17:53 Changeset [702] by hsnaith
Added first version MOLES Browse xslt
17:46 Changeset [701] by pjkersha
ndgSessionClient.py: * Added options to pass in client's private key file …
16:39 Ticket #13 (Get latest NumSim code into SVN) closed by lawrence
16:37 Changeset [700] by lawrence
Tagging NumSimV006 into subversion (this is hopefully the cvs version with …
16:27 Changeset [699] by lawrence
More modifications in NumSIm (mimetype on the images now)
16:09 Changeset [698] by lawrence
Hopefully the last of these "no value" mods to NumSim
16:08 NumSim edited by lawrence
Updating links for new organisation in repository. (diff)
16:04 Changeset [697] by lawrence
Hopefully this cleans up the problems with NumSim Documentation.
15:42 Changeset [696] by lawrence
Dealing with binary conversion problems in NumSim
15:26 Changeset [695] by lawrence
Contnuing to reorganise numsim into subversion
15:22 MailingList edited by mggr
linked archives and subscription management pages (diff)
15:20 Changeset [694] by lawrence
Starting to reorganise numsim and get into subversion context
15:07 CSML_Population edited by domlowe
Linked CSML Population page to tickets and milestones. (diff)
15:05 Ticket #68 (Complete metadata for level 3 composite data.) created by domlowe
Complete csml/browse/discovery metadata for level 3 composite data.
15:04 Ticket #67 (Complete metadata for level 2 mapped data.) created by domlowe
Complete csml/browse/discovery metadata for level 2 mapped data.
15:02 Ticket #66 (CSML for NetCDF versions of some EO data) created by domlowe
Possibly CSML & MOLES & Discovery records for NetCDF versions of some EO …
15:00 Ticket #65 (RAPID CSML and Moles metadata) created by domlowe
CSML, Moles & Discovery records for any RAPID data that becomes available …
14:59 Ticket #64 (CSML for any RAPID data that becomes available) created by domlowe
CSML, Moles & Discovery records for any RAPID obs data that becomes …
14:58 Ticket #63 (Mst-Radar CSML complete.) created by domlowe
Mst-Radar CSML complete.
14:56 Ticket #62 (Sample CSML for ungridded data.) created by domlowe
Sample CSML for ungridded data --- dependent on Swath.
14:54 Ticket #61 (Sample CSML for level 2 mapped daily images.) created by domlowe
Sample CSML for level 2 mapped daily images in PML repository.
14:53 Ticket #60 (More level3 CSML) created by domlowe
More CSML for level 3 data.
14:51 Ticket #59 ([WG] OCCAM ocean model data (HDF)) created by domlowe
Create CSML for OCCAM ocean model data (HDF) and store in NOCS repository
14:44 Ticket #58 ([WG] BODC Main CSML Production) created by domlowe
2-300 datasets of 4-5 different types (a type being cruise of CTD data, …
14:42 Ticket #57 ([DS] [WG]Possible QUEST. Possible SOLAS.) created by domlowe
Possible QUEST. Possible SOLAS CSML.
14:41 Ticket #56 (Mst-Radar sample csml) created by domlowe
Produce sample of mst-radar csml
14:40 Ticket #55 (ASCOE CSML Complete) created by domlowe
14:38 Ticket #54 (ERA40 Complete (1x1 degree)) created by domlowe
ERA40 Complete (1x1 degree) CSML records
14:36 Ticket #53 (Sample metadata for level 3 composite data) created by domlowe
Sample CSML & Moles & Discovery records for level 3 composite data (some …
14:31 CSML_Population edited by domlowe
14:23 Ticket #52 (CSML & Moles for sea level dataset) created by domlowe
Need complete MOLES and CSML and Discovery records for 1 sea level dataset …
14:21 Ticket #51 (Metadata for 1 ctd dataset) created by domlowe
Need complete MOLES and CSML and Discovery records for the 1 ctd dataset …
14:07 CSML_Population edited by lawrence
14:00 Ticket #50 (Sample ACSOE CSML) created by lawrence
Need some sample ACSOE metadata.
13:58 Ticket #49 (Sample ERA40 CSML) created by lawrence
Need some sample ERA40 data available in NDG alpha.
13:57 Ticket #48 (COAPEC metadata for NDG) created by lawrence
Need complete MOLES and CSML and Discovery records for the COAPEC datasets …


16:53 Changeset [693] by domlowe
latest for Andrew, no big changes since earlier
13:59 Changeset [692] by pjkersha
reqAuthorisation.py a test client for Attribute Authority - store in …
13:58 Changeset [691] by pjkersha
Overwrite with version from python/
13:57 Changeset [690] by pjkersha
Moved *Server.py scripts and ndgSessionClient.py to new bin/ directory. …
13:46 Changeset [689] by pjkersha
Re-arranged directory structure to more closely reflect installation …
12:33 Changeset [688] by domlowe
some fixes in light of demoCreateCSML.py code.
11:36 Changeset [687] by pjkersha
Re-arranged directory structure to be more similar to that of an …


17:50 Changeset [686] by pjkersha
ndgSessionClient: * replaced getopt with more up to date optparse command …
14:39 Changeset [685] by domlowe
fixed capitalisation of classes/attributes
13:03 Changeset [684] by domlowe
added MeasureOrNullListType?
11:32 CSML_Population created by domlowe
Added CSML Population Schedule
11:18 T02_CSML edited by domlowe
Added link to CSML_Population page. (diff)


18:14 MailingList created by mggr
creation (copied from old wiki)
18:12 WikiStart edited by mggr
link mailing list page (I don't see it on trac yet) (diff)
16:17 Changeset [683] by domlowe
demoCreateCSML.py - example of creating CSML from scratch using parser


16:14 Changeset [682] by domlowe
AbstractCoordinateReferenceSystems? (and inherted hierarchy) added
15:38 Changeset [681] by ko23


17:25 Changeset [680] by domlowe
UnitDefinition?(s), Dictionary, TimeCoordinateSystem? added
14:23 Changeset [679] by domlowe
typo removed from url. GridSeriesDomain?/rangeset heirarchy fixed
14:22 Changeset [678] by domlowe
GridSeriesFeatures? done


16:32 Milestone Go live with trac completed
Announce that trac is the way to go for main NDG project activities. (Also …
15:58 Changeset [677] by domlowe
Phenomenon & ParameterisedPhenomenon? added, composite phenomenon to do
14:54 NumSim edited by lawrence


17:07 Changeset [676] by pjkersha
Updated version for use with mapped certificates.
17:06 Changeset [675] by pjkersha
17:03 Changeset [674] by pjkersha
* Working version for mapped certificates * ndgSessionClient.py: * …
16:13 Changeset [673] by ko23
09:51 Changeset [672] by domlowe
coverageFunction added, Grid Feature/Domain? part added
07:49 Ticket #47 (MOLES browse architecture) created by lawrence
Need an outline of the key classes and their relationships so we can do …
07:47 Ticket #46 (XSLT to shape stub-b for portal) created by lawrence
Need a number of xslt codes for the various stub-b types to be formatted …
07:45 Ticket #37 (Simple webservice for retrieving a single Stub-b) closed by lawrence
07:45 MOLES_Portal created by lawrence


16:55 Ticket #45 (Special issue of IJDL on digital libraries and e-science) created by lawrence
Should we : International Journal on Digital Libraries …
13:46 Ticket #44 ([S] Status of WS-Security libraries) created by lawrence
Contact Keith Jackson/Joshua? Boverhoff (Lawrence Berkley Lab) regarding …
13:45 T12_Security edited by lawrence
13:42 Ticket #43 ([S] Rationalise Role Mappings) created by lawrence
Need all centres to have role mappings decided upon, and for now, we …
13:39 Ticket #42 (Prototype Security Infrastructure Installations) created by lawrence
Need to ensure that all centres: * NOCS * BADC * BODC * PML have …
13:27 Ticket #41 ([S] Cross Domain Cookies) created by lawrence
NDG needs to work across the domains of different data providers. However …
13:22 WGSecurity edited by lawrence
13:21 WGSecurity created by lawrence
13:20 T10_WorkingGrid edited by lawrence
13:20 T10_WorkingGrid created by lawrence
13:19 T12_Security edited by lawrence
13:18 T12_Security created by lawrence
13:07 MOLES_Schema edited by lawrence
13:07 MOLES_Schema edited by lawrence
13:05 MOLES_Schema edited by lawrence
12:05 Ticket #40 (Add all tickets for Metadata team) created by lawrence
Add all tickets format pages etc. for Metadata Team work.(T01, 06 & 07) as …
12:03 MetadataServices edited by lawrence
11:52 Ticket #39 (Handling identification of attribute authority in MOLES) created by lawrence
Need to investigate putting attribute authority wsdl in MOLES
11:02 MetadataServices created by lawrence
11:00 WikiStart edited by lawrence
10:48 ThisWebSite edited by lawrence
10:46 ThisWebSite edited by lawrence
10:44 Ticket #38 (Simple webservice for retrieving a single Stub-b) created by lawrence
Command-line callable Web Service to retreive a DE Stub-B from an exist …
10:44 Ticket #37 (Simple webservice for retrieving a single Stub-b) created by lawrence
For march 24th metadata meeting
10:42 T06_Vocabulary created by lawrence
10:35 Ticket #36 (Decide on which datasets are published by whom via OAI) created by lawrence
Which datasets are NOCS and which are BODC?
10:32 Ticket #35 ([M] Automate OAI harvest and ingest) created by lawrence
Automate OAI harvest and ingest into discovery portal - both development …
10:31 DiscoveryAuto created by lawrence
10:30 T01_Discovery edited by lawrence
10:14 Ticket #34 (Complete Browse Design) created by lawrence
Need to resolve what, if any, role for a generic web service browse there …
10:12 Ticket #33 (Extend DIF support in MOLES for 9.4) created by lawrence
Proper support for DIF 9.4 in export from MOLES and queries upon it. …
10:09 Ticket #32 (Bulk DE Stub-B xquery runner) created by lawrence
The existing xquery runner has a memory problem and is unlikely to scale …
10:02 Ticket #31 (Need complete stub-b xqueries based on 1.2.4) created by lawrence
For the first release version of the browse
09:54 Ticket #30 (PgSphere and PostGIS support for NDG spatial querying on badc system) created by lawrence
Need these components available for NDG metadata creation by badc,[WG] …
09:53 Ticket #29 (Support geospatial query on RDBMS backend - BADC implementation) created by lawrence
The BADC implementation of the MOLES RDMS needs modification to support …
09:38 Ticket #28 ([m] Upgrade moles schema to 1.2.4) created by lawrence
To support polygons and data quality section, and sundry minor errors and …
09:37 Ticket #27 (Need complete stub-b xqueries based on 1.2.3) created by lawrence
These will be needed for the first iteration of the browse software.
08:55 MOLES_Schema created by lawrence
08:51 Ticket #26 (MOLES Schema version 1.2.3 needs to be tagged) created by lawrence
I can't find a MOLES directory for the actual schema. When there is one, …
08:46 T07_MOLES edited by lawrence
08:41 T07_MOLES edited by lawrence
08:40 T07_MOLES created by lawrence
Initial copy from the TID


15:51 Changeset [671] by domlowe
Profile feature, profile series feature added, coveragefunction not …


16:53 Ticket #25 (Resources for MOLES browse GUI work) created by selatham
Currently all Fabio's time is taken up with Security. There has been …
16:44 T01_Discovery edited by selatham
16:10 ThisWebSite edited by lawrence
16:10 ThisWebSite edited by lawrence
16:00 ThisWebSite edited by lawrence
15:59 ThisWebSite edited by lawrence
15:43 OurSubversionGuidance edited by lawrence
15:42 ThisWebSite edited by lawrence
14:47 SubversionCheatsheet created by lawrence
14:47 WikiStart edited by lawrence
14:34 OurSubversionGuidance edited by lawrence
14:30 OurSubversionGuidance edited by lawrence
14:12 subversion.jpg attached to OurSubversionGuidance by lawrence
The NDG subversion repository structure
14:07 OurSubversionGuidance created by lawrence
13:51 WikiStart edited by lawrence
13:51 WikiStart edited by lawrence
13:48 ThisWebSite edited by lawrence
13:26 NumSim edited by lawrence
ok, finally NumSIm wiki page is up to date. (diff)
13:25 NumSim edited by lawrence
13:21 Ticket #24 (Model Component subtyping) created by lawrence
Should we follow up on Response 1.2, and consider whether ModelComponents …
13:17 Ticket #23 ([M] Proper Ensemble Support in NumSIM (V008)) created by lawrence
Multiple issues to be resolved here (probably by generating new actions). …
13:00 NumSim edited by lawrence
12:59 Ticket #22 (References for initial conditions) created by lawrence
Should we allow references in the initial condition like we do the …
12:59 Ticket #21 (Decide on syntax of xml schema sequences) created by lawrence
Do we want sequences or any in most of the complex groups? (Does …
12:54 Ticket #20 (Need a placeholder for model resolution) created by lawrence
Model resolution should be a properly configurable subelement for any …
12:49 NumSim edited by lawrence
12:47 Ticket #19 (Need a script to format NumSim documents as XHTML.) created by lawrence
Eventually we'll need a sophisticated interface, but the first thing we …
12:45 Ticket #18 (Should we use AnyURI without date qualification?) created by lawrence
The danger of using a URI in metadata is that it might disappear or …
12:43 Ticket #17 (Change model related element to indicate nature of relationship) created by lawrence
There is clearly scope to increase the complexity of the related model …
12:35 NumSim edited by lawrence
12:33 Ticket #16 ([M] Search by reference) created by lawrence
If a user has found a specific dataset which has a reference in a specific …
12:17 Ticket #15 (Standardise Reference Format within NumSim) created by lawrence
We could put references just as a text string, but we should be able to do …
12:10 Ticket #14 (Ensure tickets can support range of options) closed by lawrence
fixed: Done. Note instructions on ThisWebSite
12:09 Ticket #14 (Ensure tickets can support range of options) created by lawrence
Need to support the way we seem to do things, from discussion to marking …
12:07 ThisWebSite edited by lawrence
11:54 Ticket #13 (Get latest NumSim code into SVN) created by lawrence
I have some slight modifications that I need to feed back (to get the SVN …
11:53 T01_Discovery edited by lawrence
11:52 T01_Discovery edited by lawrence
11:46 ThisWebSite edited by lawrence
11:45 ThisWebSite edited by lawrence
11:44 ThisWebSite edited by lawrence
11:42 TracReports edited by lawrence
11:41 TracReports edited by lawrence
11:33 Changeset [670] by pjkersha
Minor updates for csession cookie domain handling + new …
11:28 Changeset [669] by pjkersha
Minor updates for cookie handling + new ndgSessionClient.py script.
11:25 Changeset [668] by pjkersha
ndgSessionClient.py: added option for authorisation requests and also the …


17:23 Ticket #12 (Understand and implement trac notification of tickets to assignee) closed by lawrence
17:15 Changeset [667] by pjkersha
security.py: updates for authorise to allow mapping + updated fonts for …
16:40 Ticket #12 (Understand and implement trac notification of tickets to assignee) created by lawrence
I have modified the trac.ini file to make the ticket system only assign …
16:24 Ticket #11 (Security Paper) created by lawrence
We need to revisit the security architecture in the context of a formal …


15:05 CSML_Scanner created by lawrence
15:05 CSML_Parser created by lawrence
15:04 CSML_RefGuide created by lawrence
15:03 CSML created by lawrence
14:43 CSML_FeatureTypes created by lawrence
14:42 T02_CSML edited by lawrence
14:33 T02_CSML created by lawrence


18:13 Changeset [666] by pjkersha
Not part of release.
18:12 Changeset [665] by pjkersha
New prototype release for NOCS.
18:11 Changeset [664] by pjkersha
In wrong place!
18:11 Changeset [663] by pjkersha
Updated prototype for NOCS release.
18:03 Changeset [662] by pjkersha
padlock.gif, ndgCurrentlitRev.gif: images for security test CGI. …
15:31 WikiStart edited by lawrence
15:30 WikiStart edited by lawrence
15:29 WikiStart edited by lawrence
15:26 ThisWebSite edited by lawrence
15:24 ThisWebSite edited by lawrence
15:23 ThisWebSite edited by lawrence
15:22 ThisWebSite edited by lawrence
15:21 ThisWebSite edited by lawrence
15:05 Ticket #10 (configure results doesn't work on portal) closed by lawrence
15:03 Ticket #10 (configure results doesn't work on portal) created by lawrence
Apparently turned off by Marta.
14:41 ThisWebSite created by lawrence
14:40 WikiStart edited by lawrence
10:44 NumSim edited by lawrence
09:59 T01_Discovery edited by lawrence
09:58 T01_Discovery edited by lawrence
09:51 NumSim05to06 created by lawrence
09:48 NumSim edited by lawrence
09:44 NumSimFeedback edited by lawrence
09:41 NumSimFeedback created by lawrence
09:38 NumSim created by lawrence
09:00 T01_Discovery edited by lawrence
08:50 T01_Discovery created by lawrence
08:37 WikiStart edited by lawrence
08:35 WikiStart edited by lawrence
08:35 OldTracWelcomePage created by lawrence
08:35 WikiStart edited by lawrence


18:48 Ticket #9 (Ensure the old NERC Metadata Gateway url remains but points to the NDG ...) created by lawrence
The NERC websites and other places which may have links to the old MGW are …
18:45 Ticket #8 (BODC test datasets link by default to bodc front page) created by lawrence
This is one reported to me by Mark. Apparently the datasets he looked at …
17:37 Changeset [661] by pjkersha
AttAuthority?.py: fixed refs userAttCertTxt -> userAttCert in get mapped …
16:58 Ticket #7 ([M] configure results doesn't work on portal) created by lawrence
Clicking on configure results (which is linked to …
16:54 Ticket #6 (Clicking on UCAR weblink under data centre on portal gives tomcat error) created by lawrence
As it says above, try it - mainly because the UCAR name seems to be linked …
16:51 Ticket #5 (Access control key symbol not visible) created by lawrence
I thought Marta had finished the code to put up a key symbol if anything …
16:49 Ticket #3 (short summary) closed by lawrence
16:48 Ticket #2 (Just testing) closed by lawrence
16:45 Ticket #1 (test ticket) closed by lawrence
fixed: This was a toy ticket and now it's closed.
16:38 Ticket #4 (Andrew's old A-service still visible on a number of datasets) created by lawrence
We need to clean up the discovery records that point to the old e-science …
14:48 Changeset [660] by pjkersha
AttAuthorityServer?.py and SessionMgrServer?.py: Overridden …
12:29 Changeset [659] by ko23


17:20 Changeset [658] by domlowe
more work on rangeset


16:53 Changeset [657] by domlowe
Point Series done, Profile series part done
12:03 Changeset [656] by selatham
archive Siva's old pre-CSML dataModel Metadata production software


16:07 Changeset [655] by domlowe
Point Feature complete, Namespaces fixed, EnvelopeWithTimeFeature? & …


18:13 Changeset [654] by domlowe
Feature Member done. PointFeature? mostly supported, to do: rangeSet, …
16:37 Changeset [653] by selatham
moving general XML validation tools to CommonItems?
16:23 Changeset [652] by pjkersha
16:20 Changeset [651] by pjkersha
Test harness for SessionManager? and pseudo browser client.


16:51 Changeset [650] by domlowe
removed test docs
16:48 Changeset [649] by domlowe
PointFeatures? added, but not complete
14:30 Changeset [648] by ko23


14:17 Changeset [647] by aharwood
Removed Buildscript.sql as this should be generated by BuildBuildsql?.sh or …
13:16 Changeset [646] by pjkersha
Java component not needed in release.
13:14 Changeset [645] by pjkersha
Prototype release for NOCS installation
11:50 Changeset [644] by pjkersha
11:44 Changeset [643] by pjkersha
11:41 Changeset [642] by pjkersha
11:21 Changeset [641] by pjkersha
11:03 Changeset [640] by pjkersha
Used in early prototyping - not needed.
11:01 Changeset [639] by pjkersha
AccessToken?.py: from early prototyping not needed security.py, …
10:52 Changeset [638] by pjkersha
10:29 Changeset [637] by pjkersha
Re-issue: changes needed.
10:27 Changeset [636] by pjkersha
Prototype release for NOCS installation
10:26 Changeset [635] by pjkersha
Test web interface for NDG security.
10:17 Changeset [634] by pjkersha
Left over file from initial prototyping.
10:12 Changeset [633] by pjkersha
Files for deletion are from original prototyping and are no longer needed. …
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