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#935 (DI-3-3) (DI-2-8) moles2dif xquery is still constructing a browse type URL new sdonegan defect NDG3 discovery
#187 [DS] hdf5 read methods on csml new hsnaith task NDG2 Cleanup CSML
#435 [M][DS] Phenomenon needs to be fully described (cell methods problem) new domlowe task NDG3 CSML
#1104 OAI Info Editor App Broken Security Plugin assigned sdonegan defect MEDIN discovery
#1086 Produce updated WSDL and documentation assigned sdonegan task MEDIN discovery
#1041 [S] Authkit cookie sets user's OpenID in plain text new pjkersha defect NDG3 security
#870 [S] NOCS Attribute Authority address needs to be permanent new hsnaith task NDG2 Cleanup security
#810 [WG] BODC Moles records are still version1.2.4 new rncramer issue NDG2 Cleanup community
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