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Installing FastCGI at BODC

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Installing and configuring FastCGI at BODC for MOLES BROWSE

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Hi Bryan,

I've installed fastCGI under my Apache2 and added the LoadModule? mod_fastcgi.so in httpd.conf and restart the Apache without any problems.

I looked in to fastCGI FAQ's and try to configure it as per  http://www.fastcgi.com/docs/faq.html#typical_httpd.conf , but I couldn't find the "fcgi-bin" directory anywhere under my /var/www/ directory.

Can you let me know how to configure and test it ?

What is that I need to add in httpd.conf. I just added a empty <Ifmodule modfastcgi.c></IfModule?> in it at the moment.

Thanks Siva

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Hi Siva You should be able to follow the instructions at NDGBrowseHowTo. It wont get you all the way, but when you've got to the end of that list, we can talk again, for the last few steps (which should end up with you running an instance of a working NDG discovery, and a broken browse). Cheers Bryan

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Bryan, I've done as per instructions in NDGBrowseHowTo. http://proj.badc.rl.ac.uk/ndg/wiki/NDGBrowseHowTo and got stuck from Step-8 onwards. Step-8 - do I need to just remove the comments, I don't see the directory ndg_fastcgi.soc under '/tmp' dir. Step -9 - I created the passwords.txt file in a directory under my '/var/www/wsgi/' directory.(with CHMOD-744 to that directory).Is that OK?

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You're almost there. There shouldn't be a directory under /tmp until we launch the fastcgi server process, and I haven't told you how to do that yet :-)

I think the best thing would be for us to book a half hour telecon, and I'll talk you through it, and document it as we go ... I've booked 11am next Friday, does that work for you?


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Could do that.., no problem.

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After debugging,testing the whole afternoon yesterday with fastcgi, got NDGBrowse http://livlbl.nerc-liv.ac.uk/browse working on my sandbox(inside firewall) by Changing the System Security level config Settings of "SELinux" with Mike Grant's advice, which is by Deselecting/Switiching? off the "Enforcing current: Premissive" button.

Note: Mike Grant suggests there is/shouldbe another aternative way of making NDGBrowse work without making much change to System setttings, which Iam going to try when I install it on BODC development and Production Servers as I don't have ROOT access on those machines.(Am I right Mike??)

comment:8 Changed 15 years ago by mggr

I've added a small section on SELinux to the howto. SELinux basically allows one to write policy that controls the activity of processes at a kernel-level - it allows very fine-grained security and strict limitation of damage resulting from a service being compromised. However it's also a real pain to deal with if you step outside the norm ;)

Some distributions are now running with SELinux enabled by default (RHEL4 has limited policy support, including the webserver, and Fedora Core 4+ has full policy support).

Regarding what to do about this in a production machine, I think it'll largely depend on the rules at the organisation. I suspect most places won't run with SELinux enabled due to the complexity. I suggest we note the issue and how to detect it in the howto (done!), then leave it at that - it's partly distribution specific anyway. If someone really wants policy support, we can revisit the issue - it's the kind of thing that could cause several days of head-banging-against-wall ;)

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Did managed to add a LOGO (an image) on my Browse Page. Just added an image in the layout directory, and did added an extra line under '[layout]' section in the ndgDiscovery.config file.

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