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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#806 [M] Browse not consistent in displaying Data Curator URI new hsnaith task critical NDG3
#866 [WG] Need to consider a retrieve function for the granule part of a ndg-b record new spascoe task required NDG3
#915 [WG][M] Number of bounding boxes reported is wrong in browse new spascoe defect required NDG3
#937 Caching in discovery/browse is too permanent new lawrence defect required NDG3
#995 Build standalone python WCS client new task required NDG3
#997 Scope NDG COWS service deliverables assigned spascoe task required NDG3
#415 [m] browse should link to the parameter definitions from the vocab server assigned lawrence issue desirable NDG3
#692 [M] Tooltips in Discovery new spascoe defect desirable NDG2 Cleanup
#842 [M] Pick up logo info for Browse from correct place new sdonegan task desirable NDG3
#961 [D] Browse display shows the browse link itself new sepascoe defect desirable NDG3
#1009 Deploy WMS background map for MILK new sepascoe task desirable NDG3
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