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16/01/09 14:34:33 (12 years ago)

Have designed logging system - there will be 2 postgres databases for recording both searches and the relations between searches. The first "searchLog" database will record the basic information from each search conducted on the DDS and will be used for providing metrics on service usage. The "searchRelations" will record text search terms used as well as any subsequent text searches conducted by the same user - this will allow eventually a network of related search terms to allow a "users also searched on this" field to be produced on the results page. Links followed can also be recorded here.

Logging databases created and tested on localhost. "searchLog" and "searchRelations" database have been created in postgres on both glue & proglue for further testing and recording of usage information.

the searchLog database will be implemented on proglue production ASAP so as to start generating metrics as well as provide the information basis for developing and producing info in the searchRelations database.


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    initial v2  
    11Design and create a postgres database to recieve the values generated by the discovery service usage logger.  The database will be used to augment searches as well as provide a basis for monitoring discovery service usage. 
     3TODO: generate searchRelations table generation sql (envisaged that basic index table to be generated in this way, but population with related terms to be via JDBC