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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#187 [DS] hdf5 read methods on csml new hsnaith task blocker NDG2 Cleanup
#336 [M] [WG] (DI-4-1) Service Binding Metadata (creation) new lawrence issue critical NDG3
#563 [M] (DI-4-1) (DI-2-) Discovery - doFullTextSearch (and others) can do "order-by" assigned mpritcha task critical NDG3
#659 [M] (DI-2-8) Arbitrary online resources should not be mapped to NDG-B service URLs new sdonegan defect critical NDG3
#919 [WG] (DI-4-1) (DI-2-) Confirm that temporal searching does what we think it does new sdonegan defect critical NDG3
#998 WCS support for rotated grids new domlowe defect critical NDG3
#48 COAPEC metadata for NDG assigned domlowe metadata required NDG2 Cleanup
#178 ndg license new lawrence issue required NDG3
#851 [WG] Links to MOLES documents in other repositories. new lawrence task required NDG2 Cleanup
#866 [WG] Need to consider a retrieve function for the granule part of a ndg-b record new spascoe task required NDG3
#915 [WG][M] Number of bounding boxes reported is wrong in browse new spascoe defect required NDG3
#921 [WG] (DI-4-2) (DI-3-)Portal needs to summarise the sites from which harvests have occurred new sdonegan defect required NDG3
#415 [m] browse should link to the parameter definitions from the vocab server assigned lawrence issue desirable NDG3
#677 [M] (DI-3-2) provenance entry in MOLES output new sdonegan task desirable NDG3
#697 [M] (DI-2-3) (DI-4-1) Revisit the pgsphere postgis issue new mpritcha issue desirable NDG3
#734 [WG] (DI-4-1) Discovery Improvements - Sort by options on the result set page new sdonegan task discussion NDG3
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