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Resolution: fixed (20 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1004 [S] OWS Server Security Filter pjkersha task blocker security
#1015 (DI-4-1) Problem with Discovery URLS in resultset sdonegan task blocker discovery
#1052 [m] create moles presentation for EGU lawrence task blocker MOLES
#1053 [M] MOLES workshop agenda and materials lawrence task blocker MOLES
#985 Move WCS to COWS stack domlowe task critical COWS
#1029 (DI-2-7) Better handle ranking within resultset sdonegan task critical discovery
#317 [C] Liaison with WDCC Max Planck as a Discovery Provider sdonegan task required discovery
#821 [D] (DI-2-3) (DI-2-7) Ranking when doing spatial searches mpritcha task required discovery
#983 [S] NDG OpenID Provider pjkersha task required security
#990 Verify support for time/levels in WMS spascoe task required COWS
#991 Verify support for time/levels in WCS domlowe task required COWS
#993 Download button for maps on WMS page domlowe task required MILK
#1005 [S] OWS Server Policy Decision Point pjkersha task required security
#1006 [S] Resource Identifier to Resource Constraint Mapping pjkersha task required security
#1010 [S] COWS-Security System Integration pjkersha task required security
#1017 (DI-1-4) Implement a Discovery service usage logger sdonegan task required discovery
#1023 (DI-2-3) Improve geospatial functionality -improve postgis sql sdonegan task required discovery
#1040 Deploy test WMS WCS services domlowe task required COWS
#1007 [S] PyDAP (OPeNDAP) Security Filter pjkersha task desirable security
#1045 [M] relationship between key MOLES characteristics and CSML lawrence issue discussion MOLES

Resolution: wontfix (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#289 [M] Need a MOLES User Guide lawrence task required MOLES
#981 [S] 2nd login attempt fails with Session expired error pjkersha defect required security
#1001 Merge or synchronise owslib capabilities model with cows.model spascoe defect desirable COWS
#1048 [M] UML documentation lawrence task desirable MOLES
#1060 [M] MOLES attributes lawrence issue discussion MOLES

Resolution: duplicate (14 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#404 [C] List of OAI harvesters visible sdonegan task blocker community
#464 [DS] Need support for cell_methods in CSML V2.0 domlowe task blocker CSML
#1011 [S] Security Integration pjkersha task blocker security
#1044 [M] Need to be able to get MOLES V3.2 through Full Moon lawrence task blocker MOLES
#1050 [m] MOLES Atom serialisation lawrence defect blocker MOLES
#1051 [M] MOLES example instances lawrence metadata blocker MOLES
#1047 [M] Need to clearly identify in the MOLES domain model the independently referencable objects lawrence task critical MOLES
#1049 [m] MOLES WHEN lawrence task critical MOLES
#1058 [M] The use of Keywords lawrence issue critical MOLES
#986 Fix variable names in WMS/WCS domlowe defect required COWS
#1054 [M] MOLES Paper lawrence task required MOLES
#1003 owslib as cows wms test client spascoe defect desirable COWS
#1057 [m] Utility of specialisations in Process package lawrence issue desirable MOLES
#1059 [M] Do we need activity? lawrence issue desirable MOLES

Resolution: worksforme (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1043 [M] Sampling Features versus Flight Paths in MOLES Deployments lawrence issue required MOLES
#1046 [M] role and signficance of MO_Station cf SamplingFeature and MO_Platform lawrence issue required MOLES
#1056 [M] The name "Deployment" in MOLES. Modify for ISO conformance? lawrence issue required MOLES
#1055 [M] Sundry issues with MOLES 3.2 lawrence issue desirable MOLES
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