14:51 Changeset [1277] by domlowe
removing old api
10:32 WikiProcessors edited by domlowe
Added example while testing how to display python code in Wiki. (diff)
08:37 HowTo edited by domlowe
Added a few "how to"s (diff)
08:01 Changeset [1276] by ko23
Update queries + Java code
00:54 DXAndSecurity edited by astephen
00:53 DXAndSecurity edited by astephen
00:53 DXAndSecurity created by astephen
00:51 DataExtractor created by astephen
00:50 T03_DataExtractor edited by astephen


21:50 Ticket #397 ([M] D service on browse fails to return non-NDG DIFS) created by lawrence
Actually it currently uses kev's returnstub-b formatted as DIF, so if …
21:41 Changeset [1275] by lawrence
First cut at creating a specific NDG interface to eXist which is aware of …
17:37 Ticket #396 (pybbftp doesn't compile on saturn) created by spascoe
I need to get the DeliveryService code running on machines other than …
17:27 Ticket #274 ([DS] Create Python bindings to the bbFTP private authorisation and ...) closed by spascoe
fixed: Inevitable debugging aside, this is complete for the alpha release. The …
17:23 Changeset [1274] by spascoe
Whoops! tagged to the root directory.
17:21 Changeset [1273] by spascoe
This is a release candidate for the Delivery Service alpha milestone. …
17:15 Ticket #392 ([m] coapec browse metadata parameters is not the full list of parameters ...) closed by selatham
duplicate: Duplicate of #370
17:12 Ticket #395 ([D][WG][C] GCMD namespace guidelines) created by selatham
Should update any existing documentation (such as the MOLES guide) and put …
17:11 Changeset [1272] by spascoe
Autogenerated documentation update. VERSION has been iterated to 0.1.3. …
17:08 Ticket #227 ([WG] [C] GCMD namespace testing) closed by selatham
fixed: BODC used this in their latest DIFs (produced by Kev's new bulk DIF tool). …
16:48 Changeset [1271] by spascoe
Another file I forgot to add.
16:46 Changeset [1270] by spascoe
A file missed.
16:29 Ticket #394 (python setup.py doesn't catch failure of make command) created by spascoe
A fairly small bug. If configure or make fails within setup.py it will …
16:10 DocumentationTeam edited by selatham
16:08 DocumentationTeam edited by selatham
16:08 DocumentationTeam edited by selatham
16:07 DocumentationTeam edited by selatham
16:06 DocumentationTeam edited by selatham
16:05 DocumentationTeam edited by selatham
15:55 Changeset [1269] by spascoe
Added example client and server executables. Small bug fix.
15:06 Ticket #393 ([DS] Programatically determine feature type.) created by domlowe
Currently the scanner needs to be told what type of feature it is …
15:00 HowTo created by lawrence
14:57 DocumentationTeam edited by lawrence
14:33 Changeset [1268] by spascoe
Added higher level client module which includes API doc strings.
14:27 Changeset [1267] by lawrence
A simple example interface to exist from python
14:26 Changeset [1266] by domlowe
Added scanning utility code: ppCheck.py -checks pp files are valid and can …
13:47 Changeset [1265] by spascoe
Messages from the client that were previously printed to stdout/stderr are …
12:13 SecurityTeam/CredentialsTransferInterface edited by pjkersha
12:11 SecurityTeam/CredentialsTransferInterface created by pjkersha
10:37 SecurityTeam/Agenda/Agenda03.07.06 edited by pjkersha
10:33 SecurityTeam/PassingAuthenticationDetailsAcrossDomains edited by pjkersha
10:31 SecurityTeam/PassingAuthenticationDetailsAcrossDomains created by pjkersha
10:20 SecurityTeam/Agenda/Agenda03.07.06 created by pjkersha
10:19 Changeset [1264] by spascoe
Client-side python API now works on all test cases.
10:12 SecurityTeam edited by pjkersha
10:12 SecurityTeam edited by pjkersha
09:24 Ticket #392 ([m] coapec browse metadata parameters is not the full list of parameters ...) created by lawrence
not sure if this is a duplicate ... but it's obvious if you go from browse …
09:17 Changeset [1263] by lawrence
Tagging the alpha browse code
09:14 Changeset [1262] by lawrence
Apparently an svn mv only does the delete, and now we have to add …
09:12 Changeset [1261] by lawrence
Moving browse to pythoncode where it belongs in moles


18:38 Ticket #391 ([M] Dlese OAI provider record deletion problems) created by selatham
There seems to be a problem when you delete and possibly overwrite records …
13:14 csmlAPIQuestions edited by astephen
13:13 csmlAPIQuestions edited by astephen
13:11 csmlAPIQuestions edited by astephen
13:09 csmlAPIQuestions edited by astephen
13:06 csmlAPIQuestions edited by astephen
13:04 csmlAPIQuestions edited by astephen
11:07 WorkingGrid/Meeting/June06 edited by mggr
done more prettily (diff)
11:07 WorkingGrid/Meeting/June06 edited by mggr
more done :p (diff)
11:06 WorkingGrid/Meeting/June06 edited by mggr
done (diff)
10:53 WorkingGrid/Meeting/June06 edited by mggr
10:39 WorkingGrid/Meeting/June06 edited by mggr
intermediate save (diff)
10:37 csmlAPIQuestions edited by domlowe
Added Ag's point about cell_methods etc to csmlAPIQuestions (diff)
10:31 Ticket #390 ([WG] [S] DP internal upgrade: PML authentication changes) created by mggr
The RSDAS service is partially merging websites and systems with Dundee …


18:20 Changeset [1260] by selatham
tweaked nocs config file
18:13 WorkingGrid/Meeting/June06 edited by mggr
intermediate save (diff)
18:09 WorkingGrid/Meeting/June06 edited by mggr
intermediate save (diff)
18:08 Ticket #142 (Incorporate bulk Stub-B runner in DP Package) closed by mggr
wontfix: Not doing a release for alpha, so this no longer applies. Tagging …
18:04 Ticket #314 ([M] Metadata Content needed for Alpha) closed by mggr
duplicate: Duplicate of #336.
17:36 WorkingGrid/Meeting/June06 created by mggr
intermediate save
16:40 Changeset [1259] by spascoe
Client-side authentication handling is implemented but currently broken. …
15:26 Changeset [1258] by pjkersha
Tagged Alpha release
15:23 Changeset [1257] by pjkersha
Official Alpha tagged version.
15:11 Changeset [1256] by pjkersha
Old code not needed. Neil's Java Attribute Authority code is another …
13:01 Ticket #389 ([DS][M] Exposing vars to user via CSML and CDML - name plus cell_methods ...) created by astephen
The DX (and other) GUI needs to provide enough information about a …
10:02 Ticket #371 ([DS] Integrate glue versions of DX and GS with trunk) closed by astephen
fixed: Integration completed. Note that I had problems with subversion so did not …
10:01 Ticket #256 ([DS] Output directory mapping) closed by astephen
fixed: Complete - the DX now resolves the paths appropriately.
08:59 T12_Security edited by pjkersha


17:25 Changeset [1255] by selatham
setting up nocs config file
15:07 Ticket #388 (Versioning of components) created by mggr
Sue, Dom and Andrew suggested that sub-components should be versioned …
15:04 Ticket #230 (Change NDG website for trac and subversion) closed by selatham
fixed: Done.
14:51 WorkingGrid/Agenda/June06 edited by mggr
Mike belatedly did some of his actions (diff)
14:50 Ticket #387 ([DS] CSML read methods PML datasets) created by mggr
Mike needs to talk to Dom about how we go about writing these.
14:35 Ticket #386 ([WG] Role of Working Grid team in integration) created by mggr
In the May WG meeting, Sue raised the …
12:27 T10_WorkingGrid edited by mggr
ready to be looked at, I think (diff)
12:27 WorkingGrid/Agenda/June06 edited by mggr
more done (diff)
12:22 WorkingGrid/Agenda/June06 edited by mggr
done? (diff)
11:04 T10_WorkingGrid edited by mggr
10:45 WorkingGrid/Agenda/June06 edited by mggr
intermediate save (diff)
10:45 T10_WorkingGrid edited by mggr
partial reformatting save (diff)
09:46 Changeset [1254] by pjkersha
Removed all old CVS directories.
09:44 Changeset [1253] by pjkersha
DataPortal? AttributeAuthority? Java code.
09:40 Changeset [1252] by pjkersha
Include Java DataPortal? Attribute Authority Code


18:26 WorkingGrid/Agenda/June06 created by mggr
start of agenda
18:23 T10_WorkingGrid edited by mggr
17:59 Ticket #53 (Sample metadata for level 3 composite data) closed by mggr
fixed: Closing this and making a new ticket for the required fixes - ticket:385.
17:58 Ticket #385 ([M] [WG] PML MOLES improvements) created by mggr
PML MOLES records need some improvements: * data granule link up (to …
17:24 Changeset [1251] by selatham
half created a claddier version of Stub-B to Dublin Core XSL
16:37 WorkingGrid edited by mggr
16:29 WorkingGrid edited by mggr
pre-link june meeting notes and agenda (diff)
16:27 T10_WorkingGrid edited by mggr
think I have all issues now (diff)
16:02 Changeset [1250] by selatham
making a branch for claddier
14:41 Changeset [1249] by domlowe
Appending ALPHA to tagname. This version was used in the DX Alpha
14:19 T10_WorkingGrid edited by mggr
another temp save (diff)
13:29 Changeset [1248] by spascoe
renamed delivery.bbftpc.run() delivery.bbftpc.connect().
12:37 T10_WorkingGrid edited by mggr
intermediate save (still trawling docs) (diff)
12:02 Changeset [1247] by spascoe
New test case confirms multiple client commands works.
11:50 Changeset [1246] by spascoe
bbftpc.run() has been split into run(), docommand() and close(). Multiple …
11:07 Changeset [1245] by astephen
Deleted duplicate of manuals - so only in server package now.
11:04 Changeset [1244] by astephen
Close to alpha version.
11:04 Changeset [1243] by astephen
Latest version - close to alpha release.
10:27 Changeset [1242] by spascoe
bbftpc_main.c has been cut down further and split into static functions. …
08:42 Changeset [1241] by spascoe
Moving bbftp_ndg.c to where it makes sense.
08:41 Changeset [1240] by spascoe
Some modifications to bbftp_ndg.c being commited before I move it to the …


18:14 T10_WorkingGrid edited by mggr
17:54 Changeset [1239] by spascoe
bbftp_ndg.c will become the new entry point to the bbftp client, removing …
16:16 Changeset [1238] by spascoe
Fixed the client API testcase problem. The client and server modules …
08:54 Changeset [1237] by lawrence
minor fix in ServiceBinding in browse


14:58 Ticket #382 ([M][DS]Relation between MOLES and CSML instances) closed by selatham
fixed: CSML Security is #319 MOLES dgDataGranule work is #384
14:56 Ticket #384 ([M] MOLES dgDataGranule re-design) created by selatham
Following resolution of issue #382, a dgDataGranule needs it's own …
14:39 Ticket #383 ([S] Cross Domain Cookies - agree strategy for implementing NDG enabled ...) created by pjkersha
For Alpha, a mechanism was devised to pass security credentials across …
14:38 Ticket #382 ([M][DS]Relation between MOLES and CSML instances) created by selatham
For convenience we had a 1-to-1 relationship between MOLES and CSML in …
14:21 SecurityTeam edited by pjkersha
14:15 Ticket #381 ([S] Custom Credential Repository interface for BODC) created by pjkersha
The Session Manager uses a Credential Repository to store Attribute …
14:07 Ticket #380 ([S] Role Mapping - can a role from one site map to multiple roles at ...) created by pjkersha
The role mapping system currently allows a single role from one provider …
13:54 MetadataServices/Meeting/June06 edited by selatham
13:54 MetadataServices/Meeting/June06 edited by selatham
13:52 MetadataServices/Meeting/June06 edited by selatham
13:51 MetadataServices/Meeting/June06 edited by selatham
13:51 SecurityTeam edited by pjkersha
13:49 SecurityTeam edited by pjkersha
13:48 MetadataServices/Meeting/June06 edited by selatham
13:25 Ticket #377 ([S] Configure Security WSs to start up at system boot) closed by pjkersha
fixed: Init scripts are in: …
13:14 SecurityTeam edited by pjkersha
13:01 MetadataServices/Meeting/June06 edited by selatham
12:58 MetadataServices/Meeting/June06 edited by selatham
12:57 MetadataServices/Meeting/June06 edited by selatham
12:56 MetadataServices/Meeting/June06 edited by selatham
12:55 MetadataServices/Meeting/June06 edited by selatham
12:55 MetadataServices/Meeting/June06 edited by selatham
12:55 MetadataServices/Meeting/June06 edited by selatham
12:36 MetadataServices/Meeting/June06 edited by selatham
12:33 MetadataServices/Meeting/June06 edited by selatham
12:33 MetadataServices/Meeting/June06 edited by selatham
12:32 MetadataServices/Meeting/June06 edited by selatham
12:30 MetadataServices/Meeting/June06 edited by selatham
12:27 MetadataServices/Meeting/June06 edited by selatham
12:19 MetadataServices/Meeting/June06 edited by selatham
12:15 MetadataServices/Meeting/June06 created by selatham
12:11 MetadataServices edited by selatham
11:50 MetadataServices edited by selatham
11:21 MetadataServices edited by selatham


17:32 Changeset [1236] by pjkersha
Tests/LogClientTest?.py: LogServer? WS client unit tests Tests/LogTest?.py: …
15:53 Changeset [1235] by domlowe
Properly documented all classes in CSML parser for use with PyDoc?
15:40 Ticket #379 ([DS] attributes missing in some __init__ methods in parser) created by domlowe
Some attributes cannot be set via the init methods in the parser. eg. …
12:18 Changeset [1234] by aharwood
New, simpler version.
10:48 csmlAPIQuestions created by domlowe
Added page containing CSML API review questions.
10:12 T02_CSML edited by domlowe
09:42 Ticket #163 ([M] Vocab Server LIVGLUE/LIVGRID synchronisation established) closed by siva
fixed: vocab Server WSDL is avialable from …
09:38 Changeset [1233] by pjkersha
Correct ')' typos
09:35 Changeset [1232] by pjkersha
NDG/SimpleCA.py: put pass-phrase check at end of init so that all …
09:27 Ticket #357 ([M] Set up moles schema location) closed by ko23
fixed: 1) Current = "last tagged". These are to be seen by the outside world, and …
09:05 Changeset [1231] by pjkersha
setup.py and README: chnage to release 0.70. NDG/SimpleCA.py: move CA …


21:22 Ticket #378 ([DS] Create a draft of URL args for calling the DX-WI) created by astephen
I need to expose to other parts of NDG how you can pre-select options by …
16:39 Changeset [1230] by aharwood
New version. Only contains restricted dataset authorisations and …
15:18 Changeset [1229] by pjkersha
Use shorter file name because redhat-config-services seems to have a file …
15:17 Changeset [1228] by pjkersha
Added in header tags for chkconfig. Changed pid setting code to grep on …
13:57 Changeset [1227] by pjkersha
Tests/SecurityClientTest?.py: tests with local WSDL file with alternate …
09:27 Ticket #377 ([S] Configure Security WSs to start up at system boot) created by pjkersha
Write SysV init scripts or xinetd configuration so that Attribute …
09:19 Changeset [1226] by domlowe
online parser now handles display of symbols and foriegn characters
09:18 Ticket #217 ([S] Integration with Data Extractor) closed by pjkersha
fixed: Most of the work for DX integration was duplicated with security-browse …
08:28 Changeset [1225] by astephen
Latest version from laptop. Not yet merged with glue branch.


16:25 Ticket #376 (Better Change Control mechanism required) created by selatham
Implement change control now that we have 'live' services. So that changes …
15:02 Changeset [1224] by selatham
Added BADC COAPEC examples.
14:41 Changeset [1223] by ko23
Extra Example directories added
13:37 Ticket #375 ([DS] Check Isofill not working on NCOF GS) created by astephen
Check Isofill not working on NCOF GS
12:25 Changeset [1222] by ko23
returnstubb.jar 1.1 fixes minor problems, improves performance of ObsStn?
11:28 Changeset [1221] by astephen
Glue-specific changes and secuirity integration all happened here. Needs …
11:12 Changeset [1220] by astephen
Deleted duplicate.
11:10 Changeset [1219] by astephen
Deleted duplicate file
10:18 Changeset [1218] by astephen
Deleted duplicate file.
08:59 Ticket #374 ([DS] sequenceRule should be used in scanner/parser) created by domlowe
The sequenceRule element should be used properly in the scanner/parser so …


16:34 Ticket #241 ([M] Who will take on Discovery GUI work) reopened by selatham
I've added the 'beyond Alpha' bit and re-opened. There has been much more …
16:20 Ticket #373 (What are we doing for e-Science AHM?) created by selatham
If we are not doing a security paper for the Annual e-Science AHM in …
16:19 Ticket #75 ([DS] DX-WS integration with NDG2 Security) closed by astephen
fixed: Integrated but needs tidying. Marked as resolved to give me a sense of …
16:16 Ticket #372 ([DS] Define requirements and expectation of DX/CSML functionality) created by astephen
From Alpha it is clear that we have lots to do. We should have a …
16:14 Ticket #78 ([DS] DX-WS Generation of CSML output) closed by astephen
fixed: Completed for Alpha. Significant work required with Dominic to get working …
15:55 Ticket #371 ([DS] Integrate glue versions of DX and GS with trunk) created by astephen
Need to integrate the slight deviations in the glue versions into the main …
15:54 Ticket #325 ([DS] ALPHA installs of DX and GS on glue) closed by astephen
fixed: First versions have been installed and tested. They are good enough for …
15:34 Ticket #210 (Check time settings default on BSCW) closed by selatham
fixed: Set your own personal timezone from the Options->Details page. Set …
15:31 Ticket #370 ([WG] ingestion of granule info via csml to b content) created by lawrence
The list of parameters in the coapec dataset moles content falls far short …
13:25 Ticket #369 ([DS] DX Time validation needs to check all at once!) created by astephen
Need to check all time selections in one go otherwise you keep needing to …


21:41 Ticket #344 ([s] - attribute authority get trustedhostinfo needs to return self) closed by lawrence
worksforme: This has been done by providing a new method.
21:37 Ticket #241 ([M] Who will take on Discovery GUI work) closed by lawrence
fixed: Well, I've done it, and will continue to do so for the moment.
21:36 Ticket #330 ([s] we may need a bit of latitude on starting time for access certificates) closed by lawrence
worksforme: Phil has found and fixed a bug which would have caused this. Assume it's …
21:32 Ticket #232 (Semantic web workshop presentation required) closed by lawrence
fixed: This is complete, and included in the talk I gave in Edinburgh last week.
21:29 Milestone AHM Papers Due in One Week completed
This year they aren't doing a two page abstract, they want 8 page full …
21:29 Ticket #45 (Special issue of IJDL on digital libraries and e-science) closed by lawrence
wontfix: Well,we've missed this one, c'est la vie.
21:23 Ticket #345 ([M] more link on dataset list in browse needs to point at a d-service) closed by lawrence
17:41 Ticket #368 ([DS] GeoSPlAT minor bug list) created by astephen
Make sure setup.py creates SESSION_OBJECT_DIR otherwise obscure error …
17:15 Ticket #367 ([DS] Do a proper response if user has no valid credentials to see data) created by astephen
At present the client works out if the user can't see any of the known …
16:48 Changeset [1217] by pjkersha
Added fix for ticket #330
16:47 Changeset [1216] by pjkersha
16:47 Changeset [1215] by pjkersha
Tests/SecurityClientTest?.py: made role in getTrustedHostInfo test an …
16:43 Changeset [1214] by hearnsha
Completed Sea Ice description for Higem NumSim
16:30 Changeset [1213] by ko23
16:22 Ticket #366 ([S] Securing http redirects) created by pjkersha
SecurityCGI uses a system of http redirects to allow a site requesting …
15:56 Changeset [1212] by ko23
Fix activity3 issue. Improve OS/DPT Xquery performance. Add NDG-B0 as …
14:37 Changeset [1211] by lawrence
More tiny modifications ..
14:17 Changeset [1210] by astephen
Updated lots of stuff to get zsi working with version 2.0 or lower.
14:15 Changeset [1209] by astephen
Deleted some duplicate stuff.
14:10 Ticket #365 ([DS] Add numerical operation options) created by astephen
Need to generate a safe list of numerical operation options that can be …
13:58 Ticket #364 ([DS] Update GeoSPlat to cope with ZSI version <2.0 or 2.0) closed by astephen
fixed: Completed
13:58 Ticket #364 ([DS] Update GeoSPlat to cope with ZSI version <2.0 or 2.0) created by astephen
Need to encode server and client calls to cope with both ZSI versions.
12:27 Ticket #323 ([DS] rescan coapec data) closed by domlowe
12:26 Changeset [1208] by domlowe
removing obsolete parser code - can still be found in old revisions
12:25 Changeset [1207] by domlowe
CSML v1.0 tagged. (just removing unwanted directory)
12:22 Changeset [1206] by domlowe
Tagging version 1.0 of CSML as per in ALPHA release: CSML Scanner: …
12:14 Ticket #100 ([DS] CSML Scanner 1.0) closed by domlowe
fixed: Working for GridSeries? NetCDF/PP/NASAAmes Part working for Point/Profile?. …
11:50 Ticket #233 ([WG] CSML examples) closed by domlowe
11:44 Ticket #363 ([M] prevent access to non-legally visible vocabulary tables) closed by mhug
11:42 Changeset [1205] by pjkersha
Includes changes to SecurityCGI to ensure credentials are not passed over …
11:40 Changeset [1204] by pjkersha
11:38 Changeset [1203] by pjkersha
Tests/AttAuthorityIOtest.py: added testTrustedHosts3 to test results from …
10:34 Changeset [1202] by astephen
Removed duplicate dir in java external stuff.
10:21 Ticket #363 ([M] prevent access to non-legally visible vocabulary tables) created by mhug
in the verifyTerm and getList web service methods, with a known listKey, …


23:15 Changeset [1201] by astephen
Added logic to say that if no datasetGroup or dataset provided by caller …
23:13 Changeset [1200] by astephen
Added method getDatasetGroupAndDatasetFromURI() to allow a uri to be …
22:58 Ticket #362 ([DS] Ingest COAPEC CSML into DX) closed by astephen
fixed: This all worked fine. Created a wrapper script to get clear out the old …
22:57 Ticket #362 ([DS] Ingest COAPEC CSML into DX) created by astephen
Use ingestion scripts to ingest Dom's 8 COAPEC dataset CSML files.
22:56 Ticket #361 ([DS] Install and test CSML bundle on glue) closed by astephen
fixed: Installed and tested the system. My code needed updating to include extra …
22:52 Ticket #361 ([DS] Install and test CSML bundle on glue) created by astephen
Need to install CSML latest version on glue and test the sub-setting …
18:51 Ticket #333 (Delete & add bodc records to superglue) closed by selatham
fixed: Completed.
16:57 Changeset [1199] by lawrence
Tiny bug fixes in browse …
16:37 Ticket #359 ([M] COAPEC Moles content problem) closed by selatham
fixed: COAPEC Obsstn should OK now - as I siad earlier. Activity content was OK. …
16:07 Changeset [1198] by spascoe
Updated epydoc documentation.
15:55 Changeset [1197] by domlowe
removing print statements that break cgi
15:54 Changeset [1196] by domlowe
removing BADC_CSML_FILES directory
15:51 Changeset [1195] by spascoe
Defined constants used by bbftp in delivery.server.
12:44 Changeset [1194] by spascoe
Everything can now be built from setup.py.
11:57 Changeset [1193] by pjkersha
Latest updates for use with Browse CGI.
11:56 Changeset [1192] by pjkersha
11:55 Changeset [1191] by pjkersha
Update following tests with browse CGI
11:28 Changeset [1190] by pjkersha
NDG/SecurityCGI.py: processCredsRequest only picks up an existing cookie …
11:19 Changeset [1189] by lawrence
Fix to support related deployments in non data entities …
10:32 Changeset [1188] by spascoe
Added files I forgot to include.
10:16 Changeset [1187] by spascoe
Auto-generated documentation included for the python-server interface. …
09:34 Ticket #353 ([M] fix date handling function in getList web service method) closed by mhug
08:31 Changeset [1186] by domlowe
Fixed minor bugs as noted by Ag during testing
08:28 Ticket #360 ([DS] CSML API needs modification so it knows automatically what time axis ...) created by domlowe
CSML API needs modification so it knows automatically what time axis is or …
07:36 Changeset [1185] by lawrence
More tiny fixes and tidier error handling in browse …


22:43 Changeset [1184] by astephen
Safe version pre-security installation and zsi versioning.
22:09 Changeset [1183] by lawrence
Support for the new hostinfo call in security
21:44 Changeset [1182] by lawrence
A large number of small modifications to browse dealing with a range of …
19:44 Ticket #359 ([M] COAPEC Moles content problem) created by lawrence
I'll attach examples, but the bottom line is that moles content that is in …
19:15 Ticket #358 (Move Doc_handling things in Subversion) created by selatham
Move the last few things somewhere. Where should they go? Consult Kev.
19:03 Ticket #357 ([M] Set up moles schema location) created by ko23
Kev says:- Could you please move two copies of MOLES 1.2.4 schema to …
18:12 Changeset [1181] by pjkersha
Removed debug code.
18:02 Changeset [1180] by pjkersha
Tests/SecurityClientTest?.py: mods for tests on gabriel NDG/Session.py: …
17:15 Ticket #356 ([m] Stub-b examples don't have related_url in them.) created by lawrence
... or maybe they do, and it's a content problem ... See for example: …
17:05 Changeset [1179] by domlowe
fixed problem with axis ordering in scanner
17:04 Changeset [1178] by domlowe
fixed problem with axis ordering in csml api
16:38 Changeset [1177] by pjkersha
NDG/AttCert.py: changed isValidTime so that the time against which it is …
16:33 Ticket #355 (Stub_B.jar bulk producer of Stub-B's needs to cope with password) created by selatham
Document_handling/MDM/WSClients/BStub/stub_B.jar: Executable to produce …
16:17 Changeset [1176] by pjkersha
Changes to incoporate new getHostInfo Attribute Authority WS method. …
14:34 Ticket #354 ([M] - DIF return from Moles database doesn't search all content ...) created by lawrence
Kev's returnstubb with a format argument does exactly what it says on the …
14:31 Changeset [1175] by lawrence
Sundry problems fixed with respect to namespaces etc
12:18 Ticket #353 ([M] fix date handling function in getList web service method) created by mhug
getList doesn't correctly compare user input cut-off date with modified …
12:11 Ticket #346 ([M] Update vocab service specification document) closed by mhug
11:39 Changeset [1174] by ko23
Add examples directories
11:10 Ticket #51 (Metadata for 1 ctd dataset) closed by siva
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