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#1030 (DI-2-8) Check and update all xqueries used discovery xquery mdip assigned sdonegan task required
#655 [M] (DI-2-8) Moles-to-MDIP transform needs extending MDIP new sdonegan task critical
#659 [M] (DI-2-8) Arbitrary online resources should not be mapped to NDG-B service URLs MDIP new sdonegan defect critical
#1012 (DI-3-3) Problem with MDIP/DIF conversion code MDIP, DIF, Ingest assigned sdonegan defect required
#653 [M] (DI-3-3) Cope with URL's etc in discovery identifiers MDIP WS-Discovery2 new sdonegan issue required
#443 [M] (DI-3-3) Parse access constraints a bit more carefully WS-Discovery2 MDIP new sdonegan task desirable
#563 [M] (DI-4-1) (DI-2-) Discovery - doFullTextSearch (and others) can do "order-by" WS-Discovery2 MDIP assigned mpritcha task critical
#607 [M] (DI-2-) Ensure tape backups are correct for glue and superglue. WS-Discovery2 MDIP new sdonegan task critical
#662 [M] (DI-2-6) Discovery - doPresent handling of missing / wrong namespaces ws-Discovery2 MDIP India assigned mpritcha task required
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