22:05 Changeset [1023] by lawrence
more browse/discovery ... still many significant bugs ... some of which …
20:57 Ticket #311 ([m] browse/discovery - invalid characters in some dif returns) created by lawrence
If we do a search on humidity, we find some records don't parse in …
20:55 Ticket #310 ([m] browse/discovery - need to understand what is happening in related url) created by lawrence
When we look at the result set from a search on acsoe, we find some …
20:50 Ticket #193 ([M] Moles browse needs to tell user when data is secure) closed by lawrence
worksforme: We are using the key symbol appropriately.
20:47 Ticket #309 ([m] browse/discovery - need to bind the selection to a data extractor ...) created by lawrence
When we have collected a number of data id's in a selection set, we need …
20:45 Ticket #308 ([m] browse/discovery - need to step through the result set) created by lawrence
Currently only the first 10 results are shown, we need to modifify …
20:43 Ticket #307 ([m] browse/discovery - need to fix the cookie history/selection) created by lawrence
Currently only seems to do the last entry for selections (can't check …
18:37 Changeset [1022] by pjkersha
Updates to Tests/security.py and NDG/SecurityCGI.py: call to AA to get …
17:32 Changeset [1021] by pjkersha
Tests/SecurityClientTest?.py: added testAAgetTrustedHostInfoWithNoRoleSet …
16:42 Changeset [1020] by lawrence
More discovery (from browse) related improvments
16:42 Changeset [1019] by domlowe
getFeature, getFeatureList methods
16:14 Changeset [1018] by pjkersha
Tests/SecurityClientTest?.py: mods to run on gabriel. Tests/security.py: …
16:11 Changeset [1017] by spascoe
Initial import (3rd attempt). This package is intended to allow …
16:10 Changeset [1016] by spascoe
Still can't get svn to follow symlinks !@##%
16:09 Changeset [1015] by spascoe
Initial import (second attempt :-) ). This package is intended to allow …
16:08 Changeset [1014] by spascoe
Initial import didn't work because svn doesn't follow symlinks :-(.
16:06 Changeset [1013] by spascoe
Initial import. This package is intended to allow DataProviders? to create …
15:25 Ticket #306 ([M] Review the decision for the entry_id in DIF) created by lawrence
Why do we make our uri's by using : instead of /? It would make it far …
14:34 Changeset [1012] by domlowe
moving files
14:33 Changeset [1011] by domlowe
moving files
14:31 Changeset [1010] by domlowe
moving directory
14:29 Changeset [1009] by domlowe
API operations framework added
11:31 Changeset [1008] by pjkersha
New distro for test install on gabriel
11:30 Changeset [1007] by pjkersha
Tests/security.py: derived class from SecurityCGI for testing x domain …
10:46 Ticket #305 ([m] should the default order of discovery search be most recent last) created by lawrence
09:11 Ticket #304 ([M] All query types should work on discovery backend) created by lawrence
Currently only full text search works, we need all types to work …
09:10 Ticket #303 ([M] Discovery web service needs to offer reordering by columns) created by lawrence
The java based service allows result sets to be ordered by specific …
09:09 Ticket #302 ([M] discovery web service needs reconnect option) created by lawrence
Currently we get a session ID back from a ws.connect but there is no …
09:07 Ticket #301 ([M] Discovery Web Service Technology) created by lawrence
Should we consider rewriting the backend in python, removing the …


22:01 Changeset [1006] by lawrence
More discovery/browse convergence, starting support for linking to …
20:03 Changeset [1005] by pjkersha
NDG/SecurityCGI.py: rationalised from original code taken from …
15:38 Ticket #300 (Create definitive python installation procedure and apply to glue) created
Glue has several versions of Python installed on it with differing …
15:30 Changeset [1004] by domlowe
CSML files for 500yr Coapec model run added
14:08 Changeset [1003] by spascoe
Logging to syslog has been changed to use LOG_DEBUG. The tests have been …
13:54 Ticket #273 ([DS] Implement bbftp private authorisation interface) closed by spascoe
fixed: The API is implemented and passes some simple tests. More rigorous …
12:22 Changeset [1002] by spascoe
The delivery service is in an early stage of development but I think it is …
12:14 Changeset [1001] by spascoe
Create tags directory.
11:56 Changeset [1000] by domlowe
adding directory to store BADC CSML files (for now)
11:55 Changeset [999] by spascoe
Changed default syslog facility to local0 to improve logging.
11:40 Changeset [998] by domlowe
FeatureMember? to lower case
10:57 Changeset [997] by spascoe
Added Retrieve and Send test cases.
10:18 Changeset [996] by lawrence
Further changes associated with the browse/discovery look and feel
08:52 Changeset [995] by ko23
Tiiping irror in bulkde fixed…
07:42 Changeset [994] by lawrence
Modifying the discovery return to fit in browse (part 1)


21:15 Changeset [993] by lawrence
Beginning changes associated with look and feel convergence for discovery …
19:40 Changeset [992] by lawrence
Clearer examples to accompany email to Phil …
19:26 Changeset [991] by lawrence
Browse now goes through to prompting the user for a login host (from a …
17:36 Changeset [990] by hearnsha
updated veg ancillary files
16:50 Changeset [989] by ko23
1.2.4 RC2. BulkDE.zip includes latest DIF generation
16:38 Changeset [988] by spascoe
Completed the authorisation API refactoring to add 2 new functions …
16:25 Changeset [987] by spascoe
Closer inspection of the bbftp code reveals I'll need to refactor the …
15:42 Changeset [986] by pjkersha
Tests/xDomainCredsTransfer.py: test script to demonstrate passing of …
15:31 Changeset [985] by hearnsha
Completed all science sections for NMM description of higem `climatology'
15:21 Changeset [984] by domlowe
Added getBestName method, and removed test methods from api
15:09 Changeset [983] by spascoe
Added the autorisation hook bbftpd_private_authz. It appears to be called …
15:06 Changeset [982] by domlowe
Subset GridSeries? feature to another smaller GridSeries? feature working. …
12:24 Ticket #299 (bbftp v1 protocol not covered by authorisation API) created by spascoe
The authorisation API I'm adding to bbftp is not activated in the case of …
11:19 Changeset [981] by spascoe
Simple client/server connection test case added.
09:07 Changeset [980] by lawrence
Modifications in browse to get security going (currently deliberately …


16:44 Changeset [979] by spascoe
Added TestCase? that checks private_auth initialisation and finalisation …
16:42 Changeset [978] by domlowe
added apiDemo.py - test file used to call new api structure.
16:41 Changeset [977] by domlowe
moved gridseries subsetting to new api structure
16:40 Changeset [976] by lawrence
Minor bug fixes to various browse code bits and bobs …
16:20 Changeset [975] by spascoe
Got bbftpd_private_finalise working by setting a SIGTERM signal handler. …
15:54 Changeset [974] by spascoe
Started test framework. One unit test exists to start and stop the …
14:32 Ticket #298 (Fix readline support on glue's ActivePython instalation) created by spascoe
using glue's ActivePython? as an interactive shell does not allow arrow key …
12:23 Changeset [973] by spascoe
Added the private authentication API extensions needed to implement NDG …
11:30 Changeset [972] by domlowe
Added str methods to features
10:36 WorkingGrid/Agenda/May06 edited by mggr
09:50 Ticket #97 ([DS] [S] [M] Gatekeeper functionality) closed by pjkersha
09:40 Changeset [971] by pjkersha
Renamed test methods - 'rapid' role doesn't apply to names as an AttCert?
09:38 Changeset [970] by pjkersha
Working version of Gatekeeper - supports basic access control: 3 WS …


18:41 Changeset [969] by pjkersha
WSDL for NDG Gatekeeper.
18:40 Changeset [968] by pjkersha
Tests/GatekeeperClientTest?.py: test Gatekeeper WS client. …
16:11 Changeset [967] by ko23
15:06 WorkingGrid/Agenda/May06 edited by mggr
added Sue's comments (diff)
14:36 Changeset [966] by pjkersha
Added into release for Mike at PML to pick up.
14:36 Changeset [965] by pjkersha
Added into release for Mike at PML to pick up.
14:33 Changeset [964] by pjkersha
Tests/SecurityClientTest?.py: get proxy cert from call to Session Manager …
13:19 Changeset [963] by lawrence
Coding to support showing full xml documents etc in browse, note not …
11:59 Changeset [962] by selatham
typing error in options
11:30 Changeset [961] by domlowe
Added prettyprintHTML function to cgi parser
10:27 Changeset [960] by hearnsha
Completed NMM Model for Atmosphere, Done upto Vertical Diffusion for NMM …
06:06 Changeset [959] by lawrence
Utility to support HTML presentation of vanilla xml (including highlight …


18:14 WorkingGrid/Agenda/May06 edited by mggr
18:13 WorkingGrid/Agenda/May06 edited by mggr
17:56 WorkingGrid/Agenda/May06 created by mggr
17:33 Ticket #297 ([M] Secure the discovery Admin.jsp) created by selatham
The discovery admin allows you to do the extract of spatio-temporal …
17:29 Ticket #296 ([M] secure oai) created by selatham
changed the context definition in WEB-INF/web.xml file but it's not …
16:59 WorkingGrid edited by mggr
added team members (diff)
16:55 Changeset [958] by selatham
securing the discovery config file
16:46 Ticket #285 ([M] Secure eXist backups more) closed by selatham
fixed: Done.
16:43 Changeset [957] by spascoe
Began redesigning the activity diagrams in the light of a new …
16:32 Changeset [956] by selatham
securing the exist backup script
15:40 Changeset [955] by domlowe
points to the right cgi now..
15:35 Changeset [954] by domlowe
formatting error fixed
15:30 Changeset [953] by domlowe
Alterations to testMethods
15:29 Changeset [952] by domlowe
improved output of online parser
14:06 Ticket #216 ([S] Logging Web Service) closed by pjkersha
13:43 Changeset [951] by pjkersha
Added explicit types in DiscoveryWStypes to try to get working - no …
13:14 Changeset [950] by domlowe
RangeSet? now inherits from AssociatedAttributeGroup?
09:47 Ticket #295 ([DS] is there a need for non-NDG security tags in CSML?) created by domlowe
If we cut and paste the security from MOLES to CSML, aren't we then …


21:35 Changeset [949] by lawrence
Further modifications to python discovery gui, and the entities which …
19:04 Ticket #294 ([DS][M] CSML collections in exist - standard name required?) created by selatham
Do we need a standard name for CSML storage as a collection the exist db? …
18:56 Ticket #293 ([M] MOLES browse backend needs to cope with exist db security) created by selatham
Needs to cope with user name and pwd access to exist.
17:03 Changeset [948] by domlowe
Scanner now really does ignore hidden directories.
16:20 Changeset [947] by domlowe
Scanner now ignores hidden directories
15:00 Ticket #270 (need better error from returnmoles.jar) reopened by lawrence
Oh it went wrong because the backend was broken (exist was down), but the …
14:38 Changeset [946] by pjkersha
setup tar file in dist/ didn't include new log class.
14:37 Changeset [945] by pjkersha
Re-created: MANIFEST file was not up to date so new log class was not …
14:27 Changeset [944] by pjkersha
Not part of this release.
14:26 Changeset [943] by pjkersha
14:25 Changeset [942] by pjkersha
New release includes logging WS and Gatekeeper prototype.
14:23 Changeset [941] by pjkersha
Tests/SecurityClientTest?.py: renamed test methods to be prefixed with …
13:35 Changeset [940] by lawrence
Some minor bug fixes in rendering DIFs and stubB
13:13 Changeset [939] by domlowe
Basic structure of high-level CSML API added
12:46 Ticket #270 (need better error from returnmoles.jar) closed by ko23
fixed: Watch Subversion for upload of fixed version. The problem appears to be …
12:27 Changeset [938] by lawrence
First code to support a GUI for python based searching through the …
12:14 Ticket #292 ([DS] [WG] [M] DeliveryService .ndgaccess access control mechanism) created by spascoe
A proposal to use .ndgaccess files to store access control information is …
12:01 Ticket #291 ([M] Unescaped ampersands in CEDAR DIF) created by lawrence
Our CEDAR DIF records might contain & in the urls (for A-services ... but …
12:00 Changeset [937] by spascoe
A proposal for storing access control information in .ndgaccess files is …
10:33 Ticket #39 (Handling identification of attribute authority in MOLES) closed by ko23
fixed: Decision made. As long as Phil warns me about any characters that are not …
09:47 Ticket #161 ([M] Vocab server code operational in sandbox) closed by mhug
09:43 Ticket #290 ([D] [WG] Need to decide on the "external" defintion of products requiring ...) created by hsnaith
In order to define the external documentation needed for NDG2, we first …
09:26 Ticket #289 ([M] Need a MOLES User Guide) created by hsnaith
The MOLES "Instructions for Creation" document has a lot of good material …


14:44 Ticket #263 ([DS] Parser: Issue with contents of arrayDescriptor.arraySize) closed by domlowe
fixed: closed - fixed this
14:16 Ticket #264 ([DS] Scanner: It is possible to have multiple identical gml:ids...) closed by domlowe
fixed: closed: fixed this, gml ids are now prefixed with a number.
14:14 Ticket #257 ([DS] Parser: list of minor defects) closed by domlowe
fixed: closed: These bugs are fixed and this system of having a list in one …
14:09 Ticket #209 (GridOrdinateDescription.axisValues needs to accept arrayDescriptor) closed by domlowe
fixed: closed - fixed this for all array descriptors now.
13:10 Changeset [936] by domlowe
ioDemo now returns a csml file & netcdf file (works for GridSeries? data …
13:09 Changeset [935] by lawrence
Pretty sure this will have broken the browse, but can't check at the …
13:07 Changeset [934] by lawrence
Modified for some dummy security information
12:03 Ticket #288 ([DS] Check ArraySize attribute is correct for GridSeries etc) created by domlowe
When scanning need to increase ArraySize? attributes for series data. Check …
09:53 Changeset [933] by lawrence
Further refactoring of DiscoveryWS in python. All the methods are there …
09:49 Ticket #181 (browse get data icon should only appear for data entites) closed by lawrence
fixed: Actually the get data icon wont appear the way we doing it now.
08:45 Ticket #287 ([M] Need a schema for Stub-B) created by lawrence
Stub-B is effectively an interface between MOLES and the outside world. …


17:11 Changeset [932] by lawrence
Refactored discovery web service into a class, and at least the search …
17:06 Changeset [931] by spascoe
Some more changes to the EAP. Dumped a diagram to bbftpd_api.BMP.
16:51 Changeset [930] by pjkersha
* Added Gatekeeper class. * Changed 'cvsID' ref global var in all files to …
16:45 Changeset [929] by domlowe
basic writing of subsetted netcdf file
14:32 Ticket #286 ([WG] Whether or not we should include namespace attributes in eXist) created by domlowe
Kev's testing found validation problems in eXist when the namespace …
13:54 Ticket #285 ([M] Secure eXist backups more) created by selatham
Change job logs.
13:11 Ticket #284 ([M] Modify NumSim so it extends MD_Metadata) created by lawrence
Talk thru issues with Jeremy and make it more consistent with the WMO …
13:08 NumSim edited by lawrence
12:21 CSML_Parser edited by mggr
linked test parser (diff)
11:12 Changeset [928] by domlowe
fixing path in csmlio.py
11:11 Changeset [927] by domlowe
fixing path in init file
11:08 Changeset [926] by domlowe
reorganising csml directory
11:08 Changeset [925] by domlowe
reorganising csml…
11:03 Changeset [924] by domlowe
removing duplicate old parser code
10:49 Changeset [923] by domlowe
reorganising csml directory
09:45 Ticket #283 ([WG] Should CSML (for BADC) be stored in eXist or in file system?) created by domlowe
What do we want to do about CSML storage longterm? (within the BADC …


18:08 T06_Vocabulary edited by selatham
17:34 Changeset [922] by hearnsha
Need to complete Aerosols Scheme in Codebase!
17:31 Changeset [921] by pjkersha
Client interface class for logging WS.
17:30 Changeset [920] by pjkersha
Added XML signature to Logging WS clients for message security. XMLMsg …
17:17 T06_Vocabulary edited by selatham
17:06 DocumentationTeam edited by selatham
17:03 DocumentationTeam edited by selatham
17:02 DocumentationTeam edited by selatham
17:01 DocumentationTeam edited by selatham
16:56 DocumentationTeam edited by selatham
15:57 Changeset [919] by domlowe
improvments to PointSeriesFeature? & NasaAmes? handling
15:57 Changeset [918] by domlowe
added PPExtract to Parser
14:54 Ticket #282 ([M] Automate Z39.50 bespoke harvesting & ingest) created by selatham
Automate the harvesting from NERC Designated data centres. There are …
14:34 Ticket #96 ([M] Ingest NERC Designated data centres records into live portal) closed by selatham
fixed: They have been ingested as a one-off. Automation will appear as a new …
14:23 Milestone Internal Zserver Support for Harvesting completed
Internal NDG support for zserver harvesting to supplant old NERC metadata …
13:57 Ticket #281 ([M] ndg_to_dif xsl needs updating following changes to DEStub-B) created by selatham
The DataEntity? Stub-B creation code has changed resulting in a different …
13:54 Ticket #280 ([M] ndg_to_dif xsl needs to pass access constraints) created by selatham
The xsl that takes a DE stub-B and creates DIF records needs to pass …
13:52 Changeset [917] by pjkersha
Working prototype log server. Has no message level security implemented …
13:01 Changeset [916] by root
correct spelling


17:37 Changeset [915] by pjkersha
Initial version of NDG logger class based on Python logging package.
14:07 Changeset [914] by domlowe
Program to check if NASA Ames files are readable in NAPPY
11:37 Changeset [913] by hearnsha
Completed ocean codebase.


20:36 Changeset [912] by lawrence
First tranch of modifications following Exeter Metadata Meeting
20:19 Changeset [911] by lawrence
Refactoring browse portal to clearly separate out the service bindings.
16:30 Changeset [910] by domlowe
added prefix to gml:id to distinguish between similarly named features
16:28 Ticket #279 ([M] eXist db backup needs changing) closed by selatham
fixed: Coded, tested and gone onto dev and live. NOTE Subversion copy doesn't …
16:26 Ticket #279 ([M] eXist db backup needs changing) created by selatham
Due to eXist now being password protected.
16:23 Changeset [909] by root
Had to put the -p option in the exist backup now
16:07 Ticket #278 ([DS] Integrate NDG security authorisation with bbFTP) created by spascoe
This will require #276 for the bbFTP server to determine access privileges …
16:05 Changeset [908] by domlowe
deleting test file
15:59 Ticket #202 (Embed bbFTP client in Python) closed by spascoe
duplicate: This ticket has been divided into more fine-graned tickets [273] and …
15:56 Changeset [907] by domlowe
binary file test, please ignore
15:55 Ticket #205 (Is embedding bbFTPd in python compatable with fork()?) closed by spascoe
fixed: I think this isn't going to be a problem provided the python bindings …
14:14 Ticket #277 ([DS] Generate representative sample of ERA-40 in cache.) created by domlowe
Generate a represenatative sample of the virtual ERA-40 dataset (all …
13:39 Ticket #276 ([DS] Implement CSML instance download in the bbFTP client/server) created by spascoe
The DeliveryService client can request a CSML instance, with all …
13:25 Ticket #275 ([DS] Integrate NDG security authentication with bbFTP) created by spascoe
Use the Python bindings to bbFTP [274] to make bbFTP authenticate users …
13:19 Ticket #274 ([DS] Create Python bindings to the bbFTP private authorisation and ...) created by spascoe
Build private authentication and authorisation modules for bbFTP that call …
13:12 Ticket #273 ([DS] Implement bbftp private authorisation interface) created by spascoe
Bbftp provides a convenient API for authenticating connections known as …


17:36 Changeset [906] by hearnsha
Done carbon cycle, chemical tracers and straits
16:26 T10_WorkingGrid edited by mggr
formatting tweak (diff)
16:25 T10_WorkingGrid edited by mggr
maybe completed conversion (diff)
16:09 T10_WorkingGrid edited by mggr
saving mid-edit.. (diff)
15:13 T10_WorkingGrid edited by mggr
partial conversion of tid (diff)
12:46 Changeset [905] by domlowe
pass kwargs to SRSReferenceGroup
12:18 Changeset [904] by domlowe
texts >> text
12:11 Changeset [903] by domlowe
class for gml:SRSInformation attribute group added, also …
10:17 Changeset [902] by domlowe
minor fix to dataset element
10:10 Ticket #272 ([S] Proxy Cert input to AttAuthority WS) created by pjkersha
Currently, AttAuthority receives proxy cert as user ID input for …


15:54 Changeset [901] by domlowe
Code to batch run scanner for multiple datagranules
15:50 Ticket #271 ([M] dgBasicData doesn't match feature type concepts) created by lawrence
dgMetadata/dgMetadataRecord/dgDataEntity/dgDataObjectType/dgBasicData/ - …
15:23 Changeset [900] by domlowe
fixed featureMember misspelling
15:21 Changeset [899] by domlowe
fixed Dataset namespace declaration
14:45 Changeset [898] by domlowe
cleaned up excess print statements
12:06 Ticket #269 ([DS] Parser - check for mandatory elements throughout.) closed by domlowe
fixed: Closing this - I've done what I'm going to do on this for now. In the long …
11:59 Changeset [897] by domlowe
commented out error
11:44 Changeset [896] by domlowe
Added some checking for mandatory csml elements
11:37 Changeset [895] by ko23
Modification to MOLES Schema to include inclusion attributes and minor …
10:40 CSML_RefGuide edited by domlowe
Added links to CSML Schema documentation (diff)


21:04 Changeset [894] by hearnsha
Done upto end sea ice dynamics (3/4 of the ocean codebase parameters)
10:50 Changeset [893] by hearnsha
bottom boundary


18:28 Ticket #270 (need better error from returnmoles.jar) created by lawrence
java -jar ../returnmoles.jar badc.nerc.ac.uk dataent1 …
17:26 Changeset [892] by hearnsha
Mid way through ocean codebase document.
15:18 Changeset [891] by domlowe
added comments to CSMLDataHandler.py
14:56 Changeset [890] by domlowe
changes to enable spatial temporal subsetting
14:54 Changeset [889] by domlowe
rolling back example.xml, commited by accident
14:53 Changeset [888] by domlowe
spatial temporal selection on any axis implemented (for netcdf)
12:15 Ticket #269 ([DS] Parser - check for mandatory elements throughout.) created by domlowe
Call checkMandatory function from every fromXML method. Review schema to …
09:32 Ticket #268 ([DS] CSML upgrade to use newer version of GML) created by domlowe
Validation issues exist with GML 3.1.0, CSML to be upgraded to use latest …


20:53 Ticket #19 (Need a script to format NumSim documents as XHTML.) closed by lawrence
20:52 Ticket #236 ([WG] [M] Numsim schema needed for NOCS MOLES) closed by lawrence
fixed: Candidate NumSimV007 is in repository. Any problems with it should now be …
20:46 Changeset [887] by lawrence
Candidate NumSimV007 (includes schema split to support model+deployment, …
19:18 Ticket #24 (Model Component subtyping) closed by lawrence
worksforme: I think we can leave this until we have some real use cases demanding it.
19:17 Ticket #17 (Change model related element to indicate nature of relationship) closed by lawrence
worksforme: The related to element now includes a proper xlink, I think we can …
19:15 Ticket #21 (Decide on syntax of xml schema sequences) closed by lawrence
fixed: It doesn't matter from a browse point of view, the order is dealt with in …
19:14 Ticket #124 (Forecast and Analysis descriptions required in NumSim) closed by lawrence
worksforme: Actually, I think these are covered by the Initial Conditions and the …
18:28 Changeset [886] by lawrence
More modifications to browse to support access control
18:22 Changeset [885] by lawrence
woops, getting the right css for numsim testing added …
18:21 Changeset [884] by lawrence
More complete html-isation of numsim …
17:07 Changeset [883] by domlowe
basic temporal subsetting implemented, basic spatial part done
17:06 Changeset [882] by domlowe
removed annoying print statement
15:46 Changeset [881] by domlowe
added getSubsetOfDataForVar method to cdunif datainterface
13:59 Changeset [880] by domlowe
Python CGI script for test parsing see …
12:24 Changeset [879] by spascoe
Cleaned up old EAP model elements.
12:03 Changeset [878] by spascoe
Refined the activity diagrams and dumped them as images.


18:39 Changeset [877] by spascoe
Updated Activity diagrams in DeliveryService.EAP
17:40 Changeset [876] by lawrence
Update the NumSim example to conform with the current schema. Python code …
15:59 Ticket #95 ([M] Harvesting NERC designated data centres records and converting) closed by selatham
fixed: BGS, BODC and CEH harvested and bespoke transformations completed as a …
12:34 Ticket #267 ([WG] identify the Feature type of Dataset(<dgN-DimensionalDataset/> for ...) created by siva
Need to include in NODB NDG extention database tables, to identify the …
11:24 Ticket #103 ([S] Test MyProxy running client and server on separate machines) closed by pjkersha
fixed: Tested Session Manager WS installed on superglue making get delegation …
10:58 Changeset [875] by domlowe
Basic csml i/o - reading csml doc and extracting correct data from file
10:45 Changeset [874] by hearnsha
Put atmos parameters in umui order. now start ocean.
10:03 Changeset [873] by pjkersha
ZSI 1.6.0 with patch to allow handling of 'string' type in …


18:53 Changeset [872] by lawrence
Some slight renaming and moving of material to make clearer what is what.
17:28 Changeset [871] by hearnsha
Done all atmospheric component parameters!! 4947 lines.
16:53 Ticket #111 ([M] Discovery ingestion in real time) closed by selatham
fixed: (1) Polling frequency agreed by all as nightly. Implemented as such. (2) …
16:02 Changeset [870] by ko23
Replacing the personal name type that went awol…
14:56 Ticket #266 ([DS] Review NASAAmes 'Data Interface') created by domlowe
The NASAAmes DataInterface? class in scanner/parser is not as robust as the …
14:51 Ticket #265 ([DS] -scanner/parser - NASAAmesExtract has null filename attribute) created by domlowe
Find out where this is originating and fix it. Moved to pre beta as it's …
14:38 Changeset [869] by domlowe
fix to na interface
14:03 Ticket #240 ([S] Need a simple attribute authority client) closed by pjkersha
14:00 Changeset [868] by domlowe
corrected namespace of AggregatedArray?
13:14 Changeset [867] by hearnsha
Done up to line 3887 in Diffusion and Filtering
12:03 Ticket #264 ([DS] Scanner: It is possible to have multiple identical gml:ids...) created by domlowe
If scanning multiple directories with non-connected files then it is …


21:28 Changeset [866] by ko23
17:10 Changeset [865] by hearnsha
Done up to line 2927 (end of LW Radiation)
15:27 Changeset [864] by domlowe
csmlio - getDomainComplement,getDomainReference linked up with file …
14:51 Changeset [863] by selatham
bug fix to oai_ingest and updated pml and bodc config files
14:31 Changeset [862] by pjkersha
Included checks for MyProxy? Server machine setting - if not running on …
14:27 Changeset [861] by pjkersha
Restoring version accidentally deleted.
14:06 Changeset [860] by pjkersha
Restoring trunk/ after accidentally deleting it!!!
14:04 Changeset [859] by domlowe
fixed gml:axisName in Scanner
13:57 Changeset [858] by lawrence
Beginning support for multiple granules and for marking their security …
13:18 Changeset [857] by lawrence
Exist database now configurable
12:28 Changeset [856] by domlowe
changed obselete GridSeriesDomain? attribute to domain
12:06 SubversionCheatsheet edited by domlowe
Improved cheatsheet based on Charlotte's feedback (that it needed … (diff)
11:22 Changeset [855] by domlowe
fixed problem with arraySize list/tuple/string confusion


17:20 Changeset [854] by hearnsha
Updated advection description following K Bouton's corrections
17:07 Changeset [853] by lawrence
Including our simple xml pretty printer in browse utilities
17:07 Changeset [852] by pjkersha
17:06 Changeset [851] by pjkersha
New release for Superglue.
17:05 Changeset [850] by pjkersha
Made new distribution.
17:00 Changeset [849] by pjkersha
Renaming test harnesses.
16:57 Changeset [848] by pjkersha
Testing AttAuthorityClient? from SecurityClient?.py. Applied fixes to …
15:27 Changeset [847] by domlowe
fixed whitespace issues, namespace issues
14:45 Changeset [846] by hearnsha
aeorosols Done
12:47 Changeset [845] by lawrence
More refactoring in browse
12:39 Ticket #263 ([DS] Parser: Issue with contents of arrayDescriptor.arraySize) created by domlowe
Parser/Scanner? conversion from string to list whitespace problem needs …
10:24 Ticket #262 ([DS] Re-gridding rules in DX) created by astephen
Check that regridding is always to coarser grid and that overlapping …
10:22 Ticket #261 ([DS] System check for NCOF DX & GS) created by astephen
Need to implement a system check for the NCOF DX and GS.
09:55 Ticket #260 ([DS] Purging policy for sessions and output dirs) created by astephen
DX and GS need to implement some configurable rules for purging: 1. the …
09:52 Ticket #259 ([DS] Stop install from removing logs and session history) created by astephen
Also, ensure that logs and session history is not lost. Also, make sure …
09:50 Ticket #258 ([DS] Check safe confirmation switch on-off) created by astephen
Make sure that the DX and GS work fine if confirmation section is switched …
09:46 Changeset [844] by pjkersha
Renamed SessionClient?.py -> SecurityClient?.py. This makes more sense as …
09:44 Changeset [843] by pjkersha
NDG/SessionClient.py: ! Will be moved to SecurityClient?.py ! …
08:33 Changeset [842] by lawrence
Some slight refactoring, and more scaffolding for getting credential …


17:38 Changeset [841] by spascoe
The activity diagram has become a state diagram. The bbftp client …
17:38 Changeset [840] by hearnsha
updated advection scheme
16:43 Changeset [839] by domlowe
basic getData method working for NetCDF/PP/NasaAmes
16:26 Changeset [838] by hearnsha
advection scheme description: Done
16:21 Ticket #183 (need to make browse icons etc configurable) closed by lawrence
fixed: Done via browse.config file …
16:14 Ticket #257 ([DS] Parser: list of minor defects) created by domlowe
Current list of small parser bugs that should be easy to fix. Any big bugs …
14:53 Changeset [837] by domlowe
fixed problems with elementtree namespaces when scanning
14:29 Changeset [836] by domlowe
additional check to see if unitdefinitions exist or not
12:45 Changeset [835] by domlowe
Added getDatasetObj to return direct reference to parser obj
12:42 Changeset [834] by domlowe
Copied CSMLDataHandler to CDMLDataHandler and added in some comments to …
12:24 Ticket #256 ([DS] Output directory mapping) created by astephen
The DX server should only return a list of local paths and mapping to URLs …
12:23 Ticket #255 ([DS] GeoSPlAT single point values) created by astephen
Ensure that GeoSPlAT will respond appropriately to unplottable single …
12:07 Ticket #254 ([DS] DX Logo paths check) created by astephen
Check the logo paths are suitably linked in the configuration installation …
12:05 Ticket #253 ([DS] Raise error for non-existent URI) created by astephen
If the user provides a non-existent dataset URI then return an appropriate …
11:59 Ticket #252 ([DS] Look into using FastCGI) created by astephen
Investigate use of FastCGI for CGI interface.
11:43 Ticket #28 ([m] Upgrade moles schema to 1.2.4) reopened by lawrence
11:32 Ticket #30 (PgSphere and PostGIS support for NDG spatial querying on badc system) closed by aharwood
10:32 Ticket #251 (Provision of WMO 19115 profile) created by ko23
Blocker to #189
10:28 Ticket #250 (Provision of finalised NumSim schema) created by ko23
Blocker to ticket:243
10:00 Ticket #249 ([DS] Test suite for DX and GS) created by astephen
Write a test suite for newly installed DX and GeoSPlAT
09:59 Ticket #248 ([DS] Need remove scripts in DX) created by astephen
Need a removeDataset.py and removeDatasetGroup.py script to allow …
09:58 Ticket #247 ([DS] Need a common solution for virtual variables in DX) created by astephen
Need a way of allowing users to define virtual variables in a flexible …
09:24 Ticket #26 (MOLES Schema version 1.2.3 needs to be tagged) closed by ko23
09:06 Ticket #28 ([m] Upgrade moles schema to 1.2.4) closed by ko23
fixed: Gone


17:52 RoleMapping edited by fvenuti
Added mapping to BADC and PML (diff)
17:48 Changeset [833] by fvenuti
Added mapping NOCS-BADC and NOCS-RSDAS
17:27 MetadataServices edited by selatham
17:11 Changeset [832] by hearnsha
Add mind map of NMM schema Add mind map of NUMSIM Update …
17:05 Ticket #182 (browse history needs to work off a cookie) closed by lawrence
fixed: Fixed in changeset:828, although it needs to be integrated with the …
17:04 Ticket #180 (browse to a non-existent uri hangs) closed by lawrence
fixed: fixed in changeset:825
16:56 Changeset [831] by domlowe
added csmlio.py to provide easy wrapper to parser, also ioDemo.py to show …
16:24 Changeset [830] by spascoe
Beginnings of an activity diagram describing the bbftp daemon.
15:29 Ticket #246 ([M] MOLES object modularisation) created by selatham
Identify core elements. Release core definition. Identify …
15:28 Ticket #245 ([M] Make MOLES 'ISO compatible') created by selatham
What does this entail?
15:26 Ticket #244 ([M] Earley Suite integration into MOLES) created by selatham
15:22 Ticket #243 ([M] Implement NumSim V007 in MOLES) created by selatham
Implement DPT elements Implement DPT deployment elements Implement …
15:14 T13_DataProvider edited by selatham
14:55 Changeset [829] by lawrence
Fixed the bug repeating spatial and temporal coverages etc
14:53 Changeset [828] by lawrence
Browse History cookie works, more security scaffolding, new response class …
14:47 Ticket #242 ([WG] DP internal upgrades adversely affect NDG) created by selatham
Internal Data Provider hardware/software/network upgrades can adversely …
14:44 Ticket #241 ([M] Who will take on Discovery GUI work) created by selatham
We don't really have a person allocated to the sort of work Marta did on …
12:06 Ticket #240 ([S] Need a simple attribute authority client) created by lawrence
The code could live in SessionClient?.py, and be a class that supports …
12:04 Changeset [827] by hearnsha
First update, subversion trial.
11:22 Changeset [826] by domlowe
TrajectoryFeature? was not calling AbstractGeometeryFeature? - fixed
08:23 Changeset [825] by lawrence
Better error handling, better xhtml compliance
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