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#635 [S] Support for Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) pjkersha task desirable

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#1088 [S] OpenID Provider Redirects to the Wrong Page pjkersha defect blocker fixed
#1102 [S] logout links breaks if HTTP_REFERER not set pjkersha defect critical fixed
#1042 [S] ESG Federation Attribute Service Interface pjkersha task required fixed
#1087 [S] Configure CEDA MyProxy Certificate Authority to issue certificates with the CN field set to user's OpenID pjkersha issue required fixed
#1090 [S] ESG SAML Authorisation Service Interface pjkersha task required fixed
#1093 [S] Change MyProxy CA config to write user OpenID into issued cert. DN pjkersha task required fixed
#1107 [S] Upgrade Security to Python 2.6 pjkersha task required fixed
#1072 security application wants to handle it's own error 403 forbidden page pjkersha defect desirable fixed
#1091 [S] MyProxy HTTP Interface pjkersha task desirable fixed
#1096 [S] AuthKit can't set cookie domain from ini file configuration pjkersha defect desirable fixed
#1098 [S] Attribute Authority sets SAML Assertion issuer from signing Certificate DN pjkersha defect desirable fixed
#1103 [S] Port MSI Policy Decision Point to XACML 2.0 pjkersha task desirable fixed
#1111 Change from CyberTrust Educational to new CA for CEDA and NERC HTTPS Services pjkersha defect desirable fixed

Status: new (12 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#1095 [S] M2Crypto bug reading X.509 Certificate Extensions pjkersha defect critical
#1061 [S] ESG Federation Registration Interface pjkersha task required
#1062 [S] ESG Federation OpenID Site Whitelisting pjkersha task required
#1092 [S] Script needed to keep services in the ESG federation up to date with trust roots pjkersha task required
#1100 [S] Modify SSL Client Authn Filter to Parse SAML Assertion Certificate Extension for Attributes pjkersha task required
#1105 [S] Integrate Secured PyDAP Client extension into pjkersha task required
#1106 [S] Test Authentication Services with wildcard cookie domain pjkersha task required
#1110 [S] Modify Policy Enforcement Point Filter to add Attributes pushed from OpenID Sign in / SSL Authn pjkersha defect required
#1094 [S] Apply for Separate Certificates for Security Services. aharwood defect desirable
#1097 [S] Change trust root configuration for services from named file to directory based pjkersha issue desirable
#1099 [S] Extend logging to enable audit log to Database pjkersha task desirable
#1101 [S] Update Paster templates for Security Installation pjkersha task desirable
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