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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#435 [M][DS] Phenomenon needs to be fully described (cell methods problem) new task blocker NDG3 CSML
#877 [D] WCS 1.0.0+ assigned task critical NDG3 COWS
#988 Improve configuration of COWS assigned task critical NDG3 COWS
#998 WCS support for rotated grids new defect critical NDG3 COWS
#48 COAPEC metadata for NDG assigned metadata required NDG2 Cleanup community
#389 [DS][M] Exposing vars to user via CSML and CDML - name plus cell_methods plus coordinate? new issue required NDG3 COWS
#989 Create CEDA tests for OWSLib assigned task required NDG3 COWS
#992 Review and scope out MIDAS WFS work new task required NDG3 COWS
#1112 COWS Visualisation needs a logout button new defect desirable COWS
#1113 COWS Visualisation browser compatibility and login new defect desirable COWS
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