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#947 (DI-4-1) Temporal search without Stop_date isn't supported in the DiscoveryService assigned mpritcha defect critical NDG3
#971 (DI-3-3) DIF records visible through ndgbeta contain invalid tag <End_Date> new sdonegan defect critical NDG3
#972 (DI-2-8) DIF records contain incorrectly capitalised <Address> elements new sdonegan defect critical NDG3
#976 (DI-3-3) OAI Harvesting script not compatible with python2.5 installation on Glue assigned sdonegan defect critical NDG3
#841 (DI-2-3) Bounding box display inconsistency new sdonegan defect required NDG3
#997 Scope NDG COWS service deliverables assigned spascoe task required NDG3
#1000 Make WMS interface pluggable through egg entrypoints new spascoe defect required NDG3
#1002 COWS test suite new sepascoe required
#718 NDG Egg procedure assigned spascoe task desirable NDG3
#762 (DI-4-1) Display popup box instead of tooltips on discovery/browse icons new lawrence defect desirable NDG3
#1009 Deploy WMS background map for MILK new sepascoe task desirable NDG3
#1114 COWS paster template is broken new spascoe defect desirable
#1119 XML syntax error in myproxy cert's SAML assertion new pjkersha defect desirable
#917 (DI-4-) Orphaned Pylons templates assigned spascoe issue trivial NDG3
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