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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#877 [D] WCS 1.0.0+ assigned domlowe task critical NDG3
#988 Improve configuration of COWS assigned domlowe task critical NDG3
#996 Client (and visualisation) stack needs to be standalone new spascoe task critical NDG3
#58 [WG] BODC Main CSML Production new rncramer metadata required NDG2 Cleanup
#59 [WG] OCCAM ocean model data (HDF) assigned hsnaith metadata required NDG2 Cleanup
#68 Complete metadata for level 3 composite data. assigned mggr task required NDG2 Cleanup
#987 Support for reprojections in COWS stack (WMS) new spascoe task required NDG3
#989 Create CEDA tests for OWSLib assigned domlowe task required NDG3
#992 Review and scope out MIDAS WFS work new domlowe task required NDG3
#994 Automatic Generation of KML from CSML WMS new spascoe task required NDG3
#995 Build standalone python WCS client new task required NDG3
#1070 Cowsclient - legends still visible even when not top layer new pnorton defect required
#1071 COWS -threads/processes etc new spascoe defect required
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